5 Kardashian Selfies That Left Us Confused (+ 15 We Can't Stop Looking At)

The Kardashian name might be one of the most recognizable in the entire world. This family even has a show that documents their entire life called Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While there is a lot of debate over why the Kardashian-Jenner clan are actually famous, it’s pretty obviously that whatever they do, it’s working.

Kim Kardashian is arguably the most recognizable Kar-Jenner. Kim has a reality TV show, a mobile game, a makeup line and a clothing line. She was even in Time magazine as one of 2015’s 100 Most Influential People.

Kylie Jenner might give her big sister a run for her money, literally. With her makeup brand, Kylie is now the richest Kar-Jenner. Forbes featured her on the cover of their magazine, calling her America’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Khloe is known for her clothing line, Kendall is known for her modeling, Kourtney dabbles in a variety of pursuits, and momager Kris makes it all happen. And if that isn’t enough, they all have a pretty strong selfie game. But that doesn’t exempt them from taking a few bad selfies here and there. Here are 15 of the best Kardashian selfies that made us swoon and five that left us confused.

20 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kendall's Puppy Love Selfie For The Win

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It doesn’t matter who you are, post a selfie with two puppies and it’s a guaranteed way to make people swoon. Add in the fact that it’s Kendall Jenner, and people are going crazy with the puppy love.

While these puppies are not her dogs, Kendall does have one dog, a Doberman Pinscher. In August 2018, stories surfaced that Kendall’s dog bit a little girl while they were at a deli. However, the police never even filed a report because Kendall’s dog never actually bit the little girl and was just growling at her. 

19 We Can't Stop Looking At - The Selfie That Made Us All Jealous Of Kylie

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I have no idea how Kylie can look this glamorous in her backyard, but she certainly pulled it off. It might be due to her expensive fur coat casually hanging off her shoulder. Or it could be that she has a full face of perfect glam makeup and chic pink hair. And if that doesn’t do it for you, her backyard is not a typical yard.

18 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kourtney Looking Fab In Sweat Pants

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I’m not sure when sweat pants and sweat shirts became fashionable but I am completely on board. 

Kourtney posted this selfie and proved she could rock any outfit. Kourtney leads a more natural life than the rest of the Kardashian clan and that applies to her makeup, too. She doesn’t even need a lot of makeup, fancy hair, or a glamorous outfit for an amazing selfie.

17 Left Us Confused: Kylie's Jean Photoshop Fail

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At first glance, it might not seem like there’s anything wrong with this photo. But give it a minute, and it will come to you. Does something seem off with the back of her jeans? Maybe it’s the fact that the jeans appear to go forever!

This selfie caused quite the controversy when Kylie posted it on social media as many fans immediately screamed "Photoshop!" Fans went online to search for the jeans she was wearing and compared them to the ones in her picture. Comments pointed out that the belt loops and pockets were huge and didn’t match the website's item.

16 We Can't Stop Looking At - When Kim Looked Perfect At The Beach

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Raise your hand if you look like this at the beach... Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies so it’s no surprise that she absolutely slayed this one.

What fans did comment on was the fact that this was at the beach, where people normally get sunburned and look like a drowned rat after going for a swim. That’s not even talking about getting sand in places no one wants. Kim looks like she’s got a decent amount of contouring going on and who knows if she even went in the water, but she looks amazing nonetheless.

15 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kardashian Sister Stink-Eye Selfie

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Everyone was loving this selfie of the OG Kardashian sisters. Slaying selfies is basically a full-time job for Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. But in this picture, fans were pointing out that the sisters were showing off their fierce sides.

Smiles were certainly not allowed in this sister selfie. Kim’s stink eye is enough to keep people away, but when all three sisters don a similar look they certainly look like a force to be reckoned with. I’m not sure if they would scare anyone in a dark alley, but it makes for a fierce selfie.

14 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kendall's Selfie Looking Cute And Cozy

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Kendall seems to stay out of the spotlight more than the rest of her family. She’s not on their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as often. That could be because she’s not as into the spotlight as the rest of her sisters. However, seeing as she’s a model, it wouldn’t seem like she has anything against the cameras.

Either way, Kendall has earned a more mysterious and down-to-earth persona and this selfie confirms that assumption. This is a younger selfie, but she looks so cute and comfy in it. 

13 Left Us Confused: When Fans Wanted To Know What Was On Kim's Face

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People everywhere were confused when Kim Kardashian posted this selfie. What exactly is all over her face? Kim stays up to date on the latest skincare treatments and decided to try this vampire facial.

A vampire facial involves a doctor drawing your blood, extracting the platelet-rich plasma from it, and injecting it into your skin. Kim posted about the facial on her website saying that even though she knows it has a lot of benefits for your skin, she will never do it again. Maybe Kim should keep some things to herself! 

12 We Can't Stop Looking At - When Kylie Showed Us How To Own Red Lips

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Kylie is becoming the queen of casual attire, while looking anything other than casual. It’s easy to think that celebrities love to dress glamorously all the time just because that's what we see, but a lot of them don’t love it.

Kylie told People, “I don’t want people to see what outfit I’m wearing. Every time there’s paparazzi, I cover my face. I would love to wear this hoodie and my Heelys and sweats every day.”

11 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kim's Dark And Sleek Look Made Us Do A Double Take

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This Kim Kardashian selfie is different from her other pictures and it almost doesn’t even look like her. This is when she started sporting the blunt bob which we then started to see on other family members. It makes her look super-sleek and fierce.

Some commenters said that she looks a little scary but it’s probably all that fierceness coming through. It might also not look exactly like Kim because it seems like she’s rocking some colored contact lenses. Either way, it seems to me like she is still the queen of selfies.

10 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kourtney's Good Morning Selfie With Her Kids

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Early mornings with kids are the best. You hear the light pitter patter of feet as they come into your room to tell you good morning. They get in your bed to cuddle and you take some morning selfies together while looking amazing.

Wait, just kidding. Parents know that most mornings with children are not like that at all, unless you’re Kourtney Kardashian. This morning selfie looks luxurious and cozy and makes us all swoon a little. And, how cute that one kid is climbing into the headboard?

9 Left Us Confused: The Worst Bathroom Selfie To Rule Them All

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This selfie is all kinds of confusing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a normal bathroom selfie for most girls — one is washing her hands, one is taking pictures in the mirror, and the other is fixing her pants. It’s a pretty average day for most girls, just not the Kardashians.

Their selfies are normally on fleek all the time. I'm not saying they can't take bathroom selfies. They can take all the bathroom selfies they want, but I really want to know why they thought it was a good idea to post this for the world to see? 

8 We Can't Stop Looking At - When Kylie Reminded Us Of Her Perfect Freckles

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It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner likes her makeup and wears a lot of it. And that’s actually a good thing, considering she’s made hundreds of millions of dollars from her makeup brand. 

However, it’s always nice to see fresh-faced selfies of celebrities. Kylie’s no-makeup selfies are even better because they remind the world of the amazing freckles she’s hiding under all that makeup! With or without makeup, Kylie is gorgeous!

7 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kardashian Sisters Showing Off Their Good Genes

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The Kardashians grace the world with selfies every single day. However, it’s not often that a selfie features all the Kardashians and Jenners, and all of them look absolutely amazing in this pic.

It’s true that celebrities get a lot of help when it comes to their appearances, whether it's skincare, makeup tips, or a glam squad. Regardless of whatever help they’ve received, everyone has to admit that there are some amazing genes present in this selfie. Kris Jenner definitely passed on her good genes to her daughters! They all have such beautiful facial features.

6 We Can't Stop Looking At - The Most Magical Mother-Daughter Selfie Ever

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Put a child in a selfie and people are going to “ooh” and “ahh” over it for sure. But this has got to be one of the most magical mother-daughter selfies on the internet.

This selfie was from True’s first birthday bash, which was quite the extravagant event. The party included pony rides, a donut wall, and cotton candy booths. If you didn’t notice, Khloe and True are also donning matching mother-daughter outfits! 

5 Left Us Confused: Where Is This And What Are They Doing?

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This selfie has to be one of the most confusing pictures Kylie has ever posted. First of all, where are they? It looks like they are possibly inside a shower or a bathroom. If that’s the case, my only question is why? Why post a selfie in a shower? And then the obvious question — what kind of pose are they doing?

Are they going for a cool and “I don’t care” vibe? So sorry, but I’m not even sure Kylie can look cool while doing this pose inside a shower, especially with those boots on!

4 We Can't Stop Looking At - Kourtney Looking Cool And Casual

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Kourtney has proven over and over again that she can look composed and chic wearing any outfit, no matter where she goes. What we love the most about Kourtney is that she doesn’t have to wear a full face of makeup or wear red-carpet ready outfits to look amazing.

This car selfie is the perfect example. All she needs is a baggy shirt, red lips, and cool shades. She also has “the look” perfected as is evident by this casual selfie. 

3 We Can't Stop Looking At - Fresh-Faced Kendall Being Shy For The Camera

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What is up with the Jenner girls and their adorable freckles?! It’s so amazing to see fresh-faced selfies of celebrities. Since it’s now trendy to be natural, we’ve been lucky to see more celebrities posting selfies with no makeup on and we're all for it. How else would we know that Kendall and Kylie Jenner have freckles?

Fans were loving this shy selfie of Kendall. She always seems like the most down-to-earth family member and this selfie is totally giving life to that rumor. Show us all the fresh-faced selfies you've got on your phone, Kendall!

2 We Can't Stop Looking At - When Kim Gave Everyone Baby Fever

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Kim and baby Chicago look absolutely gorgeous with their bear ears. While this is a cute picture, what made the world go crazy is that this was the very first selfie with baby Chicago when she was just one month old!

Fans had been eagerly awaiting a peek at the newest Kardashian baby and this selfie did not disappoint. Kim wrote on her website at the time, as Harper's Bazaar reports, “We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give.”

1 Left Us Confused: When Kim Thought The World Wanted To See Her Teeth

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After Kim shared a selfie of her vampire facial, it became clear that she will document just about anything to share with her fans. Although I don’t know if she realizes that there are some things she should keep private. A selfie of your mouth at the dentist should definitely go on the “do not share” list.

I mean, it’s not like there is anything spectacular about her teeth, except for the fact that they’re Kim Kardashian’s teeth. It seems like she’s keeping more things private since Kanye entered her life, so let's hope we don’t see anymore teeth selfies! 

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