Kat Von D: 20 Sketchy Facts Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Alternative queen and goth makeup mom extraordinaire, Kat Von D is someone who’s really come into her own in the last few years. She’s come a long way since her tattooing-on-tv days. In fact, she’s come a long way since her early life. Kat Von D might be all calm, cool, and collected now, but she hasn’t always been that way. In fact, her past was so wild that we’re surprised she’s made it as far as she has! It just goes to show that, no matter how wacky and outrageous we were in the past, we can always grow, change, and embrace our true selves.

Outside of her wildness, there’s also been a few sketchy aspects she’s come under fire for. Maybe it’s because of her transformation, but every keeps ignoring these moments from the past. We say no longer! We’re bringing to light twenty of the sketchy things about Kat Von D everyone chooses to ignore.

20 She Dropped Out Of School


Now, this might not be the sketchiest thing out there. After all, not everyone in the world has graduated school, and not everyone wants to. Glamour tells us that she dropped out quite young though, and we’re not sure if she ever actually finished. We will say that we’re impressed with her intelligence now, especially considering this fact.

19 And Started Tattooing At 14


The other part of this whole dropping out of school thing is what she did instead of continuing on in the academic system. Glamour tells us that at age 14 she started learning how to properly tattoo. She took to it like a fish takes to water, and the rest is history. However, we have to point out that a 14 year old tattoo artist feels a little sketchy.

18 She Runs A Tattoo Shop Which Was Basically Built For Reality TV


People come from far and wide to get inked at Kat Von D’s shop. Even if she’s not doing the tattooing, people seem to like the place just for the star status of it. TLC reminds us that the shop wasn’t exactly a grassroots endeavor. It was built with reality TV in mind, and we’re not sure Kat would have the notoriety she has now if that wasn’t the case.

17 She’s Dated Many People


This in and of itself is not a bad thing. After all, if anyone took a look at our personal dating life, they’d probably start to question our sanity, too. However, it can be a little sketchy when looking at the intensity of a lot of her relationships. Maybe it was for the reality tv show, LA Ink, but we can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

16 And Has Even Had A Few Prior Engagements


Take, for example, how intense a few of her dating situations have been. While most people don’t tend to rush in, Kat Von D has had four other engagements. This includes an actual marriage to Oliver Peck. We can’t imagine dealing with that much heartbreak, and wonder why there’s been so much lost love in her past.

15 Her Family Is Not Into Vaccinations


This is probably the most recent controversy that’s plagued Kat Von D and her husband. Babble Top reminds us that the two of them recently came under fire for stating that they weren’t planning on vaccinating their baby. Why? Apparently it has something to do with veganism and moral beliefs, but we don’t want to perpetuate it by repeating it.

14 Taking Advice Is Not Her Strength


Jumping on that vaccination belief reported by Babble Top is the fact that Kat Von D has openly stated she won’t accept any advice. While this was specifically on the topic of childrearing and pregnancy, we’re pretty sure it extends into other aspects of her life as well. After all, there’s no other way for her to be so independent.

13 She Got Married After One Week


Okay, we need to add some context here. It’s not like she met someone and then immediately married them after a week. Her and Prayers (her current husband) had been together for quite a while before doing the engagement thing. Surprise, surprise, though: Babble Top tells us that that engagement only lasted a week before they did some backyard vows.

12 A Different Proposal Came In A Surprising Way


That was far from her only proposal though. One of her early fiances, Joel Zimmerman, proposed to her through a Twitter status. People told us that this went about as well as you would expect: the proposal was broken off a few months later, and the Tweets seem to have conveniently disappeared.

11 She’s Had A Rough Past


From a variety of too-intense relationships to issues with substances and temper control, Kat Von D has had a generally rough past. While we’re not sure what was put on for the show and what was genuinely her, we do know that her opinionated and impulsive aspects got her in trouble more than once.

10 Oliver Peck Has Some Harsh Opinions On Her


Remember that first husband, Oliver Peck? Apparently the divorce was not at all amicable. In Touch Weekly quotes Peck as saying, “she's done nothing but [hurt] every friend she's had. She [was unfaithful] to me, got messed up and left me… I don't think anything with her will last.” We can’t help but wonder what prompted that, you know?

9 She Stands By Her Values


And boy, does she stand by them. She is a hardcore vegan. One swipe through her social media profiles proves that her veganism isn’t a phase, and definitely won’t be disappearing any time soon. She stands by her values no matter who or what gets in her way, which is why she’s such a polarizing celebrity.

8 But Maybe To A Bit Of A Fault, Especially According To This Artist


One of the campaigns she did for a launch contest consisted of asking for artistic representations of her Saint and Sinner perfumes. The winner, however, never got to claim her prize. Teen Vogue tells us that Kat Von D didn’t let her take the contest winnings because Kat disagreed with the artist’s political beliefs.

7 Remember The Whole Jeffree Star Feud?


Who could forget this sketchy drama? Jeffree Star is a big name in the makeup world, as is Kat Von D. Refinery29 laid out the issues for everyone. The best we can glean is the fact that Kat Von D ended her friendship with Star because Star didn’t pay one of Von D’s friends. It’s kind of blown over now, but the friendship will never be the same.

6 It’s Not The First Time She’s Fought With Friends


When you’re a fiery personality it’s easy to get wrapped up in arguments and disagreements. For those that have watched some of the really early LA Ink episodes (as well as those classic Miami Ink episodes), you know that Kat Von D is often caught up in arguing with friends; often over weird misunderstandings and miscommunications.

5 She Admittedly Micro-Manages


Glamour hit us with this other fun Von D fact. According to them, Kat is a self-professed micro manager. Everything from her new line of shoes to her makeup marketing to her social media presence. Everything runs through Kat Von D’s hands, which is honestly not really a surprise to us. It certainly keeps her brand consistent.

4 Though Her Husband Doesn’t Mind


If her work life is so micro-managed, we’d be willing to bet that her home life also sees shades of micro-management. Raphael Reyes, her husband, definitely doesn’t mind, though, judging from how loving and adoring he is on social media. He’s almost borderline obsessed with her, and she with him. It’s sweet, but like… Chill.

3 She Might Spread Herself Too Thin


Between all of her artistic adventures, all of her activism, and all of her businesses, we believe that she might have spread herself too thin. Not to mention the fact that she’s just started a family! That’s the kind of thing that takes a whole lot of time and energy, and we hope that she’s got the support systems around her to help.

2 She Refuses To Stop Working


Work can be just as much of an addiction as other stuff, even if it’s less damaging and more productive. We know we get sucked into the whole work addiction thing, which is why we know it’s a little sketchy. She just does so much. She’s always got a project going, and we’re not sure if all of them are for the best…

1 No Makeup? No Go For Kat Von D


Last but not least, we need to talk about her makeup habits. Glamour tells us that Kat Von D refuses to be seen without makeup. While we’re sure that her husband and child have seen her sans foundation and liner, pretty much no one else has. Why could that be? Is it insecurity? Or is it perpetual product placement? Nobody really knows.

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