Keanu Reeves Is In The SpongeBob Movie Trailer (And People Are Losing Their Minds)

Memorial Day 2020 weekend will be a hit for Hollywood as The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run is set for release.

With actor Keanu Reeves in the trailer, the plot centers around SpongeBob’s introduction to Gary, a pet snail. The much-anticipated “origin” story is going to be the “first-ever all-CHI SpongeBob feature,” as per Deadline.

3 Where It All Began

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The film is all about friendship, with lots of adventures and attractions to appeal to a broad audience. Those who are SpongeBob fanatics are sure to snag their tickets as soon as the movie’s out, and people who have been curious as to what all the SpongeBob love is all about will get a nice introduction with this “how they met” tale.

2 Get Ready For Reeves

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Reeves’ “sage” role is an added interest, bringing his fans to the box office to catch a glimpse of the actor in an unlikely movie.

Actors including Tom Kenny, Awkwafina, Clancy Brown, and others voice the colorful characters.

1 Mark Your Calendars

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Keep May 22, 2020 clear on your calendar for movie night. If not for SpongeBob and the snail, then for Reeves’ cameo. If past SpongeBob success is any indicator, this flick is sure to be fantastic.

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