Just In Time For Valentine's Day: 21 Awkward Couple Photos

Ah, Valentine's Day. We celebrate the concept of love and show our appreciation for our significant others. Those of us who are single, buy wine and chocolates for ourselves, curl up on the sofa with a blanket and watch sappy romantic movies as we cry into our pillows. But we should be thankful to be single on this momentous holiday. Why? Take a look at these awkward couple photos!

We can't say whether these couples were truly in love or not. But we can say that their photo posing skills need some work. From weird bathtub photos to an unhealthy obsession with big cats, these couples managed to create the most cringetastic couple photos ever. If this is what it means to be in a relationship, we decline and are much happier staying single.

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21 Couldn't even bother to come to his own wedding

Via: sobadsogood.com

Is she marrying the television? Or maybe she is marrying the man on the television screen? It looks like he couldn't be bothered to show up for the wedding in person. Unless he must live in a bubble for health reasons, her groom should have made an effort to attend his own wedding.

But instead, he is on a television screen reciting his vows while his lovely bride stands awkwardly next to the large TV set. She seems so happy and oblivious, though. Love plays the worst tricks on our senses, and logical thinking ability tends to be hampered by hormones.

With today's technology, they could have set up a virtual reality wedding and gotten married from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Their entire marriage could be lived apart through the internet. What a world!

20 An evil entity lurks in the background

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Sometimes people feel uneasy about their marriage, but this couple is oblivious to the evil entity standing behind them. The girl from The Ring must have gotten out of the well to attend the wedding. No one wants a vengeful spirit hanging around at their wedding or any other party for that matter! But there she is lurking at the top of the stairs.

Her evil glare on the couple makes us go cold with fear from here, but they don't seem to notice the presence. All we see are their happy, smiling faces. Marriage brings so much risk with it that we can understand why people get "cold feet" about it, but this time they should have asked for a spiritual cleansing before the nuptials. We have seen the scary movies. Things never end well with a vengeful spirit on the loose!

19 He won't let her get away this time

Via: pleated-jeans.com

Oh, they are so young and so in love. But why did the photographer think it would be cute for him to sit on her back like that? His bride should not be considered a piece of furniture for him to sit on as he stares seductively into the camera. That's right.

We think he is trying to seduce the photographer or the camera while his bride is RIGHT THERE.

The bride is quite thrilled with the whole marriage thing. Just look at her bright smile. And maybe her husband isn't putting his full weight onto her back, so that's good. But this wedding photo just makes us cringe. From the furry white rug to his sitting on her back, we are glad to be so single that no one would make us pose like that for a keepsake photo.

18 Pour another glass of wine, please

Via: fstoppers.com

Photos like this were common in the early 1990s. It was a cool trick to place people's images inside of objects. This couple was put into a wine glass next to a rose because everyone knows that wine and roses are a symbol of love (and bad decisions). But the photo does not stand the test of time. It's now so cringeworthy that we hope that the couple managed to stay together after this photo was taken.

Bad portraits can lead to broken relationships, right?

Love has a shelf-life of about 10 years. Of course, love can last longer than wine and might get better over time, but not always. People would never break up if that were the case. This couple seems to like each other well enough at the time of the photo, though. We can only hope that their romance turned out well.

17 The no dumping zone

Via: wordpress.com

This young and attractive couple took things down a dark path. They saw a sign that said "No Dumping Allowed," which was reiterated by writing on the wall. Her significant other decided to squat down and pretend that he was taking a dump. Yeah, that's rather charming. Everybody has to do a Number Two. Our bodies require that we do in order to function properly, but that doesn't mean that we want to Number Two in front of other people or outside by a wall under a "No Dumping Allowed" sign. Good thing he didn't take down his pants to make the joke more realistic. That would have been too much for an already-awkward photo. Hopefully, no one got dumped in the next few weeks after such an embarrassing photo.

16 Dirty feet should be the deal breaker

Via: pleated-jeans.com

We can tell from here that her man's feet probably smell. This cringetastic photo just reeks of fail. Were they trying to make a heart with their arms? Well, they failed. She is dressed up so nice, while he is wearing a T-shirt and shorts. And apparently, he does not wash his feet. So, we have several more failures right there.

Seriously, team, this is not looking good.

The tea candles could also start a fire if they keep going with all the failures. Why were the candles on the floor like that? There are just so many things wrong with this picture. From his dirty feet to the fact that he didn't bother to dress up when she did, we can guess that this relationship could not have lasted very long. It would be a miracle if it did.

15 The cats never asked to be a part of this

Via: pinterest.com

What a cute couple! And both of them like cats. But we have to wonder what possessed them to agree to this photo. The kitties never asked for a galaxy background or for their human to wear a star-spangled turtleneck. Where is the tuna that the kitties were promised? The cats stared into the camera, and we can almost hear them meowing for help.

We can tell that their humans love them very much, but the cats did not sign up for this. They just wanted to nap or play or have their chins rubbed. Taking them to a photo shoot is just too much for a cat's busy life and packed schedule. But did the humans even ask the cats if they wanted to be part of this awkward photo? No, of course they didn't. Now the cats can't show their faces at the feline lodge because of this photo. Their cat cards have been revoked.

14 Grin and bear it

Via: buzzfeed.com

Her man has such a nice and natural smile that we wonder what was going on with her. She has such a forced smile that perhaps things aren't so happily-ever-after in their romance. Or, maybe she is really bad at having her photo taken. She grit her teeth and grinned like a creepy Cheshire Cat after it's eaten a bird or done something wicked.

This couple photo is just overflowing with awkwardness.

Hopefully, they had a few other photos that were less cringetastic than this one to commemorate their love. Smiling naturally for photos can be hard. We totally understand that. But that grin-and-bear-it smile leaves much to be desired. She looks like she is suffering in their relationship or that she plans to snarl and bite him if he doesn't listen to her. Yikes.

13 A match made NOT in heaven

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Who told them that wearing the same outfit would make it apparent that their love was real? Seriously, WHO TOLD THEM? The person who made it a rule that couples who dress alike stay together needs to be prosecuted for this atrocity. Their matching outfit is not only a crime against fashion, it's just weird to match your significant other that much. They could have gone for clothing with similar colors instead of wearing the same thing.

The only difference is that her jeans are lighter than his jeans. Otherwise, it looks like they share the same clothes in the closet instead of having their own individual style. Look closely at the vests. That's right. It's all Looney Tunes from here on out. Just like their relationship.

12 Their cat wants a divorce from them

Via: acidcow.com

We appreciate fellow cat lovers. Cats tend to be one of the most understood animals, so we like meeting fellow cat people. But this couple has taken it to an all new level. She is wearing a leotard with a lion face print, and he is wearing tights with a cheetah. Their tabby cat looks shocked and possibly appalled by this whole thing. We can't blame the cat for being horrified at the humans.

To cats, we are likely the inferior species. And if not for our opposable thumbs, we would indeed not be in charge of anything. This tabby cat might be looking into divorce from these humans if this is the sort of shenanigans that they usually get into. No cat asks for this. They just want a house full of toys, cat trees, an endless supply of their favorite foods and treats and a comfortable place for a nap. And they like lots of boxes to play in.

11 Breathes in deeply

Via: buzzfeed.com

Awww, they're hugging! But wait just a minute. He looks like he is breathing in deeply by her neck, while she has this stoic "Someone save me" expression on her face. Could he be holding onto her TOO tightly? People need some space in their relationships. Smothering someone will only drive them away and make them resent your presence.

This man has not learned that lesson and just takes a deep breath into her neck.

What was meant to be romantic is now totally creepy. Getting the right couple pose for a photo is a challenge, but we aren't sure these people are even trying. So much cringe in one photo! We hope that we never see our awkward couple photos from past relationships ever again. Romance like this makes us glad to be single!

10 Time to lay off the self-tanner, huh

Via: pleated-jeans.com

Either she has been hitting the tanning beds too hard or she poured an entire bottle of cheap self-tanner on herself before they went out. But she turned out a hideous orange. Her man glares into the camera, while she smiles so obliviously. She thinks she looks great and has no idea how the self-tanner turned out.

Now we have an orange cringetastic photo that makes us glad to be single. We can embrace our natural state and avoid all the pitfalls of beauty because we get to stay at home in our sweatshirts and sweatpants on Valentine's Day. No one will see our makeup mistakes! We can avoid makeup for the evening and eat ice cream without a care in the world. But lord help us if we ever put on orange self-tanner.

9 The dog just wants a biscuit

Via: huffingtonpost.com

The dog did not ask to be part of this holiday couple photo. Look at his distressed face! All he had wanted was an extra dog biscuit, but the humans wrapped him in swaddling cloths and called him Jesus for the day. The awkwardness in this photo is just spilling from the screen.

Recreating the nativity scene might sound like a good idea, but it rarely works out that way for a couple photo.

And the poor dog just wants to go home. He is wondering if his humans have lost their minds and if he should leave them to join the neighbor's dogs down the street. Their humans never make them take silly pictures like this. Have they lost all respect for themselves and their dog? Humans need to get better at finding poses for their portraits.

8 The worst photo inception

Via: pleated-jeans.com

This couple thought they would be clever. They took photos of themselves wearing (or not wearing) for a book that they held up in the scene. Then they matched the photos in the book. Now this couple photo happened long before that movie Inception even happened, but we can see that they managed to create an inception image. The woman is wearing something that she probably wears to her office job, while her man has decided to go the athletic route and skipped a shirt. We don't know what they were thinking. He must have wanted to show off his body or hint at athletic skill. She wanted to look pretty and professional. But the couple just ended up with an awkward photo. It's so bad, but we can't look away.

7 The cringetastic pregnancy photo

Via: bossip.com

Body painting requires a high level of artistic skill. This couple wanted to look like cats in space for their pregnancy photo. And while the body paint artwork is quite good, the resulting effect is still rather cringetastic. They could teach a session called "How to Ruin a Pregnancy Photo."

Yes, we understand that this represents the Circle of Life for them.

But it's so...just so...corny. They could have taken a pregnancy photo and gotten on with their lives instead of embarrassing the child in her womb before the baby is even born. Future family photos are going to be as awkward as this couple photo. We can only imagine how strange it will be getting as time goes on. Hopefully, their child gets out unscathed and finds a good therapist.

6 The princess and her knight

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Someone has visions of grandeur! The Middle Ages were not as romantic as we think they are. For one, most people were very poor and lived in squalor. Diseases did not have the cures we have today. People did not bathe or brush their teeth very often. Women were considered property. The list goes on and on.

But we romanticize the time period because we are so far removed it. And her man wanted to be a prince or a knight. She dressed up as a fair maiden or a princess. It's both silly and awkward beyond measure. Their cringetastic couple photo makes us glad to be single. We would not want to be roped into this photo. Just because something can be done does not mean that it SHOULD be done. Remember that.

5 It's Christmas all the time

Via: eatliver.com

This couple has survived several Valentine's Days and Christmases together. But it does not excuse the awkwardness of this couple photo. They put each other's faces on an ugly Christmas sweater, then posed together wearing it. Nope. We are happy that they have been together for so long.

But they should have drawn a line about this years ago.

Love does not mean that we should put our loved one's face on a sweater for ANY holiday. Imagine if he did this for Valentine's Day. She might like it, but it makes for a cringetastic couple photo. Maybe romance isn't dead. We just aren't so sure when we see photos like this one floating around the internet. Their love deserves a gold medal for standing the test of time, though.

4 Not sure what's going on here

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

There are cringetastic photos, and then there are photos that makes us say, "What the heck?" This photo falls under "what the heck" because we have no idea what is even going on in this image. The couple decided to wear bird masks and stand in a sunflower field. Yeah, NOT creepy at all. We would feel so safe going to their house for a dinner party. NOPE! NO WAY!

This looks like the start of some B-budget horror movie. The couple is holding some kind of tool that could be used as a weapon. We just don't trust them at all. The bird couple has us worried that they are on a Most Wanted list for a few unsolved crimes. We definitely do not want to run into this couple because we don't know what this whole thing is about, and it looks sinister. The happy sunflowers do not make us feel safer.

3 Wear a shirt, sir

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Is there some reason why so many awkward couple photos show a well-dressed woman with a half-naked man in them? She is attracted to him and thinks he looks good, but most of us would disagree. We don't need to see his lily-white chest or his farmer's tan. The photo is so cringeworthy that it makes us feel a little sick inside.

All he needed to do was wear a shirt, and this photo would not have been as embarrassing.

She made an effort and has on a nice dress. It looks like he rolled out of bed for this photo. We hope that he showered at least. Their romance looks like it is very passionate, but we don't need to know all the details. Put on a shirt, sir, and spare our eyes. There is enough pain in this world.

2 The romantic bathtub experience

Via: pleated-jeans.com

Let's count the ways why this photo is so cringetastic. The bathtub looks like it needed a good scrubbing with Comet before they got into it. Imagine all the soap scum and other germs that are in this bathtub.  They thought it would be romantic to take a bath with rose petals and drink wine. But they were very wrong. It looks awkward and unsanitary instead.

They also had a third wheel there who took all these photos. The young couple drank their wine in a filthy bathtub to an audience. The last photo turns our stomach just a little. The rose petals do not make this photo the least bit romantic. We have to question what they were thinking. But they were obviously interested in doing something unique and romantic.

1 An alien encounter

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

Women and men are not from different planets. That's just an excuse for us to not try to understand each other. We are human beings with many of the same wants and needs. Our health issues might be different because of our physical composition, but we are essentially the same in general.

This couple thinks that they are out of this world, though.

She wears a dress that is made out of the same material as his shirt and even has the same silver squares on it. Perhaps she made their matching outfits. But the truth is that they aren't that different from each other as far as humanity goes. He should respect her thoughts and desires, like she appreciates him. It should not be a one-sided relationship. Come back to Earth.

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