Jersey Shore: 15 Candid Pics Of The Cast Today

Both then and now, fans want to know everything related to the cast members.

It started in late 2009 on MTV. Eight housemates reuniting for an unforgettable vacation. Perhaps not even MTV could have predicted the success of this reality series. It dominated the ratings for the network and before they knew it, guidos were fist-pumping around the world in nightclubs, not to mention getting their GTL on during the day – of course, we’re talking about gym, tan and laundry.

Even today, the show is still a huge hit. The reunion show once again bolstered the ratings for MTV. Both then and now, fans want to know everything related to the cast members. All the Shore housemates are in the news for different reasons today. In this article, we’ll take a peek at recent candid photos featuring our favorite Jersey Shore stars.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started.

15 JWoww Never Disappoints

Some people would just give up after landing their 15 seconds of fame. Although the success that was Jersey Shore definitely lasted more than 15 seconds, it remains a reality TV show and nothing more. Well, Jenni Farley decided not to settle, and to only be known as JWoww from Jersey Shore. She’s done a variety of things since the show ended, and one she should be proud of is launching her very own line of bronzing lotions named JWOWW.

She posted this pic to IG and captioned it: Now this is a Reality Check I don't mind! #jwowwtanning #gtl

14 Damn, Sammi

We can almost guarantee that this photo made Ronnie’s blood boil. Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship was definitely toxic, and unfortunately, it did not paint Sammi in the best light. Well, the past is in the past, because if this photo is any indication, the relationship she is in now with fiancé Christian Biscardi, is doing her wonders. The two got engaged earlier this year in March, and it looks like her future with him is all Sammi really cares about right now.

Sammi posted this photo to her IG account in July, and one thing’s for sure, she’s looking damn good.

13 Snooki Looking Classy in A Bikini

This look is much classier than the outfits she used to be spotted in during her Jersey Shore fame.

She’s a mom today and has thankfully altered her style. She’s even opened up her own store, named The Snooki Shop. She posted this pic to her IG and captioned it: Ready for the weekend 👙👙 Thank you to my SNOOKINI’S for covering up this mawma’s post partum body & trouble areas🙏🏽🙏🏽 @thesnookishop #thesnookishop

12 Some Things Never Change

Snooki may be a mom today to three beautiful kids, but she’s seemingly stayed true to her party girl ways (in a more conservative way, of course). Snooki posted this pic to her IG account, where she can be seen multi-tasking! She's feeding her newborn, while also enjoying some wine herself.

She captioned the photo: “What’s mom life like with 2 kids and a newborn?” THIS. #MomJuice #ImAGoodMomISwear

We gotta admit we respect her honesty.

11 A Sophisticated Squad

Looks like the Jersey Shore cast are still close today, although they do seem a tad more mature. Snooki, JWoww, Vinnie, Ronnie and Angelina reunited together at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant. A few members of their squad are definitely missing, but it’s great to see them still getting along. Ronnie’s hair has changed, but we are kind of wondering why Vinnie looks so sad in the pic. Maybe he’s sad that Pauly D didn’t join them for dinner?

Either way, this photo was posted by Snooki, and she captioned it: Squad 🔥 @jerseyshore

10 Looking Good, Snooki

What a difference time can make! We were all so used to seeing Snooki in beachwear that was a little more on the unflattering side during her time on Jersey Shore. But we definitely cannot say the same for the photo above. She’s wearing swimwear that is much more conservative, and even added a loose beach robe.

Although it’s a less risqué outfit than what we’re used to, she still wanted to add that steamy touch, as evidenced by the sheer material at the top.

9 JWoww Is Just Wow

Some things never change, and that’s the case with Jennifer Lynn Farley's beauty. She certainly has not let herself go since wrapping up Jersey Shore, as evidenced by this photo.

After Jersey Shore, Jenni co-starred in a spin-off with bestie Snooki, named Snooki & JWoww, but now it seems like her main focus is on her two kids, and probably on her healthy lifestyle. She posted this pic to her IG account as a Paid Partnership ad and captioned it: I’ve been using my @premfit all summer to help keep my abs toned and firm! So happy with the results 🙌🏽🙌🏽

8 GTL Is Not Dead

We mentioned earlier how JWoww and Snooki did not give up on continuing to pursue their passion projects after they wrapped filming for Jersey Shore. Well, the same can definitely be said for Pauly D, who is a pretty successful DJ today with over 4 million followers on IG. We can say Pauly is living a really good life nowadays, and this photo of him in a white Lamborghini solidifies that. The fact that this photo was taken in front of an In-N-Out makes it even better.

7 JWoww’s Sentimental Post

Most fans are fully aware that Mike “The Situation” has had some issues with the law in the past few years. Earlier this year, in January, Mike started serving an 8-month sentence in prison. He was charged with Tax evasion.

It seems that his time away has not done anything to destroy the relationship that Jenni and Mike share. JWoww posted this picture to her IG account and attached was this caption: Was watching #willandgrace today and heard Jack say “besmirch” and thought of you @mikethesituation ☹️ @meilanimathews asks all the time “when can we go see your best friend mike... I miss him and @lauren_sorrentino ” really can’t wait for you to get home... 🙏🏽

6 Same Same, But Different

Looks like no amount of money or fame (or IG followers) will make Pauly D change his signature hairstyle. We remember watching him coif his hair before screaming “Cabs are here” and going to the club for the night with his Jersey Shore castmates, and it would appear that Pauly does the same thing nowadays (except that now, when he gets ready to leave the house, it’s likely to go perform, and not to go clubbing).

Pauly posted this photo to his IG account when he was in Las Vegas, calling it home.

5 Partying With Sofia Richie

Vinny Guadagnino is no slouch himself, with nearly as many followers as Pauly D (3.4 million). We’re also impressed with the people he hangs around with nowadays. Vinny loves his Jersey friends, no doubt, but it’s likely safe to assume he doesn’t mind hanging out with other famous people, namely Sofia Richie.

Based on this photo, the two are pretty close, as the young star is very clearly having a good time, dancing on her birthday with our boy, Vinny. Guadagnino posted the pic to his IG account, wishing Sofia a Happy Birthday.

4 Chippendales

We never thought we’d see this, but it looks like Vinny is putting his looks and fame to good use with the ladies. For the second time around, Vinny has been spending his weekends taking it all off at the famous Chippendales in Las Vegas this summer. His last appearance was on September 1st. Given that some leaked footage a fan released went viral, it’s safe to assume his performances were very well received.

According to a Chippendales rep, “He was definitely one of the best-received guest hosts we have had, bringing in tons of ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Double Shot at Love’ fans,” the rep said. “He basically sold out almost every performance.”

3 Rehab

It was rock bottom for Ronnie as he checked himself into rehab after admitting to a drinking problem.

The rehab stint went well, but what had so many fans scratching their heads was a report from Hollywood Life linking Ronnie and Jen Harley back together – this coming after their recent split. We're as perplexed as he is in the recent candid...

2 So Much Chick Fil A

Earlier in the article we mentioned how Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has been serving time behind bars for Tax evasion since January 2019. We’re guessing that when Mike posted this photo to his IG account in December 2018, he was trying to enjoy his last month as a free man.

Based on the amount of Chick Fil A meals displayed in the photo, it’s safe to assume Mike ate until he dropped. He captioned the photo: Happy New Year from Big Daddy Sitch 🎆Don’t forget to Live your best life & treat thyself & yes that is @chickfila 🐔

1 Ronnie Who?

Nope, that’s not Ronnie photographed here with Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. It’s very clear that Sammi has moved on from all the drama displayed on Jersey Shore, most notably the drama that her relationship with Ronnie was filled with. In 2013, Samantha launched a clothing and accessories brand named Sweetheart Styles, and even though that didn’t really take off as she’d hoped, we’re guessing she’s still happier than ever.

One look at the rock on her finger says it all. Sammi posted this picture to her IG account and captioned it: Special Happy 30th Birthday my love!! ♥️😏🎉 @_biscardi 🎉🎉 you deserve the best day ever today and always!! Celebrating, making all these memories forever with you is my favorite ☺️ I love you! 🎉🎉 #LetsParty #DirtyThirty #Welcometothe30club #OldMan #Loveofmylife

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