We May Have Seen The Last Of Jeremey Renner As Hawkeye In The MCU

Continued accusations from Jeremy Renner's ex-wife could well lead to Marvel removing the actor from the role of Hawkeye in the MCU.

Every Marvel fan, casual or hardcore, has their own favorite hero in the MCU. Many will have been left more heartbroken than others by Iron Man's passing, while others will have been climbing the walls upon hearing the news that Spider-Man might be gone from the universe. Whoever your favorite might be, there appears to be a collective love for Hawkeye.

The bow and arrow wielding hero is adored by Marvel fans for a number of reasons. Perhaps the main one is how much he manages to do without any real superpowers. Hawkeye's absence from Infinity War, which was made up for in Endgame, and lack of a standalone movie has MCU fans pretty peeved.

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If you fall into that "annoyed" category, we may have more bad news courtesy of ScoopWhoop. Due to allegations made by Jeremy Renner's (the man behind the Hawkeye character) ex-wife Sonni Pacheco, Marvel Studios is apparently considering cutting Renner from the role altogether. If that does end up happening, it is currently unclear whether a new actor will assume the role of Hawkeye, or if the hero will simply disappear from the MCU snap-style.

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The allegations made by Pacheco are incredibly serious ones. She claims Renner has serious drug and alcohol problems and has even threatened to kill her in the past when under the influence of certain substances. Pacheco has also filed a motion to gain sole custody of her and Renner's daughter, Ava. Renner has also filed for sole custody of Ava, alleging that his ex-wife has mental problems that affect their daughter regularly.

Whether Renner or Pacheco is telling the truth, or of the reality lies somewhere in the middle, is obviously far more important than whether Hawkeye continues his tenure in the MCU. There's a young child in the middle of all of this so the quicker a resolution can be found, the better. If safe to do so, the best-case scenario is that Ava continues to spend time with both her parents. We hope the issues between them are resolved swiftly, for their daughter's sake.

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Jeremy Renner Will Continue To Play Hawkeye In The MCU Despite Accusations

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