People Are Posting Photos Of Dogs In Goggles And The Internet Can't Get Enough Of It

The internet loves photos of dogs. So naturally, photos of dogs wearing goggles have caused quite a stir on social media.

There's never really any telling what is and isn't going to go viral. One day you might post a photo or a short clip and if it's retweeted or shared by the right person, the next thing you know you're an internet sensation. Or even better, your pet is an internet sensation. Let's be honest, viral photos and clips featuring animals are far better than ones with people.

If you already have a modicum of fame, you can give something a little push towards going viral. That's what Blair Braverman recently did, perhaps not intentionally. If you're unfamiliar with Blair's work, she's a journalist and author with a downright adorable dog. A dog that loves to wear goggles and sunglasses.

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Braverman's dog is called Flame, and she first exposed the world to her goggle-wearing ways on Twitter earlier this week. The adventurer started up a thread of pics of Flame, some of which even feature her sporting a yellow scarf. Very fashionable indeed. Each photo has received thousands of likes, and others have shared pics of their own goggle-wearing dogs.

Turns out pups sporting shades isn't as uncommon as we thought it was. If you scroll through the replies to Braverman's tweet, you'll find a seemingly unending gallery of dogs wearing goggles. When we say unending, we mean it. We have spent the better part of our day enjoying all of the replies and we plan to get right back to it once we're done with this article. We may even try and pop a pair of goggles on our own dogs.

Turns out dogs aren't wearing goggles for fashion reasons alone. News 18 explains that some need sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun or to stop them from exacerbating an injury. There are also certain breeds which have prominent eyeballs that benefit from wearing goggles or sunglasses outdoors. Whether for business or pleasure, we are big fans of any dog that chooses to don a pair of shades.

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