Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 15 Tweets That Make Us Love Him More

There's no doubt about it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the most adorable actors in Hollywood. The 37-year-old has been in a variety of movies and TV shows and we definitely love them all. He got his start starring on Dark Shadows in 1990, and then wowed us all as the super cute Cameron in the teen comedy film 10 Things I Hate About You. His other credits include The Dark Knight Rises50/50Inception, (500) Days Of Summer, and Snowden.

The coolest thing that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has done is arguably his production company, hitRECord. He founded it back in 20o4 and is super passionate about it, which is always nice to see. But as fans, what's even better is his love for tweeting! His Twitter feed is absolutely awesome and is worth following. Wondering what some of his tweets look like? Read on for 15 Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweets that make us love him even more (well, if that was even possible, of course).

15 That Was Him


Let's be honest here: we all love a good McFlurry every now and then. We might pretend that isn't the case, and that we love kale smoothies instead of ice cream, but come on — ice cream is always going to have a special place in our hearts.

The fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves ice cream so much that he would literally order three kinds makes us love him a ton (even if that really wasn't him walking down the street). If we weren't already massive fans, this tweet alone would be enough to make us want every TV show and movie that he's ever been in (which we should probably do anyway since the dude's a really talented actor). This is definitely an example of "stars: they're just like us." They tweet and they eat ice cream and sometimes they just need to eat a lot of it.

14 IKEA Time


Quick, name your all-time favorite Joseph-Gordon Levitt movie! If you said (500) Days Of Summer, you're not alone there. It's a super popular movie and since it also stars Zooey Deschanel, it's perfectly whimsical and quirky and wonderful.

The best scene in that movie is when they go on a date to IKEA (because we would all secretly love to do that), so this tweet is equal parts hilarious and nostalgic. It reminds me of when I saw this amazing movie, and makes me want to rewatch it right now. Ugh it reminds me—once again—of how sweet and cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in it (and is). It doesn't seem like he could get any sweeter and cuter, does it? Nope. It doesn't. With every tweet that he posts, I love him even more.

13 Evil Pink Bunny


If you can look at this evil pink bunny without shuddering and shivering, then good for you. You're a super strong person. It's safe to say that for the rest of us, this is truly terrifying and just might give us nightmares. (Okay, it's for sure going to give us nightmares. Maybe sleeping with the lights on is a good idea...)

Honestly, though, why did Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweet about this pink bunny? Your guess is as good as mine, but all I can say is that although it's scary, it's also pretty epic. There's nothing more boring than a celebrity who always does and says things that are totally expected, and I can't say that about this actor. Also, we're probably all wondering the same thing: why is this bunny sitting in a lawn chair?! Um, okay. Moving on...

12 Ghost Therapy


There's no shame in going to therapy. Most people have probably gone to a therapist at least once in their lives to deal with something or other, and there's no reason not to get help if you need it. It shows strength. If ghost therapy was a real thing, though, maybe there wouldn't be such a stigma since we would all want to go after hearing that fun fact. 

Okay, so maybe that wouldn't work out since that would mean that we were the ghosts... and maybe most of us don't even believe that spirits are real. Either way, the concept of ghost therapy is hilarious and is sure to put a smile on anyone's face, which is exactly what this adorable actor's tweets do all the time. Seriously, if I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is remember this tweet and I'll feel a million times better.

11 The Art Of Breaking Up


Can we just stop for a second and admire this break-up breakfast? Seriously, it's a work of art, and this person deserves some praise (as messed up as it is).

At the same time, if any of us were dumped this way, we would probably cry. I would wonder why I didn't get an actual IRL speech about the ending of our relationship. And wonder why my significant other spent so much time figuring out how to break up with me. Honestly, a break-up doesn't need to be quite this creative (or even creative at all) because it's such a horrible thing to go through. But this person still gets props for trying, and it's awesome that Joseph Gordon-Levitt brought it to our attention. Hey, at least at the end of the cereal speech they said that they were sorry...

10 Happy Valentine's Day


When I think about it, love really is just hating someone the least out of everyone that we know, right? This might seem like an anti-Valentine's Day card but, really, it's on the right track.

Hopeless romantics (and people who think that life should always look like a romantic comedy) definitely don't agree with this. But for the rest of us, we're super glad that Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted this, and I love that he made such a hilarious joke on this sappy holiday. A celebrity with a sense of humor is so much better than a talking head who tells people what they want to hear and stars in really boring movies. Joseph is definitely not like that. He's so interesting and so cool and is just the best.

9 Public Lipstick


This is so hilarious since Joseph is obviously joking, right? I at least think that he's joking, right? Does he really wear lipstick in public (or even in private)? Honestly, he'd sill look fine AF.

If anyone scrolled through his Twitter account, they'd see that he's funny most of the time — especially when he's tweeting, which makes his account such a dream to follow. If I'm bored or just need a pick-me-up, I know that I can always check out his Twitter feed and see what he's been talking about lately, and it's always going to cheer me up. He just seems like such a sweet guy and I can totally see myself being best friends with him (since, sadly, he's married and therefore taken). There's no way that seeing tweets like this one wouldn't put a massive grin on our face, though.

8 Mondays Are The Worst


There isn't a single person who likes Mondays. Sure, people can claim that they love a fresh start and the chance to do anything and be super productive... but those people are probably cursing under their breath and wishing that they could turn the clock back and have it be Sunday again. There's just no contest: Sunday is warm and cozy, and you can stay on the couch for hours watching Netflix. Unfortunately, Monday means leaving the house. Nope, there's no contest at all.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt hates Mondays and if we do too, which makes me love him and his Twitter account even more. And since we've all established that we're not big fans of this day of the week, then yup, we all love him more.

7 Weekend Plans

Can we think of another celebrity who would ask his Twitter followers what they were up to this weekend? Anyone? Anyone at all? It's definitely really tough to think of other people who would. That's just the kind of guy (and the kind of celebrity) that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is, though.

He's kind and has a really big, good heart, and we honestly feel like he would make an awesome friend. Or brother. Most of us probably wish that he was part of our family because it seems like he would make holidays and get-togethers so much more fun. He's got such an awesome, unique sense of humor. We wish that we could hang out with him this upcoming weekend, but sadly, that's most likely just a dream and won't ever really happen...

6 Yorkshire Pudding Love


There are lot of "drunk foods" that I can think of: French fries, onion rings, a big plate of cheesy nachos with all the toppings, pizza, cheeseburgers, anything that involves bacon... And that's just the beginning (and, yes, a lot of these foods have cheese in them).

Yorkshire pudding doesn't exactly make that list, though...

Apparently, it's Joseph's favorite food to eat when he's had a few too many... and I'm not sure if he's showcasing his signature wit and sense of humor or if he's actually serious. It's honestly hard to tell what's going on sometimes on his account. He's such a cool, unique guy that we wouldn't put it past him and this might be what he craves for a late night snack. But he also might have been laughing as he tweeted this.

5 You Snooze, You Lose


Ladies and gents, here's the best news ever: even Joseph Gordon-Levitt needs to snooze sometimes. Phew. Now we can all breathe a big sigh of relief and realize that even celebrities hate waking up some mornings, and need a bit more time in their cozy, comfy bed.

It's definitely terrible when our alarm first goes off and we realize that we have to trade dreamland for reality. We would all pay a lot of money for the chance to sleep in every day, and it's just so nice and comforting to know that even the guy who starred in Inception and has such a successful Hollywood career totally feels the same way. The next time that I feel guilty for hitting snooze, I'm going to try something new and get rid of the guilt, thinking of my fave actor the whole time.

4 Dad Bod: Check


The Dad Bod has come a long way. A while ago, we didn't really have a great love or respect for this type of body. We all thought that meant that someone had too much weight on them and probably needed to workout, eat some kale, and lose a few pounds. These days, the Dad Bod is much more beloved, and there are so many guys (both famous and non-famous) who fit this description.

It's pretty awesome that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has accepted his own dad bod, though. Although I'm also pretty sure that he doesn't have an actual one. Come on, the guy is super skinny. But, well, he is a dad, and he does have a body, so in a way he's not exactly wrong...

3 Zooey And Joseph


Is there anything cuter than seeing Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt together? Tell me if you have another answer than yes — because if you do, you're not a real fan.

In December 2011, the two actors sang a duet together called "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" and this is the photo that Joseph tweeted this past December. It seems like he gets nostalgic about this song every year and seems to always post it; and I can certainly see why. I'm wishing that it was the holiday season just thinking about it! There's nothing better than Christmas (and all the cookies that everyone bakes during that time, of course). Sure, I get that it was literally just Christmas since it's only March, but still. I can't wait for Christmas 2018.

2 True Love


Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt's wife be any cuter?! Probably not. The statement that she made about the Super Bowl back in February is too adorable for words. (And a perfect moment for Twitter.)

Are some of us the total opposite of sports fans (aka: we can't stand to watch sports and don't even know what teams are playing who at any given time)? Those of us who answer "yes, for sure" to that question can totally relate to Joseph's wife. And it makes me want to hang out with the two of them even more. Then, maybe, we could all chat about how we're not sports fans and we never know what's going on and we would like to focus on the food at a Super Bowl party instead. Everyone knows that food is the most important thing.

1 All Hail Good Teachers


I might not have thought that this guy could be any more adorable and yet, with this tweet talking about how great teachers are, he somehow managed to do that.

It's impossible not to be a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt after seeing this tweet. Absolutely impossible. But, of course, that's a moot point because we would be big fans anyway since he's so great in every role that he takes on, whether it's comedic or dramatic or a mixture of both. This tweet just takes our adoration for him over the edge and makes us realize what a good person he is. He's not your typical cookie-cutter celebrity who tweets sound bites. He's so much more and that's just one reason why we love him.

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