Ironed Shoelaces, And Much More: 10 Wildest Demands By The Royal Family

Requests and demands of the rich and famous are pretty par for the course. When you are some of the most wealthy and well-known human beings on the planet, the world is basically your oyster. Go ahead and demand the most outrageous things your brain can conjure up. High-profile actors and musicians are forever making demands of staff wherever they go. Divas need specific candy, decor, and beverages accompanying them to their trailers and dressing rooms. The British royal family is pretty much one giant entourage of fame and fortune, so of course, they are going to have some peculiar needs. Here at ten of the wildest demands that the royal family has made over the years.

Charles demands his own towels accompany him

Prince Charles demands that his personal towels accompany him on official engagements. We have heard of people traveling with their own pillows, but towels? Never have we heard such a thing. You would think the establishments that house the royal family would have only the finest towels available. We doubt Charles and company are staying at The Red Roof Inn. Charles is reportedly a bit of a germaphobe and he detests hand dryers because of blowing bacteria. Therefore, he carries his own towels to assist him in the quest to become the most hygienic prince in all the land.

Doggie demands

You know that you are way extra when even your puppies have demands of their own. Queen Elizabeth is well known for her love of Corgis, and even they have some specific and outrageous needs that must be met. The Queen treats her dogs as part of the family and makes sure that they travel with her whenever possible. Her beloved furry friends have their own quarters within Buckingham Palace, as well as their very own personal chef who carefully prepares their meals based on the daily recommendations of the royal dog trainer. Most children aren't even treated that nicely.

The family demands no Monopoly shall be played

Some families might suggest a board game to play on a cozy Saturday night, but the royal family actually requests that certain games never be played. One bizarre demand that the family makes is to never engage in a rousing battle of Monopoly. There are plenty of other games that can be chosen, just never the real estate snatching game of wits. Prince Andrew offered some insight into this demand back in 2008 when he explained that the game is a no-go because the game tends to get "too vicious." It wouldn't be fitting for the royal family to have a falling out happen because of a board game.

Wedding bouquets even get a demand

Royal weddings are jam-packed with rules and demands. From nail polish and sleeve-length to the guest list, there are countless details for the big day that are not to be shunned. Even the flower arrangements must meet the demands of the royal family. It is a steadfast rule that every royal bride carries a bouquet containing myrtle. Every royal bride since Queen Victoria has had at least a sprig of myrtle in her wedding bouquet. The special flower even comes from 170-year-old gardens of Victoria herself. The meaning behind myrtle is love and significance, quite fitting for a wedding. The inclusion of myrtle is a sweet demand that we can get down with.

The Pampered Prince strikes!

Queen Elizabeth's son Prince Charles has long been known to royal staff members as "The Pampered Prince" primarily because of his laundry list of seemingly ridiculous demands and requests. Nothing is off the table for this diva of a royal. Princess Diana's former butler once publicly claimed that Prince Charles had nearly everything done for him, including having his shoelaces ironed flat and pressed. We can understand having pants or dress shirts laundered, but your shoelaces? That is about the most extra thing we have ever heard of. Seriously, Charles, no one cares about your tennis shoe laces. We promise.

Don't speak to me!

If you work for the royal family, you can be sure that demands are going to be placed upon your shoulders. One requirement that the royal family has for the staff is that butlers are not allowed to speak to the Queen unless she speaks to them first. There is no room for small talk in the palace, it seems. The inability to address their employer and Queen is a persistent reminder that when it comes to status, the help and the Royals are not equals. Anyone who aspires to serve the royal family in their home should get used to a whole lot of silence. No social butterflies need apply.

Charles demands flags fly for Camilla

England's Prince Charles sure does dote on his second wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles. The romance of Charles and Camilla's is widely detested by many Brits because he was rumored to have still been married to Princess Diana when he fell head over heels for Camilla. Regardless of how the public might view his wife, Charles himself adores her and has even made a demand that all public buildings in England fly the British flag on her birthday. Not everyone was thrilled about this particular demand and some public establishments even defied the royal request. Geez. Just buy the lady a new hat and call it a day.

Church of England forever

Many of us living here in the States know that our choice of religion is a freedom and a personal matter. We can choose what we worship or choose not to worship altogether. When you are a part of the royal family, though, there is always only one choice in regards to religion. While the demands regarding religion have lessened a bit over the years, some rules remain to this day, outdated as they might seem. The family members can marry Catholics, but they can't convert to another religion themselves. The Queen still requires her family members to remain loyal and faithful to The Church of England.

A ban on garlic and starches

When it comes to culinary requests and demands, Queen Elizabeth has plenty of them. According to one formal royal chef to the famous family, Elizabeth doesn't allow for foods like pasta and potatoes to grace her royal table. She also bans using garlic in any dishes served in her presence. We are not sure if her disdain for garlic stems from the mere taste of the common ingredient, or if she omits it so that no one in her royal entourage ever has stinky breath. Either way, garlic lovers are entirely out of luck when dining at the royal tables.

Princess Eugenie's wedding request

Princess Eugenie recently wed her Prince Charming, Jack Brooksbank, at Windsor Castle. The granddaughter to the Queen had a unique demand for her special day. William and Harry's cousin made sure that a passage from the classic book, The Great Gatsby, was to be read. The princess thinks the main character in the 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald read reminds her very much of her new hubby. The wedding program went in-depth, explaining to guests the sentimental significance of the bride's royal demand. Many wedding guests thought it sweet; others couldn't help but think about how the main character ends up having a torrid affair with someone else's wife.

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