Inside Meghan Markle’s Princess Lessons: 15 Rules She Has To Follow

Since we heard Prince Harry put a ring on it, the world has been obsessed with his fiancée, Meghan Markle. She was crowned the Most Googled Actor of 2017, for anyone who didn’t know. But before the bride-to-be heads towards a royal engagement, the 36-year-old actress must learn a few lessons in royal etiquette before she can call herself a princess. We knew being a princess wasn’t easy, but we never knew it came with so many rules. There’s much more to being a member of the Royal Family than sitting around drinking tea and eating crumpets. From learning how to walk in public to un-learning her Californian twang, here are 15 princess lessons Meghan Markle must master before she marries Prince Harry. Let’s take a look at the training process.

15 Lesson number one: the curtsy

For such a short word, you would not believe the amount of work that goes into a curtsy. The curtsy revolves all around ranking. Female members of the royal family must curtsy to other members of the family with a higher rank to them. For instance, Kate is expected to curtsy to The Queen at all times when she is solo, as well as to the Duchess of Cornwall and blood princesses. On the other hand, lower ranking members of the Royal Family like Zara Phillips are expected to curtsy to Kate. Meghan Markle will be required to curtsy to Kate, after she marries Prince Harry. And she must learn to do it perfectly: back straight, head up, with a bent front knee and your back leg behind you.

14 Lesson number two: sit right

Every little movement is scrutinized when you are a royal, including the way you sit. That’s why Meghan Markle will have to learn how to sit correctly if she wants to fit the princess mould perfectly. The best tip for maintaining good posture whilst sitting? "You have to pretend there is an egg behind your bottom and that's how far you're off the back of a chair so you sit upright," says Zarife Hardy, founder of the Australian School of Etiquette. As a princess, she’ll also need to know how to get out of a vehicle correctly, without any wardrobe malfunctions. "In relations to their legs, the knees should never be crossed! Which Meghan has been doing a lot of. Knees must always be together, the "Duchess Slant" at they call it, and placed to the side or straight down in front," Zarife continues.

13 Lesson number three: the wave

Meghan Markle is already nearly all the way as far as being a princess is concerned. However, there is something she needs to work on: her royal wave. "She'll obviously be taught more on the royal wave, it's a bit gregarious right now and needs to be more fine-tuned,’’ says Zarife. ‘’And also just that art of meeting and greeting. Looking someone in the eye, a nice firm handshake, no more than two pumps and a lovely warm smile." So if you just thought being a princess comprised of looking pretty and acting polite, you have another thing coming. Being a princess is hard work from where we are standing. We’re not sure we’d be up for all these rules. There are just too many to remember and the next one is a real kill-joy.

12 Lesson number four: no selfies

Wait a second. No selfies? At all? That’s right. Taking selfies is a big no-no for royals. Or, more specifically, agreeing to a selfie with fans. It’s hard to imagine not being allowed to take a selfie, isn’t it? Fortunately, Meghan has already mastered the art of saying no to a selfie. She declined a selfie with a fan in Nottingham, even revealing ‘’We’re not allowed.’’ We guess it makes sense, though. If you take a selfie with a fan, you just do not know where that picture is going to end up. It’s a much safer bet to abstain from selfies with fans altogether. At least this is a lesson Meghan Markle has already learned. She has proven that she has mastered this rule.

11 Lesson number five: no yawning

Being a princess doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Can you imagine being penalized for yawning in public? Not fun! But when you are a princess, you need to maintain the right kind of face in public. When, after all, have you seen Kate pulling a strange expression in public? It just would not happen because she has been taught to school her face. That basically means no yawning, no frowning and no gasping in public. As a princess, you need to maintain poise and composure all the time. You cannot be seen looking "un-princessy." The last thing you want is to be caught holding an awkward face in public. That is why you never see such photos from the likes of Kate. She’s already conquered the art of being a princess.

10 Lesson number six: lose the Californian twang

Meghan Markle may be a Californian girl but she’ll have to lose her Californian twang for a British accent. Her accent will certainly be refined because she will have to become a little more British and in order to do that, she’ll have to have elocution lessons. Changing accents can take a long time though. We do not envy her for all the work she has to put in to being a royal. In addition to changing her accent, she will also be expected to learn more about the tapestry of the Royal British Family, as well as general information about the state and its history. No doubt she’s starting with all of this now. There is indeed a lot to do so starting ASAP sounds like a good idea in our opinion.

9 Lesson number seven: No colorful nail polish

Ever wondered why you never spotted Princess Diana or Kate Middleton sporting neon pink nails? There’s a reason for that: it’s because they are not allowed. In public, Meghan Markle will only be allowed to wear natural-looking nail polish. In other words, pale pinks and clear polishes. Nobody follows this rule more rigidly than Queen Elizabeth who has actually been wearing the same light pink nail polish, "Ballet Slippers" since 1989. Now that is what you call commitment. That doesn’t mean that Markle should abstain from colored nail polish altogether. At home, she can go wild with nail colors. In public, she should stick to nude hues. Who would have thought becoming a princess meant waving goodbye to red, blue, or hot pink nails forever?

8 Lesson number 8: keep your cool

One thing you will often notice about Kate is that she always seems to be carrying a little clutch around with her. But there’s much more to her clutch-holding-habit than it simply looking cute. She actually carries a clutch to avoid any touching from guests. Because, just in case you didn’t already know, you are not allowed to touch any member of the Royal Family unless they extend their hand or make any other kind of movement towards you. Meghan Markle will have to learn how to keep her cool in the case that someone does try to touch her. She will have to know what to do, just like Kate has been taught. So maybe soon we’ll see Markle carrying a clutch everywhere she goes.

7 Lesson number nine: Dress like a princess

Meghan Markle has a pretty cool sense of style. But that will soon all change when she weds Prince Harry and thus becomes a princess. She will have to kiss goodbye to ripped jeans and thigh-high splits. When have you seen a princess wearing ripped jeans? Never! You never think about the compromise you make in order to become a princess. If, like Meghan Markle, the ripped jean wardrobe piece is just part of your overall look, it must be pretty hard to accept the fact that you can never wear them again. Generally, the royal dress code translates to dresses below the knee with a sleeve and usually of some color (not black). Unless you are attending a memorial service or funeral, princesses never wear black.

6 Lesson number ten: control your wardrobe

Kate may have been in the public eye for a number of years now, but how many times have you witnessed a wardrobe malfunction on her behalf? Not very often and do you know why that is? Let us tell you. It is because she is expected to act and dress like a princess at all times. That means mastering how to control one’s wardrobe in the case of an unfortunate event. For example, in the case of a windy day, Kate would add subtle weights to the hems of her skirt to prevent them from flying up. Meghan Markle will be expected to do the same. She’ll also have to secure her hair with a hairnet to prevent it from unraveling and take flash photos of her outfit prior to leaving the house to ensure nothing is too sheer for press cameras.

5 Lesson number 11: you only start eating when the Queen starts eating

It’s hard to imagine there being a rule for how you eat your food. Yet that’s exactly what Meghan Markle will have to deal with now that she’s joining the Royal Family. When she dines with the rest of the family, she will only be allowed to start eating when the Queen starts eating and she will only be allowed to stop eating when the Queen finishes her meal. It sounds like tough work to us. We like to choose when we begin and end our meal. Can you imagine how hard it would be to constantly keep your eye on someone throughout your meal and ensure you follow suit so you don’t break any rules? We are guessing it would be a total nightmare.

4 Lesson number 12: this is how you wear your tiara

Tiaras are reserved for married women, we just thought you should know. Not only that, but a tiara should also be worn the right way. You can’t wear a tiara any old way. It’s not like plopping a hat or an Alice band onto your head. We are talking about tiaras and tiaras, which as you know, were made for princesses. So when Meghan Markle becomes a princess, she will have to wear a tiara to events and she will have to wear it the right way. Traditionally tiaras were worn at the front of the head. Today, they are worn further back on the head at more of a 45 degree angle. Meghan Markle will no doubt look stunning bearing a beautiful tiara on her head.

3 Lesson number 13: hold your teacup right

There’s a special way to hold your teacup when you are a member of the Royal Family and it’s a rule Meghan Markle will have to follow next spring. The way to do it is by pinching the teacup handle using your thumb and index finger, while securing the bottom with your middle finger. How many other people are trying this right now? It’s a lot harder than it sounds you know. It’s all about the balance. Have you got the poise to be a princess? Anyway, if Meghan Markle ever chooses to drink a cup of tea, this is the way she’ll have to do it. We just hope she’s writing this all down. There’s so much to remember. There is no way we would remember all these rules.

2 Lesson number 14: always act like a lady

This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s one of the most important rules of all. It’s a lesson Markle will have to follow rigidly if she wants to be a dedicated member of the Royal Family. Any time a member of the Royal Family is at a public event, they must always act like a royal. Females are expected to act like a lady and refrain from acting in any way that lets their guard down. When Meghan takes on a full engagement, she’ll be expected to do everything (and we mean everything) in a perfect, lady-like fashion. From exiting cars with perfect grace to clasping her hands in her lap to sitting with her knees to the side, Meghan should not slip up at any moment.

1 Rule number 15: Myrtle in the bouquet

Do you know who the first woman was to set the white wedding dress trend? Queen Victoria. Yes, Her Majesty wore it on her wedding day to Prince Albert back in 1840. That’s why every bride today wears a white dress. It is because of Queen Victoria. Before her, brides wore ivory or cream. But that wasn’t the only tradition she started. Another bridal tradition she started was putting myrtle in the bouquet because it represents true love. Since then, every royal bride has myrtle in their bouquet. Naturally, Meghan Markle’s bouquet will be expected to contain a bag of myrtle when she weds Prince Harry next spring. It’s a beautiful tradition that should indeed be passed down from bride to bride. And we expect it will be an incredibly beautiful and happy wedding for the both of them.

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