Kanye West’s Canceled Video Game: 17 Strange Facts

For those who do not already know this... Kanye West is sort of a strange fellow. He really is. Sure, part of it has got to be the money going to his "super-amazing-untouchably-artistic" head, but we think he must have always been at least a little like this.

Regardless and again for those who do not know, Kanye has been working on a video game! For years now. It's almost like it's one of his albums or something. And, no offense, but given the premise of the game, it seems strange that it has taken so long to make. That being said, we have a few strange facts about the game that might offer some insight into that one...

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17 Kanye's Been Lying About The Production...


It is very interesting to know that Kanye hasn't exactly been totally honest about the development of the game. He likes to maintain that the game is being worked on and the developers have been really trying to back him up on that but... there are some people who work in that studio who have dished out and let us know that it hasn't gone anywhere for a long time!

16 Kanye's Got NO Money!?


It seems that the game has been put on hold because of funding issues. And that is pretty strange considering Kanye is supposedly one of the most famous people out there. That being said, when people learn that he's over $50 million in debt, that might make people a bit more understanding. Oops.

15 Only 3 Levels Have Been Developed Over 3 Years


Considering the fact that this game became an idea in 2014 and entered production in 2016, we would expect a decent amount of momentum being put to use. Well, it turns out that since development began three years ago, there have only been three levels developed and we're not even sure if they're fully finished yet either.

14 There Is No 'Game Over' In This game


This is indeed a very bizarre game, as if anyone ever had any doubts about that. Allegedly, there is no such thing as the concept of "Game Over" in the game. The singular character of the game cannot really be defeated. That might have to do with the whole premise of the game in the first place but... it's still strange.

13 First Revealed At The Yeezy Fashion Show


Did we mention that Kanye West is strange? If not, all anyone needs to do is check out the Yeezy Fashion Show. The name is strange enough but then one sees the display and.. well, anyway, Kanye decided to first air the trailer for his new game during the season 3 Yeezy Fashion Show (because it ran for more than one season for some reason.)

12 The Trailer Says Absolutely Nothing


The trailer for this game is very bizarre. It is actually kind of pretty and sort of makes us think of Rime (which is a very beautiful and touching game.) However, the trailer for Rime at least gave some idea of what the gameplay or story would be about. The only thing this trailer tells us is that the TriStar Pegasus has a woman riding it.

11 South Park Has Mocked The Game... A Bunch


Matt Stone and Trey Parker seem to really have a thing against Kanye West. Well, realistically, they probably just think he is almost too easy to pick on in the show because of all the nutty things he does. Regardless, they have both bashed Kanye himself a number of times with The Fractured but Whole outright mocking it.

10 Only A Skeleton Crew Left On The Game


When the game first kicked off in development, the crew on hand was at least 14 people strong. However, in the past three years, there has only been as many as a single developer on the project at one time. A bare bones crew, for sure, it seems to us. We wonder just how much work could be getting done on this game!

9 The Game Site Has The Trailer (And No Info At All)


If one were to bother wasting their time going to the developer's website to learn something about the Kanye West game, they will find virtually nothing. Well, that's not entirely true. They will find two pictures and the trailer for the game. They'll at least know it's called Only One.

8 No One Really Cares About This Game...


Even when it was first announced, this game didn't exactly make big waves. There weren't people clambering to have it like it's the next iPhone or anything of the sort. In fact, given that it's been so long since anyone even heard anything about, this article might be the first time most have heard of it...

7 No One Has Talked About The Game In YEARS


No surprise here, the game was announced, everyone assumed Kanye was just doing something silly yet again, and then we all went on our way to forgetting about it. There hasn't been any media mention of this game since 2017... when people were talking about how this game was likely not going to be made!

6 It's All About Passing Through Heaven's Gate


The premise of the game is sort of interesting. It is all about the main character passing through the gates of Heaven. We are sort of hoping that, if it does get released, it ends up being a bit more than just someone walking through a set of gates. But no one but Kanye knows much else about the game, and even then...

5 The Studio's Very First Video Game!


The choice for the studio developing the game is very interesting. It might have something to do with no one wanting to even touch the game with a ten-foot pole but Encyclopedia Pictura is a fairly reputable studio when it comes to things like music videos. They've worked with Bjork so they're used to weirdness if nothing else.

4 Only For iPhone!


It seems a little odd to us that Kanye only ever announced that his video game would be for the iPhone. Is he that exclusive? Or does it have to do with Apple saving him after he gave away his pass-code when he was visiting the White House? Either way, we think he's just being an elitist here.

3 No Game Developers Wanted To Touch Kanye!


Did we mention anything about Kanye needing to get an established gaming studio to work his game? Well, it seems there is a fat chance of that happening. West went around trying to find game developers who would take his project on and they all instantly shut their doors to the idea.

2 The Game Is All About Kanye's Mom


It might seem a bit strange, but the whole point of the game is to play the role of Kanye's mom as she strolls through the gates of Heaven. This is either one very sad man just trying to immortalize his mom, or Kanye is a really bad guy for using the memory of his mom in such a way.

1 Fans Think He's Taking Advantage Of His Mom


There are a number of people out there (some of whom are or were fans) who think that Kanye West is using the memory and legacy of his mother to make money and market to new fans. They can rest easy though because it seems like this game is not going to make much money if it does ever come out. We just hope that Kanye finds a way to deal with the honestly sad loss of his mother.

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