Is Hamilton's Future At Ferrari?

With Lewis Hamilton’s contract with the dominating Mercedes AMG F1 team up in 2020 there is a lot of speculation about what’s next for the six time F1 champion, including a team change to Scuderia Ferrari.

There have been reports that Hamilton met with FCA chair John Elkann about the driver’s future beyond 2020.

3 Championship Streak

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Since joining Mercedes AMG F1 from the McLaren team in 2013 Hamilton has won five championships in the six years, giving way for the other year to his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg. Hamilton’s 2019 title places Hamilton second in all time F1 championship titles, one behind Michael Schumacher.

2 Toto Wolff and Mercedes Future

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Hamilton joined the Mercedes squad at the same time that Toto Wolff took over the team. Hamilton and Wolff have formed a close relationship over that time as the team became the dominant force in Formula One. In the years prior the series had been dominated by Red Bull Renault and Sebastian Vettel. Wolff is rumored to be one of the people considered for CEO of the F1 series in 2021, making Hamilton contemplate his future at the Silver Arrows Team.

1 Wolff “Totally Okay”

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According to Motorsport.com the current Mercedes AMG F1 chief is “totally okay” with Hamilton talking to Ferrari. Wolff’s confidence comes from his confidence in the strength of his car, feeling that the best cars will attract the best drivers. Wolff acknowledged that anything could happen but feels that Mercedes has the package necessary to keep the streak alive. For his part, Hamilton has remarked how novel it is for Ferrari to say nice things about him.

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