Just 15 Funny Memes About The PyeongChang 2018 Olympics

It's safe to say that one common interest among all nations of the world is sports. Sure, there's certain sports that are way more popular in various countries, but we all enjoy a good, clean competition. That's why every two years the Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics comes along to entertain us all. This year, it's the latter of those, offering up everything from skating and curling (yawn) to all kinds of competitions that involve sliding down big snowy hills. It's cool to watch such talented athletes fight it out for a circle of gold that they trained all their lives to achieve. Then, there's falls and mishaps that often amuse us even more. That's just not enough for today's entertainment-hungry society though, so people just had to go and turn these iconic moments into memes. Here's 15 funny memes that came out of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.

15 Check out that "bomb" sleigh

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North Korea is in the national news a lot, but it's rarely for any reason other than something scary. When it comes to international affairs, this is one country everyone in the world fears will one day go rogue and start launching bombs everywhere. No doubt, there was some concern when the Olympics was set to take place in South Korea. Luckily, some peace has been made across borders, such as North and South Korea sharing a hockey team. Still, the entire world sat with baited breath anytime a North Korean took the stage for any event during the Winter Olympics. The bottom line is that Kim Jong Un is a loose cannon, so to speak, and that at any time he could decide to unleash a loose cannon on anyone. This meme just helps to lighten the mood over a tense situation.

14 The Hunger Games are here

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Hunger Games was a huge pop culture phenomenon. From the books to the movies, this series painted a picture of a futuristic society in which a few people controlled everyone else like pawns on a game board—literally. One of the oddest parts in Hunger Games (other than children fighting to the death for food) was that everyone either dressed in depression-era rags or like the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland. In particular, the announcers of the games wore flashy clothes and crazy hairstyles. It seemed a little extreme that we would ever get to this point in real life. That is, until the 2018 Winter Olympics when we saw Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir as the commentators for figure skating competitions. Perhaps the Hunger Games are now upon us and the Olympics are more cutthroat than we thought.

13 Doesn't matter. Winning's winning

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Yep, what he said. When it comes down to it, winning is winning in the Olympics. There are judged sports in which a person or team might get points taken off on technicalities, but in other sports the first person or team across the finish line wins. It doesn't matter how they get there or how ugly the journey was.

Sometimes the journey is harder for others, and the struggle is real. For example, athletes living in Australia tend to be better at summer sports than winter ones. That's evident by their Summer Olympics verses Winter Olympics medal counts. But as luck would have it, they finally won the gold in a winter sport. It only happened when all of the other skaters in front of this Australian guy fell down, allowing him to coast into the finish for the gold. In this case, slow and steady did win the race.

12 Always in training

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Every time the Winter Olympics roll around, people start making jokes about curling. It's basically a weighted shuffle board game on ice. It doesn't look like a lot of skill is involved to be good at this sport, plus it's kind of boring to watch. OK, it's really boring to watch. That makes it easy for everyone at home to make fun of it. Curling is the Winter Olympics equivalent to race walking in the Summer Olympics. Everyone at home sits on the couch and says, "I could totally medal in that." Race walking generates such comments from neighborhood walking clubs, while curling piques the interest of moms. They spend countless hours a week running a Swiffer mop up and down hardwood and tile floors, overcoming such obstacles as dirty tracks and juice spills. No doubt, they should be Olympic ready.

11 Those gloves

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Aside from the figure skating commentators dressed like they're hosting the Hunger Games, the biggest fashion trend up for debate at the Winter Olympics was team USA's gloves. Sure, the weather was in single-digit degrees, but it was South Korea, not a Texas cattle ranch. The Internet went crazy with comments about the fugly gloves worn by USA's athletes. One person finally realized the possible inspiration for those iconic gloves that caused such a fuss. It was the American movie Dumb and Dumber.

This comedy might be a cult classic, but it wasn’t exactly known as a trend setter. Still, the gloves Jim Carrey wore when dressed as a cowboy were a dead ringer for the ones we saw keeping America's athletes warm and toasty during the opening ceremonies. These now-infamous gloves were actually made in Gloversville, NY. How's that for irony?

10 Pee-wee and Mugatu's love child

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Now that we've been reminded of that scene from Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carrey sporting those leather gloves, we can't get the connection out of our minds. Most people watching figure skating have also likely realized that Johnny Weir looks a lot like Pee-wee Herman. The two even have the same smirk. Of course, Johnny is way more fashion forward than Pee-wee's signature look of a red bowtie and gray suit. When it comes to fashion, Johnny is more along the lines of Mugatu from Zoolander. This leads us to believe that if Pee-wee and Mugatu were actual people and not just TV and movie characters, Johnny could very well have been their love child. Even though they might be fictional characters, Johnny resembles Paul Reubens so much it's scary, and he was obviously inspired by Mugatu's fashion sense.

9 Asking for a friend

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First the bobsleigh meme and now this one. What can we say? With so many countries coming together in one place, it's hard not to get a little political. We've already touched on the fact that North Korea had everyone a little scared during this time, which led to jokes about their bomb of a bobsleigh. The fact that Russia has been banned from the Winter Olympics is bringing up even more puns.

Russian athletes are banned from competing under their country's flag due to allegations that many of their competitors use performance enhancing drugs at the 2014 games. Before this big announcement, Russia was in the news a lot for the country's dealings with President Trump. Almost every month there is something in the news about Trump's relationship with Russia. Many believe he relied on Russia to help him win the election. So Hilary wanting Russia banned from the elections "for a friend" is all too funny.

8 Queen of everything

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Another way the Olympics is eerily similar to Hunger Games is that all of the nations' leaders come to the Games, sit in the stands and watch as the best athletes from every country compete against one another for medals of honor. Queen Elizabeth didn't make it, but probably watched from her castle in one of her trademark bright suits. Since 1952, Elizabeth has reigned as queen over the United Kingdom. Since her reign, several countries have declared their independence from the United Kingdom, slightly decreasing her empire over time. Naturally, the Queen Elizabeth saw many of them waving their own flags and marching out as independent nations during the opening ceremonies. We have to wonder if she thought to herself about the days when she owned them, kind of like a businessperson recounting companies he or she built and then sold.

7 There's a new kid in town

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When it comes to snowboarding, Team USA pretty much dominated the competition. Everyone was glad to see Shaun White back in action, and he did not disappoint. The Flying Tomato proved that he wasn't washed up just yet when it comes to snowboarding. After being an American icon for so long, he was outstaged a bit this year by a teenage girl. Chloe Kim made her Olympic debut and went on to win gold for the US.

Was everyone excited about Shaun coming back on the international stage and showing everyone what he could still do? Of course, but it was hard not to turn heads from Shaun to focus on the new kid in town. Not only did Chloe effortlessly pass over all the seasoned Olympians, but she also provided tweets fresh from the sidelines in between her runs.

6 The ultimate super fan

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There are only two explanations for the guy in the white and yellow to be so excited in this photo. One, he is an Olympics super fan who is totally stoked about getting to hold the torch. Two, he drank the Olympic Kool-Aid of so many others, also known as performance-enhancing drugs. We hope for his country's sake that he is a competitor in the high jump, because he clearly can clear some ground.

We get that it's natural to get excited about the Olympic Games. Even all of us sitting on the couch eating Cheetos are excited to see people exude such energy and effort. Yet, that energy is generally put toward sliding down a hill or twirling on the ice rather than wasting it all beforehand. That's just one more reason we think he has some reserve energy from a secret source.

5 A slow start

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Figure skating is one of those sports that's more like pure entertainment, even though it actually takes a lot of physical effort to execute. The people skating are no doubt in great shape and have mastered some awesome tricks. Yet, we at home often forget that fact as we're caught up in the romance of a beautiful performance similar to DWTS on skates. A lot of that has to do with skaters having a routine choreographed to music. Many even go as far as to incorporate props to help convey the story they are trying to tell in their performance. This girl was aiming to do just that when she literally laid on the ice with a pillow and blanket. It didn't take long for people watching at home to make comments about how they could do that.

4 'Murica at its best

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It's great that people support the Olympics and feel pride in their country's participants bringing home the gold. But if we've learned anything from the guys on America's Summer Olympics swim team, it's that the best athletes aren’t always the most upstanding citizens. That's to be expected all the more of young athletes. Not all of them are as punctual and poised as Chloe Kim, and by that we mean Red Gerard. He might have won the gold medal in the snowboard slopestyle competition, but he didn't seem too worried about the competition. Red overslept after watching too much Netflix the night before his competition and then couldn't find his jacket. Luckily, his roommate let him borrow his USA jacket, and it all turned out OK. Well, even better than OK since he won the gold.

3 The race is on

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A lot happens in February, especially for it to be the shortest month in the year. Valentine's Day falls in the middle of the Winter Olympics, which gives those finding themselves without a date on the 14th something to watch besides sappy romance reruns. And anyone who has nothing better to do on Valentine's Day than watch the Olympics alone will naturally have time to come up with some interesting commentary on the competition.

This speed skating competition meme was made for all of those in need of a post-Valentine laugh. Everyone on the ice was skating as fast as they could to make it to the finish line first. However, a similar scene takes places in stores all over on February 15, which is when consumers race to the candy aisles to get all of the leftover chocolates marked down after the holiday.

2 Less isn't always more


The Olympic Games is synonymous with five intertwined rings of various colors. Then, every individual Olympics has its own unique logo in addition to the iconic rings. PyeongChang decided to play off of the colors in the rings, as do most countries, but went with a simple design for the actual logo. Maybe the design loses something in translation across cultures, but to people in North America it looked a lot like a preteen played around on Microsoft paint before coming up with these two artless symbols made up of straight lines. Maybe the country held a competition that allowed students to design and submit logos for the Olympics. That would be nice of them to do so, but seriously? Surely they could come up with something better than this.

1 The face of fame

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A lot goes on at the Olympics, with numerous countries competing in all kinds of events. There will be plenty of memorable moments from the Winter Games in PyeongChang, from records being broken to underdogs rising to the top. Sadly, some of the most memorable moments are not necessarily the best. The Internet has been going crazy making fun of athletes' odd facial expressions caught on camera as they compete. This figure skater is in line to become an often used photo in memes from now on, for better or worse. Not because of his talent or his performance but rather for the crazy face he made while whirling on the ice. With his mouth open and his eyes rolled back in his head, his hair also made a statement that wasn't a winning look. Maybe Johnny Weir can give him some fashion advice.

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