An AristoCat: Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Could Inherit £150-Million Fortune

Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette, could potentially inherit part of the £150 million fortune he left behind. Lagerfeld passed away last Wednesday in a hospital in Paris, and the whole world mourned his exit from this world. With that, questions about his fortune were raised, and many want to know what will happen to Choupette.

Even though he has passed, Lagerfeld remains a great influence in the world of fashion. For 70 years, he worked in design, and he spent the bulk of his career with Chanel; he was the creative director for both Chanel and Fendi. Lagerfeld is credited for some of the iconic styles Chanel has become known for: the Chanel jacket, the little black dress, the two-tone shoes, and pearls, just to name a few.

Choupette is well-loved by not only her owner, but by many people around the world. Her Instagram account boasts almost 300,000 followers, and she even has a blog followed by her fans—both run by digital marketing expert, Ashley Tschudin. Choupette might be entitled to a large share of Lagerfeld’s fortune if she falls under German laws and she was nominated as an heir. Back in 2015, Le Figaro reported Lagerfeld’s statement that Choupette will inherit her own little fortune, so it’s highly likely that she will be an heiress.

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Lagerfeld was so in love with his cat that in 2013, he told CNN that he would marry her: “there is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals. I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat.” The blue-eyed rag doll has been living like a princess all her life, and she will surely continue her lavish lifestyle thanks to the continuing love of her owner. It’s speculated that she will come under the care of Lagerfeld’s rumoured model muse, Brad Kroenig—especially because his son his Lagerfeld’s godson.

The world lost a legendary talent, but his work and legacy lives on—including his love for Choupette. She will surely perpetuate Lagerfeld’s image of beauty and luxury, and she will also be well-loved by all. All the cats of Disney’s Aristocats don’t even compare to Choupette.

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