18 Jessica Nigri Cosplays That Make Zero Sense (Not That We Mind)

All it takes is one moment, or one hot picture of yourself, to go viral on the internet to change your world forever. Jessica Nigri was nothing more than a fan enjoying the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International when a picture of her cosplay exploded on the internet.

Over the course of nearly ten years, Jessica would become one of the biggest cosplayers in the world. With nearly 4 million followers on Instagram, you can easily see just how quickly you can go from being a fan to becoming a star that has your own fans, overnight.

Everything she has today is because of cosplay. Her versions of some of the most iconic video gaming characters of all time has changed the way we look at cosplay and has provided tons of beautiful ladies a chance to express themselves this way.

But since Jess is not perfect, we thought we should take a look at the 18 cosplays she did that made no sense but still gave us something to think about.

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18 Wampa (Star Wars)

via pinterest.com

If you think it was weird to see Jessica Nigri dressed up as a Wampa, think about how awkward it was for the person that was hired to help her make the cosplay.

So, instead of trying to replicate the giant snow monster from Star Wars, Jessica put on some leather pants, a small top, and a Wampa helmet. That is all she did to bring the Wampa to life and, had it not been for her amazing body, we would have all said no thanks.

17 Khal Drogo (Game Of Thrones)

via twitter.com

The obvious choice for a character from Game of Thrones that would be perfect for Jessica Nigri would not have been Khal Drogo, not by a long shot.

There were just so many other female characters from the show that she could have done but that would not be different enough for her. The cosplay is good, but nowhere close to accurate, another reason why it is hard to believe that this was her first choice.

16 Mario (Super Mario Bros.)

via pinterest.com

Any grown man who played Super Mario Bros. back in the late 1980s can tell you that Mario is not even close to an attractive character. Not only is he a short, fat plumber but he has a mustache that might be iconic but even less appealing.

That was a challenge to Jessica and she created her own version of the plumber to be able to tell her fans that she did it. She might be beautiful, but we are still very confused.

15 Pikachu (Pokémon)

via pinterest

We thought we should put her 2009 San Diego Comic-Con cosplay, Pikachu, in the top spot because it was the cause of her fame. That photo went viral and the rest was history.

In ten years, Jessica has grown into a superstar among nerds and a celebrity in the world of cosplay. It also makes the list because Pikachu was a Pokémon and as we mentioned earlier, Pokémon cosplays are only good for one thing: confusing us.

14 Fox McCloud (Star Fox)

via pinterest.com

Star Fox came out in 1993 and has been one of the most amazing gaming franchises in Nintendo history. The game's main character, Fox McCloud, was able to carry the series throughout the past 25 years but he was not alone. Fox McCloud had several partners on the game, some of them were females.

Jessica Nigri does not seem to care about whether the character is a male or female, just as long as she can say she did a cosplay for Star Fox.

13 Litten (Pokémon)

via pinterest.com

Only a handful of people that read this are going to know about Litten, one of most underrated Pokémon of Generation VII, and how special he is to Pokémon in general.

So it makes little sense as to why Jessica would chose to do a cosplay of a Pokémon character very few people even remember. For what it is worth, Litten is also a cat and usually a male.

12 Rick (Rick & Morty)

via pinterest.com

There are so many no's that we would run out of internet before we stopped saying the word. Even if you are completely naked, there is never a good time to turn Rick, from Rick & Morty, into a female sexy cosplay, as Jessica has done here.

At this point, she might be running out of original ideas and is simply looking to capitalize on her popularity by creating cosplays on characters from popular television shows.

11 Charizard (Pokémon)

via wikifeet.com

If you are going to do a dinosaur cosplay, make sure not to do a dinosaur cosplay. Even though Jessica's Charizard is extremely detailed and wonderfully designed, it will forever just be a dinosaur who is a Pokémon, and nothing else.

How is it that Jessica Nigri can turn dressing up as a dinosaur into something so sexy it changes the way we picture Pokémon?

10 Wario (Super Mario Bros.)

via wallhere.com

When it comes to the world of Super Mario Bros. there is one character that remains the ugliest and least popular of them all, Wario. He is basically just an evil version of Mario and was only popular when he first came around many years ago.

But, since Jessica does just about anything, she found a way to make Wario sexy while also giving fanboys like us a few more things to talk to our psychiatrist about.

9 Elsa (Frozen)

via viralscape.com

Did we just hear that Jessica Nigri was branching out and decided to do a Disney fan favorite for one of her cosplays? Was it Ariel? Princess Jasmine? Esmeralda? Meg?

Nope! It was Elsa from Frozen and we all sit here and wonder why she chose to honor a character that shows off almost no skin and is also an older princess.

8 Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

via videogamesblogger.com

There was a time when Jessica Nigri appeared to only be producing cosplay that showcased her two greatest assets. We are not complaining but that was not true. She just did not get the traffic, or the coverage, when she did cosplay like when she did Nathan Drake from Uncharted.

If she is not showing a ton of skin, most people will probably never get a chance to see it because the internet is one of those places that focuses on the latter.

7 Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed)

via imgur.com

Just like with Nathan Drake, Jessica Nigri decided to explore the world of Assassin's Creed, where she took Edward Kenway and turned him into a woman.

As you will quickly start to see in our article, even when Jessica is doing male characters, she is still making them so sexy that we forgive the fact that she is dressing up as a guy. Kind of.

6 Link (Zelda)

via pinterest.com

One of the hardest cosplays for a woman to pull off would have to be Link because the game is called The Legend of Zelda, who is a princess, and you are playing one of the most iconic roles in video game history.

But, even after she was able to pull it off, it still confuses us to see a woman dressed as a dude who spends his whole life trying to save a princess.

5 Supergirl (DC Comics)

via pinterest.com

Of all the superheroes, Supergirl has to be one of the most awkward cosplays because of that long cape and knee-high boots. Supergirl is also just an awkward costume to begin with and turning it into something worthy of Jessica Nigri would require some serious modifications.

This is not quite a good modification. In fact, this is a horrible look for anyone who cosplays mainly because Supergirl never wears this.

4 Steampunk Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

via deviantart.com

Harley Quinn is one of the sexiest characters that has ever come from DC Comics. So there is never a need to change something that works like combining Harley Quinn with Steampunk.

It just does not work and the only redeeming quality is that Jessica Nigri is the one behind the cosplay. She can make a pillow sexy and for that, we thank her.

3 Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

via tumblr.com

If you are going to design a Goku cosplay, you need to at least have the correct hair. Goku's hair is his trademark. His hair is part of who he is and without it, would be nearly impossible for anyone to spot him in public.

So, we are going to give Jessica a ton of demerits on this one. If only she had found a way to get the hair right, it is literally the easiest thing to do on this costume.

2 Teemo (League Of Legends)

via taringa.com

Ask someone who plays League of Legends about how they feel about Teemo and be ready for a blasting that could last for hours. Apparently, Teemo is one of those useless characters to play with because of his skillset.

That spawned a bunch of viral memes, including one we simply cannot repeat, and makes us wonder why Jessica would ever cosplay as Teemo.

1 Doctor Who (Doctor Who)

via pinterest.com

Of all the cosplays Jessica Nigri has done over the years, this just might be the one that caused the most controversy for the fans of Doctor Who, who hated it with a passion.

Their hatred caused quite the uproar because many other fans felt it was unjustified, regardless of what they thought about Jessica Nigri's true motives behind the cosplays she wears. She has had a bad reputation for a long time as simply taking advantage of a bunch of horny fanboys.

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