Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Been Providing Funding For Children's Hospitals

One of the most popular actors on the planet, Keanu Reeves, who also often appears in various memes all the way back to his days when he was playing Neo in The Matrix, has secretly been financing a whole bunch of different children’s hospitals.

Although he’s a very private person and doesn’t talk about his personal life much, one of the facts about his life that have been shared with the public is that when Keanu was very young abandoned his family, which meant that the popular actor lived with different stepfathers in different locations all over the world throughout his life. He has also attended different high schools due to the nature and the locations of his upbringing, which ranged from Australia to the USA and to Canada.

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He has suffered plenty of other tragedies as well, such as the fact that the woman who was his long-term partner gave birth to a stillborn baby, eight months into the pregnancy, and passed away in a car accident just a few weeks later. Then, his sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia and it finally went into remission a decade later, while Keany was her primary caretaker. During Kim’s battle with leukemia, Keanu gave a lot of donations to different cancer charities and later established his own foundation in his sister’s honor. But he never actually attached his name to the charity, which went on to fund research into cancer and support plenty of hospitals.

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Keanu also volunteered in 2008 to man the phones during a Stand Up to Cancer telethon, volunteered to be the goalkeeper for a charity ice hockey match, and just now, we’ve learned how he singlehandedly helped out a multitude of people, by giving away millions of his earning to various people who had been working on the sets of the films he has starred it.

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Finally, some people have estimated that the total number of funds that Keanu has managed to simply give away to individuals that were working with him behind the scenes throughout the years of his film star career is somewhere between $75 million and $100 million. So we believe that perhaps, the next meme starring Keanu, should be about his kindness, don’t you think?

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