Josh Gondelman's New Comedy Album Will Have You Dancing On A Weeknight

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A new comedy album is on its way from Josh Gondelman that’ll have you dancing on a weeknight.

That’s actually what it’s called: Dancing On a Weeknight. We’re not really sure where the name comes from. Maybe it’s a hobby?

If you’ve never heard of Josh Gondelman, then you probably have never bothered to read the credits on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, where Gondelman got started as a producer and then later became a writer. During Gondelman’s tenure, the show won 3 Emmys for writing, so you know the guy has got some quality one-liners in his arsenal.

Gondelman got started doing stand-up way back at the age of 19 growing up in Boston. After graduating from college he taught pre-school and elementary school Spanish before saying nuts to that and moving to New York to pursue comedy full time. He also got started doing some freelance writing, with his works being featured in such publications as The New Yorker, The New York Times, and McSweeney's.


All this time, Gondelman continued doing his particular brand of stand-up comedy. He comes across as gentle, wholesome, and kind, sticking to self-deprecating humor and avoiding the pitfalls of overly political remarks. He got his late night TV start on Conan in 2016, and last year appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

And in case any of you are Twitter fans, Gondelman is one of the brains behind the SeinfeldToday account which operated from 2012 to 2015. He won a Shorty Award in 2014 for his modern Seinfeld scripts in 140 characters or less.

Gondelman’s first comedy album, Everything's The Best, came out in 2011, and it took 5 years for him to release his follow up. This year, starting on April 14th, Gondelman returns with his third album, Dancing On a Weeknight. You’ll laugh at his pug jokes, nod at his wife’s wisdom, and generally forget the cyber-dystopian future we’re all headed toward at breakneck speed.

Get Dancing On a Weeknight wherever good comedy is sold or where it’s occasionally pressed onto vinyl discs.

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