How Jack-Jack's Actor Voiced The Incredibles' Cute Baby 16 Years Later

How Jack-Jack's Actor Voiced The Incredibles' Cute Baby 16 Years Later

In a new interview, the performer behind the voice of Jack-Jack revealed how he voiced the character in both movies despite them being 16 years apart.

When we were first introduced to Jack-Jack way back in 2004, the world fell in love. An adorable baby was one thing, but a super-powered baby became something of a movie mascot.

We got tiny teases of Jack-Jack’s power in the first Incredibles movie, and then again in the 2005 short, Jack-Jack Attack, but it wasn’t until the current sequel hit theatres that the true range of Jack-Jack's superpowers became apparent.

At last count, the Parr baby has 18 superpowers, ranging from morphing into a super-strong purple demon to gaining a Colossus-esque full-metal body. Teleportation, laser-eyes, and pyrokinesis are all part of Jack-Jack’s wheelhouse.

Unfortunately, his ability to control those powers are right on par with an infant’s ability to control their own limbs. A sneeze shoots him across the room or into another dimension, and a temper tantrum can literally light the house on fire.

And while mayhem spreads wherever he goes, the real-life voice of Jack-Jack gets very little credit for his hard work. Mostly because he did it when he was just 10 months old.

Eli Fucile is the son of Pixar animator Tony Fucile, who also happened to be the person who designed the characters featured in the original The Incredibles. At the time, Pixar was still searching for voice actors, and little Jack-Jack proved to be a tricky role to cast.


Jack Jack
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That is until Tony remembered his 10-month-old son. Eli had a tendency to make adorable baby noises and giggle uncontrollably after waking up for a nap, so Tony and his wife got themselves a microphone from work and recorded little Eli as he bumbled around the house.

Now, 16 years later, those same recordings have just enough footage for Eli to reprise his role as Jack-Jack once again.

“I didn’t really understand it when I was younger. But as time went by, I realized: ‘Wow, I was actually in a pretty good movie,”’ said Eli in his first ever interview with the Associated Press. “It’s been nice to see all the feedback. I guess everyone loves Jack-Jack.” And he couldn't be more correct. We certainly love Jack-Jack here at TheThings!

Incredibles 2 is currently in theatres. Check it out to see baby Jack-Jack in all of his crazy-powered glory. 


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