The Internet Can’t Agree On How To Rank These Variety Pack Chips (But Chris Evans Thinks He Has The Answer)

America is engaged in a heated debate regarding variety snack packs.

After comedian Kevin Fredericks posted a video on Twitter in which he and his friends argued about how to rank the chips in the Lays variety pack, thousands weighed in with their own strong opinions.

Fredericks, who was joined by fellow comedians Tahir Moore and Tony Baker, disagreed over the ranking of the chips. While some defended the position that Fritos were the best in the pack, others couldn’t believe their ears. After much back and forth, the chip controversy seems to have no resolution.

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One commenter, however, outranks all others. Chris Evans, aka the one and only Captain America, seemed to settle the debate with one list – Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheetos, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Fritos, BBQ Lays and Original Lays.

He also added, “I will not be taking questions,” in case anyone dared challenge Cap's wisdom.

A few, however, have fearlessly questioned Evans’ chip choices. Actress Octavia Spencer said there was no question that Cheetos were the best, while actor Don Cheadle felt that BBQ Lays had no equal. Even Monica Lewinsky weighed in on the heated issue, but to be honest, her list made no sense. Her top choice was Chili Fritos, which wasn’t even an option.

Lays, the company behind the variety pack, has its own particular ranking based on what is included in the case. In each pack, you’ll find the following: nine bags of  Original Lays Potato Chips, 7 bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos, 5 bags of Cheetos, and 3 bags each of Fritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, and Lays BBQ Potato Chips. Does this make sense from a taste perspective? Probably not. Though from a financial perspective, it may. We can only assume that the plain potato chips are the cheapest to produce, and Fritos, which are made with corn, can’t be far behind.

On Ranker, which has thousands of voters, the list is as follows Cheetos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Original Lays, BBQ Lays, Fritos and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Cheetos also takes the top spot among bestselling chips on Amazon. Personally, I’ll take Salt & Vinegar Lays over any of these other flavors any day of the week. Does anyone have a problem with that? Talk to Captain America.

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