Kardashians Get Armed Guards To Protect $30 Million Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the Kardashian sisters – Kourtney, Kim and, Khloé - wanted to make sure they don’t get stolen. And so, a decision was made to hire armed guards while doing a promotional shoot for their new KKW Fragrance Diamonds Collection.

It is believed that all of the stunning pieces used during the shoot are valued over $30 million. They were borrowed from Lorraine Schwartz

4 Each sister has her own diamond scent

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Each Kardashian sister has her own scent and diamond color. Kim’s scent is described as “a fresh white floral bouquet” that is “dripping in diamonds.”

Khloé’s scent is a “transparent floral bouquet.” Lastly, Kourtney's scent is “a sparkling oriental gourmand” that is “drenched in radiance. "

3 Kim showed off some of her own bling too

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During the photoshoot, it is believed that Kim also used her own jewelry. The first is the ring that now-husband Kanye West proposed to Kim with back in 2013.

Meanwhile, the other ring is a 20-carat emerald cut diamond ring. It is said to be a second engagement ring that was stolen previously.

2 Armed guards were hired to protect borrowed diamonds

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According to a report from TMZ, the Kardashian sisters didn’t take any chances in ensuring the security of all the borrowed diamond pieces. Sources indicate that three armed guards stood watch the entire time. However, it is unclear if the jeweler or the Kardashians hired security.

1 Kim doesn’t want a repeat of her Paris robbery

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It is believed that Kim ramped up her security measures following her traumatizing ordeal in Paris in 2016.

During the trip, two armed and masked men posing as police officers made it to Kim’s room. The reality star was then gagged and held at gunpoint. They proceeded to steal Kim's jewelry.

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