Jennifer Love Hewitt: 20 Stunning Photos Of Her Transformation Over The Years

If we're talking about the ultimate girl next door, Jennifer Love Hewitt has to be in that conversation. Once upon a time, she was viewed as being one of America's most notable on-screen stars, and while some would argue that's no longer the case, we still think she's pretty fab.

From her smile to her personality and everything in between, she's managed to maintain the essence of who she is throughout all of these years. Now, as she makes her way back into the spotlight, we'd like to celebrate her transformation as the next generation begins to learn more about JLH.

20 Don’t Look Back

One of the things we love about this shot is that it's just so unbelievably raw. She's clearly caught off guard by a camera following her around, as is the nature of Hollywood and the industry that she's in, but Jen seems to be taking it all in her stride and moving on with her day regardless.

19 Forever Cheeky

Hewitt has been around in this game for years now and back in the day, she looked pretty much exactly the same as she did in her prime, just slightly younger. If there are any pro wrestling fans out there, you'll agree that it's kind of scary how much she looks like AJ Lee here.

18 All Grown Up

As she continues to make her way back into the public eye, you can just sense that there's more confidence there with Jennifer than there has been in a while. She looks radiant whenever she steps out in front of a camera, and in this lovely blue number, she was able to shine once again.

17 Don’t Mess With The Best

The piercing red lipstick is all that you need to send a very clear and direct message to the masses: I'm back. Jen is able to play the cute girl next door role pretty much to perfection, but that's not what people are looking for here. They wanted to see some fire, and she delivered.

16 The World of Jen

She's young and she's acting in the moment, and yet, she seems to be dictating the pace of the scene and really immersing herself - which is one of the clearest early signs you can have that someone is going to be a star. Hewitt was always destined to be a major player.

15 Chilling Out

If you want to melt the hearts of guys and even girls everywhere, go ahead and pull off the Kelly Kapowski to absolute perfection. That's the sort of vibe we're getting from this image, which showcases Jen in all of her glory - wearing the number one, because of course she is.

14 Look At The Eyes

The hair & the outfit just seem to work here for her but beyond that, it's Jennifer Love Hewitt's eyes that we believe are not given anywhere near the level of appreciation they should be. They really do stand out, and it's a feature that isn't really focused on enough.

13 Short Hair, Don’t Care

Every girl seems to go through the short hair phase at one point or another throughout their lifetime, and that's what we're seeing with Hewitt here. She went ahead with the bob, and we tend to believe that she has absolutely nailed it. It's not her best look, but it's up there.

12 Ready To Tackle The World

This one takes us down a bit of a different route as Jennifer wows the masses with a great black number. This looks like a promo shot for some kind of daily soap opera, and while she's probably above all of that, we just appreciate that her confidence is at an all-time high here.

11 On Another Level

The curly hair, the black number, the pose. Jennifer is flawless in this shot and she quite clearly knows it. The bad girl look doesn't appeal to everyone and we can somewhat understand why, but that doesn't feel like the point of this outfit at all. She's embracing the new edge.

10 Searching For Answers

Never run with the belief that you can outsmart a girl like Jennifer Love Hewitt because you just can't. Not even close. She is capable of outsmarting you, and all of us, at every single turn - and she's convinced us of that from her on-screen appearances alone, such is her talent.

9 Jumper Life

The straight hair look isn't one we see all too often from Jen, but in this throwback image, she's absolutely owning it. Sometimes you don't need to get dressed up in the most magnificent gown in order to blow everyone away, and this is living, breathing proof of that statement.

8 A Great Style

It's nice to look dignified and it's also nice when women put their hair up, because it helps to define their facial features even more so than usual. This laidback, casual effort from Jennifer Love Hewitt is fabulous and while the fashion side of things may not appeal to you, it's an important piece of the puzzle.

7 All Smiles

Never doubt the power of a great smile, because with that one quality alone, you can change the world. That seems like a pretty silly thing to come out and say, but the evidence is here for all to see. Jen has a great set of teeth and we love when she decides to show them off.

6 Hammock Life

We all need to kick back, lay in a hammock and forget about our issues from time to time, which is why we can appreciate this image of Hewitt not giving a single damn about anything. Whether it's for a few minutes or a few hours, resting in one of these is the kind of experience we all need to help us recharge.

5 Outshining Us All

Some guys wear a white shirt really well, but 95% of those guys can't even remotely compete with their better halves wearing the very same shirt later on in the day. Case in point: this picture. Jennifer is owning the room, and we're pretty sure she now owns that shirt.

4 Cheeky Grin

The raised eyebrow is subtle but we absolutely love it, because it's the kind of character trait that separates Jennifer Love Hewitt from oh so many of her peers. She just has this unique quality about her and while we can't put our finger on what it is, it's definitely there.

3 What’s She Thinking?

We all enjoy the odd sleepy Sunday at home because let's face it, we work hard throughout the week and deserve the chance to chill out. Clearly, if we're going to chill out with anyone, the leading contender is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Imagine the number of fun romcoms you'd watch together - bliss.

2 All Business

Business suit on, fierce look applied, short hair curled. Perfection.

Hewitt is adorable when she wants to be but as she's begun to grow, so has her impeccable sense of style. She is maturing into the sort of woman that everyone knew she could be, and that seems to translate both in and out of her performances.

1 Welcome To The Stage

One more glamorous look for the road, anyone?

The tanned JLH shines bright like a diamond once again with this number, confirming once again that she is amongst some of the most beautiful women to ever step foot on a red carpet.

Will we continue to see her in the limelight? Only time will tell.

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