Japan's Cybersecurity Minister Admits To Never Using A Computer Before

One of the Japanese ministers, who is in charge of the cybersecurity in the country, surprised everyone a couple of weeks ago when he admitted that he had never used a computer in his professional life before. This happened after he seemed confused at the concept of a USB drive.

The 68-year-old minister, named Yoshitaka Sakurada, is the deputy chief of the Japanese government’s cybersecurity strategy office. He is also the minister who is in charge of both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games that are going to be hosted in Tokyo in 2020.

In a response to a question from the opposition, during a lower house session, the minister said that ever since he was 25 years old, he always instructed his secretaries and his employees to do all of the computer work for him, so he had never actually used a computer himself. He also got confused when someone asked him whether the Japanese nuclear facilities use USB drives, as he didn’t quite know what they are or how they work.

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Ever since his admission, the opposition has been outraged, with lawmaker Masato Imai stating that it was absolutely absurd their country had a minister who is responsible for cybersecurity policies, yet, he has never touched a computer in his life. After the media in Japan reported on the story, Twitter users became outraged as well. Some of them were confused as to how the minister has led a life where he never used a computer, while others said that these days, it’s completely normal for any company president to use a PC, let alone a minister that’s in charge of cybersecurity.

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But on the other hand, some people saw some sense with the entire situation. After all, if someone decided to target Minister Sakurada, they wouldn’t be able to steal any of his personal information, since he’s not online either. Which is also the strongest form of cybersecurity. Another thing that seems to puzzle the Minister is the entire deal with the Olympics themselves. He has frequently become confused when asked informative questions about the organizing of the games, including saying that the central government would only provide 1,500 yen for the organizing of the event, which works out at a little over $13, and seems ridiculous.

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