Jennifer Aniston: 13 Of Her Hottest Roles ( + 5 We Want To Forget)

Where do we even begin with Jennifer Aniston? We’ll throw it way back to when we all first met the fine Aniston, on Friends, as Rachel Green. Even little boys that still did not know left from right knew that Aniston was hot as hell. It is her role as Rachel Green that made her the number one girl crush of men worldwide, and she holds that title until this day.

Although many of her roles afterwards have not necessarily beaten her bra-less days on Friends, she has had some sizzling moments onscreen. Aniston, as a pretty and talented actress, reinvented the girl-next-door archetype in her own way. However, there have been moments where she looks less herself and we did not fully dig it. Most roles had you reaching for a tall glass of water though, so let us go down memory lane with the 50-year-old together.

18 Hottest: More Than A Horrible Boss

When Aniston starred in Horrible Bosses, all men’s fantasies came true. Every breathing man on Earth would want to have the alluring woman as their boss – we just do not know if they’d be able to resist her.

In this role, Aniston made it clear that she has aged like some very fine wine. Plus, we would not mind having this American sweetheart as our dentist.

17 Forget: That Time She Was In Along Came Polly

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This movie taught us that opposites attract, and that is cool, but we just weren’t feeling Aniston in this film. Although she had some spicy moments, she most of the time looked like a free-spirit woman with no sense of style.

The abundance of scarfs and hats did not make us go gaga.

16 Hottest: We Didn’t Mind The Bounty Hunter

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In The Bounty Hunter, all men secretly wished they were Gerard Butler, especially in the scene where she tried to seduce her ex-flame. Only Aniston would be able to pull off the role of a woman pursuing hot leads while looking sultry with skin-tight miniskirts and six-inch heels.

Classy and fierce, we’d let Aniston chase us.

15 Hottest: When She Was With Sandler In Just Go With It

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Aniston had many sizzling hot moments in this film, like the above photo when she did the hula dance. Although we may have been distracted by the beautiful, Brooklyn Decker, in the film, Aniston ultimately stole the spotlight.

Her natural beauty plus her hilarious antics always win.

14 Forget: We Want To Dump Her In Dumplin’

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In the Netflix movie, we saw an Aniston that we did not truly favour. She played the role of a former Texas beauty queen who never felt gorgeous.

Although the storyline was meaningful, there was nothing appealing about Aniston in this role. She looked older, too stiff and out of her element.

13 Hottest: In The Break-Up

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We know we would never break-up with the timeless beauty, let us be realistic. In the movie The Break-Up, Aniston showed men, “you don’t know what you got ‘till its gone.”

Prancing around in white outfits without a bra, and body-hugging dresses, who would not want to take her back? The plot got ugly, but she didn’t.

12 Hottest: She Won Us Over In The Switch

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Jason Bateman, you lucky man! We like to think that we’ve never seen Aniston looking hotter than the time she wore the above red dress in the film. She’s had plenty of sexy moments, but her youthful appearance in this film made us go bonkers.

We get pumped to see her every time we put the film on.

11 Hottest: Remember Her Role In Bruce Almighty?

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Aniston has had many major roles, but one specific scene in this film defeated all her other excellent roles. The steamy actress excited us with her more intimate scenes in the film! However, the most poignant one was when she wore a grey tank top and intentionally jumped up and down to make her chest bounce.

How did Jim Carrey handle all that?

10 Forget: That Role In Cake

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Aniston gets more and more appealing with age, but in this film, she looked older than she ever has. The short hair did not do her justice and the visible wrinkles completely altered her appearance.

In the dramatic film, she found her inner ugly and looked awful to get into her painful role.

9 Hottest: Was Aniston Or The Dog Cuter In Marley & Me?

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We all have a soft spot for dogs, but we also have a soft spot for Jen Aniston, so when the two are together, which team are we on? Both irresistibly cute throughout the film’s entirety, we fell in love with Marley, but Aniston all over again, too.

We could not get enough of the sweetheart with her tees and short shorts.

8 Forget: No Wonder We Forgot Her Role In Love Happens

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The Aniston we know was too tame in this film, and her look reflected that. Although Aniston has always been relatively simple and basic in style, the film did not accentuate her beauty as much as other roles.

We just kept seeing her bundled in scarfs and tuques and we were not feeling it.

7 Hottest: She Hit Hard Again In Horrible Bosses 2

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First off, can we thank whoever decided to color Aniston’s hair a dark chestnut brown? The dark hair made her look even more tempting.

To match her playful personality in the film, the wardrobe, like the first film, was quite revealing – we have no complaints. Aniston proved to us that she’s not going anywhere.

6 Forget: Not The Most Flattering In Mother’s Day

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At the end of the day, Aniston always looks fabulous, but in this film, she was, well, too “motherly.”

The look did not fit her bubbly and charismatic personality and looked too old for her. Even when she was seen with athletic wear in the film, it was not her most flattering look.

5 Hottest: In The Holiday Film, Office Christmas Party

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And of course, to make all men happy, Aniston had to star in a Holiday film. In Office Christmas Party, Aniston played the role of a rude and harsh woman, but she looked fierce doing so. Her all-black-everything uniform and blonder hair rocketed us away to a whole new world.

Why does Bateman get to see her in all her hottest roles?

4 Hottest: She Strut Her Stuff In Wanderlust

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This role felt like a throwback and made us feel some real nostalgia. Why? The wardrobe and her casual look reminded us of the days she would enter the purple-doored apartment in Friends.

Aniston looks her hottest when she dons simple clothing, like some Daisy Dukes and a black tank.

3 Hottest: He’s Just Not That Into To You, But...

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He’s just not that into you because he is totally into Jennifer Aniston – we don’t blame him. The scene men remember most of Aniston in this film is the one where she rocked a salmon pink satin gown that hugged her curves in all the right ways and places.

The color against her tanned skin made us all go gaga.

2 Hottest: When Friends With Money Casted Aniston

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Aniston rocks our world, and she always will. However, that time she dressed as a maid and pranced around while cleaning and bending down was totally illegal.

We do not even comprehend how anyone kept cool around her while she flaunted her figure in the uniform. So many ladies dress as maids for Halloween, but Aniston did it best.

1 Hottest: Rumor Has It, She’s Hot

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It is not a rumor though and is a complete truth - we’re all aware of that. If you’re an avid fan of Aniston, you may recall the time on Friends when she had long and luscious locks. She looked fabulous and the long hair tickled our fancy.

Well, thankfully, when she starred in Rumor Has It, she came back with the long strands and we went nuts.

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