10 Innovative Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Oh, summer. Somehow it feels like we spend the entire year waiting for it to finally arrive, only to curse all the heat that keeps us sweating day and night, and once again, we find ourselves longing for the cool autumn breeze. Perhaps it’s just human nature that we just can’t seem to be completely satisfied with what we have. But that doesn’t mean we don’t absolutely love the season and all it entails: weekends by the lake, salt in our hair, sun 0n our skin.

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Of course, the heat can get quite uncomfortable. And having the AC on every minute of every day simply isn’t a sustainable option or one that anyone would like to invest in. We’re fully aware of this but thankfully, there are plenty of other tricks you can use to beat the heat. Here are 10 innovative ways to keep cool this summer!

10 Wear Loose Clothes

If there is one time of the year when less is more, it has to be summer. When the cold weather strikes, there’s always the option to keep piling on layers and layers of clothes and fuzzy blankets to keep warm. Extra points if there’s a fireplace in this scenario! During summer, however, it’s the exact opposite.

We’re not suggesting you go to your closest grocery store in nothing but underwear, but in this season it’s best to bet on loose-fitting clothes that allow your body to breathe. You won’t feel like you’re trapped in some kind of hellish dimension, and you can feel cooler than if you were wearing a bathing suit, especially if you go for fabrics like cotton!

9 Try A DIY Air Conditioner

It the head inside your house or apartment is simply unbearable but you can’t or don’t want to invest in an air conditioner, you can always try a do it yourself solution! In fact, this is a trick that goes back many years, when the cooling systems we have now had not yet been introduced to the mainstream public.

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All you have to do is take your fan and place a container full of ice in front of it. As the ice dissolves, the fan will pick up on the droplets and sprinkle some very refreshing cold water around it. If it gets really bad, you can actually just take a few minutes to stand in front of it and be hit with the mixture directly in your face and body.

8 Get A Cold Shower In

For some reason, we just tend to associate showers with warm, or at least lukewarm water. Even during the warmer months, people won’t trade the relaxation provided by a hot shower for any other kind. In many cases, it’s something extremely simple that actually slips our minds.

But you should definitely give quick, cold showers a try. When we say quick, we really do mean quick! Going under a gust of freezing water a few times a day will instantly refresh you, and because you’re not taking long, you’ll end up saving more water than if you were going for a regular, warm shower.

7 Make It Darker

Summer truly is a great time of the year to implement a no-waste policy, or at least, a more responsible policy when it comes to resource expenditure. Much like what we mentioned in the case of saving water by taking very fast and refreshing cold showers, your electricity bill can also go down by a few digits while you make yourself feel cooler.

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During the hottest months, make sure you leave any unnecessary lights turned off. As we all know, the light bulbs expel heat, which is an extra source of warmth you certainly don't want! Even at night, if you’re watching a movie in the living room, consider having the lights off and only the TV on. Guaranteed you’ll feel fresher, and your bank account will thank you!

6 Go For Cotton Sheets

When it comes to staying cool, you must remember all the fabrics that are a part of your everyday life. The clothes you wear on your body aren’t the only pieces you are in contact with! Nights can often be one of the hardest parts of summer when it’s too hot and you find yourself unable to fall asleep because of it.

Ditch the polyester bed linen and go for cotton sheets instead. Much like with regular clothing items, bed sheets that are made of cotton breath much more, and help to ventilate the whole bedroom. No more sleepless nights because of the heat!

5 Try Cool Dishes

Anyone who is used to cooking and knows their way around the kitchen knows just how unbearable things can get when temperatures are on the rise and you decide to whip out a complex roast out of the oven, paired with some entrees directly from the stove.

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As much as you might love cooking, consider not using these two when it’s extremely warm. Not only will you feel like you’re on fire by being close to said gadgets, you’ll also be warming up the house even further. Instead, consider going for dishes that don’t require a lot of heat to be made. Grill your meat outside, make a lot of salads, and get creative with your fruits and vegetables.

4 Use Your Feet

Have you ever noticed how the temperature of your feet tends to instantly affect your whole body? This is probably more noticeable during the winter when come home after work and switch your shoes for a fuzzy pair of socks. You immediately feel your whole body warming up, even if you don’t add extra layers of clothing.

Well, you can use this to your advantage during summer too! Dip your feet in a container with cold water and a lot of ice cubes. This is a great trick, especially if you’re not a fan of the cold showers. It’s like an instant hit of coolness!

3 A Once In A While Lonely Night

Whether you just moved in with your significant other or you’ve been married for years, sleeping together is always better than sleeping apart. cuddling, holding, and all that good stuff feel too good to let go of... until it doesn’t. The truth is, body heat exists, and two people sharing a bed will inevitably lead to a lot more warmth than if it were just a person.

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Consider sleeping alone a few nights every once in a while. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your significant other. You’ll both get better sleep and actually wake up in a better mood to do things together. Plus, when you reunite, it will feel that much better!

2 Cool The Sheets

There’s more you can do with your sheets to keep cool than just switch them for nice, breathable, cotton ones! Have you ever considered actually cooling down the bed linen? Not by dipping them in ice-cold water, because that might take a while to dry, and the last thing you want is to sleep on damp sheets.

What you can do is fold them nicely, put them in a plastic bag, and leave them in the freezer for a few hours. This way, when you take them out and put them back where they belong, you’ll sleep in the freshest, most comfortable sheets in the world.

1 Compress It

If it gets to an extreme situation where you’re actually starting to feel bad side effects from excessive heat and feel like you need to cool down immediately, here’s a neat trick you can try if you’re not willing to go to the trouble of getting undressed and under cold running water.

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Get some ice packs and use them to compress several key points in your body. Press the cooling surface against your pulses, ankles, elbows, and every small point around your body that will carry the feeling of coolness to every single other body part. Buy a few ice packs and always keep them in the freezer in case you need an emergency cool down!

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