The Jason Momoa Effect: Girl Scout Sells Out Cookies With His Photo On them

A Girl Scout from Highland Rach, Colorado, Charlotte Holmberg, sold out her cookies thanks to the genius idea of gluing photos of actor Jason Momoa to the packaging. The “Momoa Samoas” were created with some parental advice, a printer, and some glue, and they became a great success. However, it’s unclear whether or not Holmberg plans to give Momoa some commissions for his help.

The plan to sell the chocolate-coconut Samoas by using photos of Jason Momoa was a perfectly timed marketing move. With the recent release of the new Aquaman movie, fans are still riding the high of seeing Jason Momoa on screen for two hours. Combine that with a playful name pun, and you’ve got yourself a winning cookie sales strategy.

With the help of her mom who works in marketing, Holmberg came up with this strategy to sell her Samoa cookies. The move was inspired by a viral Twitter meme created by Matt Hayduke of a shirtless Momoa on top of a giant Samoa cookie. They glued a shirtless photo of Momoa on the side of each box of cookies, and they saw sales skyrocket. In an interview with 9News, Holmberg said, “the moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them” after they put photos of their cookies online. As of yesterday, Holmberg has allegedly already sold out of all her cookies.

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Holmberg already has a history of being an amazing cookie seller. Last year, she reportedly sold 2,000 boxes of cookies and earned the title of Top Cookie CEO status—the highest ranking for cookie sellers. With the training she's received under her mom, she shows the potential to become a successful businesswoman in the future. Her creativity and drive will surely get her far in life.

With Marvel and Disney’s strict copyright policies, it’s difficult to say whether they’ll hit the Girl Scout’s cookies. While she has sold a lot of cookies, Holmberg probably doesn’t need to worry about the policies, especially since she’s a young girl who just came up with a good marketing idea. After all, the movie got a free chocolatey promotion from her cookies.

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