'Just Friends': 15 Memes That Are Too True

There is a huge debate on whether men and women can actually be friends. Is friendship possible between the sexes or will there always be some sort of unsaid romantic tension? Honestly, this debate will never be resolved, because some people say it's totally possible to be BFFs with someone of the sex they're attracted to, while others say it'll never work.

Can we really hang out with someone everyday and do things couples do without actually being a couple? Without having a title? It's hard to say. When we're friends with someone who is attractive, there cannot be any jealousy or intimate vibes — because if there are, that means we're growing feelings for them. And at that point in the game, it's more than a friendship that's longed for. So whether someone has been in this position or not, there are quite a few memes out there depicting the irony and hypocrisy of being "just friends," and here are the funniest 15.  

15 'You're Gonna Find Someone Great One Day'

When two people are best friends (who also have the capability of being attracted to one another), they tend to confide in one another and share intimate secrets. Eventually, that closeness between friends can seem more than a friendship. Almost like you crossed an invisible boundary into potential coupledom. Because of this closeness and shared intimacy, one could say that the other person was the "perfect" match for them. The only problem is, when people point out that you could be more than just friends, you probably laugh off that notion and reassure everyone and their mother than your relationship is strictly platonic. However, if your so called "bestie" has deeper feelings for you, being told they're the perfect match for you, and then to be reminded they're just a "friend," probably feels like being stoned.

14 You're Not 'Just Friends' If You Wanna Marry Them

I'm not gonna lie. I secretly love to mock people when they say a certain someone is their best friend. But at the same time, they literally can't stop talking, thinking, or texting this bestie of theirs. And it's not just an average best friend. When you're literally having sleepovers, 3am pillow talks, and talking about future goals — you're no longer friends, guys. You're slowly becoming more than friends. You're not quite dating, but if you're thinking about a life with them past friendship....HI — YOU LIKE THEM. Of course you can be best friends with a lover or a significant other, but you should probably admit to yourself that you're not just friends. You're more than friends. The jig is up. Quit fooling yourself.

13 Friendships Can Grow Into Something Else

Finally! We have proof in photographic evidence! I don't know the backstory to these two, but clearly they started out as friends and it grew into something more. And considering a lot of people say friendship is a great foundation to a relationship, I can see why many men and women hate when their significant others are friends with someone who could possibly like them more than a friend. I get it — I'm not blind. Like, if you're snapping pictures of your "bestie" sipping hot cocoa or riding a bike...you clearly like looking at her pretty face. And that's okay! You're allowed to like your bestie, but own your feelings so the fakery can be buried in the grave.

After seeing this, I really don't blame couples for getting pissed at so called "friends."

12 You're Not Allowed To Be Jealous As A Friend

The first sign of knowing you're growing feelings for a friend is jealousy. If you're beginning to become jealous of who your bestie is hanging out with or hooking up with, yeah — you're digging them on a more personal level. While most friends don't typically hookup (unless they have a 'friends with benefit' agreement), it's obvious you gotta take a step back when this happens.

Most friends confide in one another when they hook up with someone else. So if you can't confide in a buddy because they get mad at you for living your life...then y'all are obviously on two different pages. If people were more open with their thoughts and desires, there would be a heck of a lot less confusion.

11 #Awkward

Ladies, ladies, ladies. As much as being wined and dined by someone else is, you can't expect the person you're dining with to pay for everything if you're just friends. Think of your college roommate, for example. Would you be mad if they assumed you would pay for your dinners together? Um..yes. You would be utterly confused as to why you're paying for a dinner. So you can't really get mad at someone if you're stringing them along like a puppy, making them pay activities as if they were dates, and then continue to friendzone them. At least offer to pay or something! Make them feel less s—tty about being denied time and time again.

Friendships can be tricky enough —make sure the terms of the relationship are clear before something like this happens to you.

10 No Entrance!

It took me a solid minute to realize what this was referring to (didn't realize how slow my mind was, apparently), but now that I understand it's a 'between the sheets' reference, I find it hilarious.

When you wanna sleep with your "bestie," that means they are no longer your bestie. They are your crush. They're someone you'd like to be intimate with — which means...they're not your friend, you guys. Friends don't bang each other unless there's some sort of agreement. So yeah — if your bestie is a boy and you know they would sleep with you if given the chance, you should probably reevaluate your situation — before it gets sloppy. Plus, although your friends, no one likes to be turned down. So let's avoid hurting each others feelings, mmmkay.

9 If You Say This —You're More Than Friends

This is a CLASSIC discussion that probably every person has with a friend before they get in a relationship. Typically, people aren't going to dive into a relationship by saying "Hey, you're really cute, I wanna start a romantic relationship." I mean, unless you're on a dating app or something. Usually relationships begin from casual meetups and some light texting. But when you're flirting and texting every single day... OH and hanging out on the most popular date night of the week — you're definitely aiming towards being more than just friends. 

Sigh, the good ole days. Let's hope these two are on the same page or someone's gonna get burned AF. Especially if you do things that friends don't typically do. You know, like see each other naked or go on dates.

8 *Inhale...Exhale*

When you like someone more than a friend, it's easy to feel protective over them. Sure, you never had the "are we or aren't we" conversation, but sometimes relationship are more complicated than that. So if you never had a "I like you" convo with your "friend," you can't get mad at them for living their life, dating other people. And you certainly can't get mad at some random man or woman dancing on your supposed friend. That's not how friendships work. For all these random people know, the person they're dancing on is single. They're not thinking about any besties that are secretly jealous. Mainly because FRIENDS DON'T GET JEALOUS OF FRIENDS. Ugh, if only relationships weren't so complicated. Speak your mind or forever hold your truth!


Sometimes friendships grow into lasting, intimate relationships. While there's nothing wrong with this, it's effective to let your friend know how you're feeling. Because if you don't tell someone that you like them more than a friend, someone's gonna get hurt. On the flip side, I can see why people don't wanna express their feelings. They're afraid if they do, their friendship will be over and things will get awkward real f—king quick. But hey, life is about taking chances, so it's better to say your peace than to stay silent and wonder "what if" for the rest of your life.

I know a lot  of people who somehow fell in love with their bestie. They either told their friend how they felt and got shut down or they gave their relationship a try, only for it to not workout. It's a toss up, really.

6 Is This A Trend?!

Okay, now I see why SO many dudes can't be friends with girls! I had no idea #WasteHisTime was an actual trend and that girls did this just to reap the benefits of friendship! Personally, I cannot imagine doing this to a person, but apparently it's more important than I thought.

The first tweet absolutely kills me. Making someone fall for you when you already have a boyfriend is f—king messed up. But since these are memes and this is Twitter, I'm gonna laugh about it. As long as I don't personally do what these tweeters are talking about, it can't hurt to laugh, right? I do feel bad for the dudes involved, though. That sucks. To think someone is feeling you, only to find out they're involved with someone else is sketchy AF. 


Every relationship and friendship is different. But I feel like the difference between the two is intimacy. If you hold hands, have sleepovers, have seen each other naked — you're totally dancing on the line of being more than just friends. I can totally see someone getting pissed at being called out on this, too. Sometimes people don't wanna be called out for treating someone like more than a friend. They like having the best of both worlds and don't want to have that relationship messed with. 

However, being called out does give people the chance to face their deeper feelings, which is something most of us don't wanna deal with. Controversy and drama among close ones is the last thing on our to-do list.

4 Are You Sure??

It's kinda fun to mock friends of ours that claim to be friends with someone they're hooking up with. Friends don't see each other naked, mmkay? Plus, if anyone's gonna mock friendzones, it's gotta be SpongeBob. Though he's pretty asexual, he's friendzoned himself with practically every creature in Bikini Bottom. While many SpongeBob fans thought he had a crush on Sandy Cheeks, others believed he was quietly intimate with his BFF Patrick Star! But does that mean they weren't really BFFs at all, but secret lovers? Because as we've seen — friends who crush on each other are a little more than friends. But now that the series is over, and it's directed at children, there's no way we'll ever know  if they were something more. Shux.

3 When You Thought You Were Something More

The problem with flirting is that people like to flirt. They enjoy the attention they get from flirting. Whether it's a few free drinks, discounts on food, compliments — flirting seems pretty innocent. However, what happens when you flirt too much with someone you're too close with? It's kind of like treating someone like they're your significant other, but there's no physical benefits to it. So when someone takes a chance, and acts on that flirtation, only to be told they're "just friends," it's easy to see why someone would be dumbfounded.

I mean, I guess everyone is technically a friend or an acquaintance until the talk about what your relationship is goes down. But the last time I checked, I don't flirt with my bestie. I'm actually under the mindset that it's incredibly difficult to be friends with someone that you could be attracted to. There's too many questions, too many temptations, and too many 'what ifs?" for me. It can be very open ended.

2 Well This Is Uncomfortable

As a dedicated and slightly obsessed fan of The Big Bang Theory, there was a moment early on in the series where Leonard asked Penny out on a date. The only problem is, she had no idea it was a date; she thought he just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. Not thinking much into it, she asked him "who else is coming?" And, of course, Leonard froze and told her the rest of the gang would meet them at dinner. But as many Big Bang Theory fans know, Leonard never invited the gang; he wanted a night out alone with his crush across the hall, Penny. Now, the pair is happily married, but I'll never forget that episode because of how awkward it would be if that were to happen in real life. But, as this meme suggests, it definitely happens to real besties everywhere. This is why falling for your friends is a horrific idea until both of people are on the same page.


There's nothing more emotionally draining than seeing the Michael Jordan crying meme. That dude is respectively the best player that was ever in the NBA, and he's forever known for his crying meme, than for his stats (at least by younger folk who don't know much about Jordan or the NBA).

The funny part about this meme is, my husband and I actually call each other bud — and we're definitely more than friends. But when you're not established in a relationship, it can be disheartening to hear your crush call you "buddy" or "pal." I think if I was in a situation like this, I would take that "buddy" nickname as a hint and call it a day. I'd stop my flirting and keep the relationship as platonic as possible, and move on. There's no need to go after someone when they have you pegged as a friend. You shouldn't have to convince someone to like you more than a pal. Feelings shouldn't be forced.

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