13 Dirty Junkyards We’d Never Step Foot In (And 6 We’d Take Parts From)

A trip to the junkyard is always an exciting adventure. Forrest Gump said it best….it’s like a box of chocolates & you never know what you’re going to get! There’s nothing more fun than a trip to a scrap yard. There’s something about hunting for a valuable find amidst a bunch of wrecked cars that just really gets us excited. Each corner holds a new opportunity to sore an awesome part, or stumble across someone else’s wreckage, and claiming it as your newfound treasure. It’s really shocking to see what some people consider “junk worthy”…some of this stuff is really cool!

Sometimes we are able to leave with some collectible items or stumble across something valuable. Other times, we value our lives and health too much to even enter the junkyard once we set eyes on it! It really is a fine line. Let’s take a look at 14 dirty junkyards we’d never step foot in, and 6 that we’d take parts from.

19 Leave It: The Scrap Pile

via jalopnik

Yeah, so … we’re not climbing that. Not only would these parts grab take too much effort, but we’re also likely to be buried in this wreckage at some point, and we’d likely never be found. Everything here looks rusted out and the high-stacking is intimidating. We’ll pass, thanks.

18 Leave It: Muddy Metal

Via Pinterest

There’s nothing special enough in this pile. It isn’t motivating us to trek through all that mud. Look at how deep that is! No amount of metal is worth the muddy mess that this appears to be. This just looks like too much work, and it isn’t worth the mess.

17 Love It: Pleasant Surprise

Via TheTruthAboutCars

Are you kidding? We’d happily take this air-cooled 1969 Beetle! This junk yard in California is one of the best we’ve come across. Look at the clean body on this car! It appears to be all original, and it’s in such great shape, especially considering that it lives in a scrap yard!

16 Leave It: Wooded Wreckage

Via Weiserairpark

NO thanks. This looks like far too much of a mission for very little reward. This abandoned junkyard in Houston is home to a terrible stash of metal that is buried within the overgrown grass and prickly weeds. None of this is appealing in any way. We can do without…

15 Leave It: Messy Metal

Via EastBayExpress

What are we even seeing here? We understand that this is a scrap yard, and we don’t expect perfect rows of clean cars and parts, but whoa! There’s no rhyme or reason as to why this pile would ever take form. Maybe if they didn’t dump everything in one section we’d venture over to this place.

14 Leave It: This Really Is Junk Metal

Via Busy.Org

This just keeps getting worse. We can’t imagine any of this junk being worth anything or being useful in any way. This really is a “junkyard,” that’s for sure. All we needed was one quick glance- that’s enough to know this isn’t worth the adventure.

13 Leave it: Swampy & Sloppy

Via WaterDamageMississiipi

This swamp supposedly contains some cars and car parts. We think, sort of. The folks in Mississippi need to consider revamping the structure of their scrap yard. Nothing is going to be salvageable after spending time in this swamp. If rust is your thing, knock yourself out – we’re bailing.

12 Leave It: Metal Mountain

Via YellowPages

Ummm…..This is so overwhelming. Super cool to look at, but how would anyone even begin to grab parts from here? They all appear to be domestic cars, too. We don’t see anything worth diving for. Would this count as a mountain climb if we reached the top?

11 Leave it: Wreckage

via gizmodo

This doesn’t even look like a junkyard. It looks more like wreckage. Why is everything stashed at the back? Wait….did a bomb go off here? That would explain the weird empty area at the front, compared to the piles of junk in the back? This is terrible, nothing worth stopping for, carry on…

10 Love It: NASCAR Heaven

Via PaulCurrie

Oh, yes. Hands down yes. We’re stopping even if just for the selfies. This is a total score. It’s not often we come across a Nascar Graveyard. These cars may have died, but we have found them in heaven. Wow – there’s so much here that we want. A flatbed would be a good start. We want it all, for sheer bragging rights and street cred.

9 Leave It: The Car Climb

via trinomics

Compacting is valid for many reasons, and we know space is an issue – but really? Can anyone accomplish anything in this yard? We don’t even know where we’d start with this pile of metal. There’s a lot to discover, and this has the potential to provide some good parts, but the question is how….

8 Leave It: Strays Will Stay

Via CarTalk

There’s no way we’ll find what we need here. Even if we do, how would this work? Ladder? Helicopter? Crane? The most precious thing we will find here is a stray cat. This would be a really cool home for stray cats – only the strays will stay, we’re out of here.

7 Leave It: Useless Mess

VIa RoadsAndKingdoms

Welcome to the junkyard in Mayapuri, India. They’ve managed to save everything, and we’re sure none of it will work. Tossing everything around like this is sure to destroy any possible life that was left in any of it. We suggest he puts the oil down, there will be no success with that….

6 Leave It: El Cheapo

Via Liveabout18

Let’s take every single car that’s worth less than $200 and put them all in one spot. All together, we can show the world a collection of useless, cheap beaters that nobody “wants a part of “. We can probably buy the whole car for less than what this place would charge for the shoddy parts.

5 Leave It: Birds Eye View

Via PhiladelphiaInquirer

Oh Wow. There is no better view than from above. This gives us full perspective of this mess. Aside from the seemingly organized tire piles, the rest of this resembles a war zone. Explosives must have been involved for it to look this way. We are not going near this; it would be a feeble attempt.

4 Love It: Porsche Find

VIa TheTruthAboutCars

Yes, yes, yes! That would be a score, folks! We found a Porsche 928 and we don’t just want to take some parts, we want the whole shell. This is such a great find, and all things considered, it’s not in terrible shape. We can take it. We’ll carry it all the way home…whatever, it’s ours!

3 Love It: The Fiat

Via TheTruthAboutCars

Did these people even know what they had possession of? It’s hard to imagine someone scraping this 1978 Fiat. It’s not ok to leave this poor baby here all alone. We should rescue it. We WILL rescue it. We’re at the very least taking parts, just because we can.

2 Love It: Porsche Love

Via TheTruthAboutCars

Clearly Zhoe loved this car, and we’re sorry she had to give it up – kind of. Thanks Zhoe, we’re taking this and running! Why would you scrap this? Even if all we do is sit in it and play video games on our phones, we’d still take proud ownership of what’s left of it.

1 Love It: Porsche Graveyard

Via PorscheGraveyard

Yeah, um why are all the Porsches being trashed? These old school beauties need a home, and we’re happy to provide one Can you imagine these on a movie set? There’s so much potential here. This guy’s trash is definitely our treasure.

Sources: Jalopnik, Gizmodo, Inquirer

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