Keanu Reeves Doing Things (15 Photos)

There are many reasons why Keanu Reeves has such a stellar reputation in Hollywood and amongst fans around the world. First of all, he starred in one of the biggest blockbuster series of all time alongside two other outstanding, and underrated, performers, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne. The Matrix was a life changer — not just for the Beirut born Reeves, but also for moviegoers everywhere.

Additionally, Reeves is also known as being particularly kind to those he comes in contact with, donating most of his salaries to important causes and individuals he works with, fighting for equal pay for female co-stars, and just being a good person. I mean, the dude does all of his own stunts, rides motorcycles, and loves animals. He's also been photographed in some of the most hilarious ways imaginable, showing us that he's more than just a movie star. Brace yourself for these 15 excellent photos of Keanu Reeves.

15 Keanu's Food Coma

Who can't relate to this? This is basically my entire family after they take down a meal. Most celebrities would be far too insecure to do something like this in public, but unless they're completely removed from reality, they all want to. I know this because I honestly believe that every person on earth just wants to take a nap at almost all times, especially after eating.

But just look at ole Keanu here. What a total boss! The dude rides up on his motorcycle to his local cafe. Grabs a cup of joe and a sandwich. Sits there in the sun with those shades and conquers the whole thing as if it were Agent Smith.

Then, he does what we all want to do; he leans back and then catches a few Zs. This, my friends, is what a total master does.

14 Keanu Takes A Nap

Okay, so cafes are clearly not the only public place that Keanu likes to take naps. Restaurants and bars are most definitely on the agenda as well. It's pretty cool that this Matrix star doesn't care about being caught looking like a homeless person. In fact, he may be complemented by that. He is the type that just wants to enjoy life. He flies by the seat of his pants... Which, I think is the correct expression. Honestly, I'm not even sure what that even means. It doesn't make much sense. Does it mean that someone like Keanu goes wherever his pants take him? Does that mean his pants are basically alive and would walk around on their own if he wasn't inside of them? Does that mean clothing has feelings? Is this whole world a life? Are we actually in The Matrix!?

Maybe, like Keanu, I've had too much wine and just need to take a timeout?

13 Keanu Loves A Solid Fiver

Keanu may not have to worry about money in the same ways that most of us have to, but at least he can appreciate the value of finding a good fiver. He knows there isn't much better than coming across a couple bucks laying on the street.

It's not only fabulous because you get something free, but it's also free of taxes since there's no paper trail to it. That's basically all YOUR money. You can do anything you want with it... And it's awesome! Don't believe me? Well, believe Keanu...

Just look at the warm, appealing smile on his face. That is the face of one content MF. He's going to take that five dollars and go straight to his favorite cafe, buy a sandwich, gobble it, and then take a nap right there at the cafe.

12 Keanu's Plush Toy Pal

Contrary to what some people would say about adults with plush toys, I think the fact that Keanu has one adds to his kind demeanor. It shows he has a playful side and isn't afraid of any sort of ridicule. After all, if anybody did dare to tease him about that little red alien he has, he'd probably drop-kick them.

I also think the fact that he has this charming mini-monster shows his tender side. A side that you wouldn't find in any of the large-monsters you hear about on the news. You know the type, the ones abusing their power.

There's a reason why that article went around with the satirical headline, "Keanu Reeves accused of taking women out on nice dates." Perhaps if the lousy men who received the real headlines had a plush toy of their own to take care of, they'd be a little kinder to others? Or maybe they're just piece of the crap and Keanu is just one cool dude with a toy pal.

11 Keanu Transports A Christmas Tree

People magazine was right, stars ARE just like us! They too have to cut down and haul a big tree to their home in order to appease family members. The only difference is that Keanu has to do it in his Porsche. I mean, I'm sure Keanu has a truck or two. Or, at the very least, could afford to rent one for an afternoon, but that's not him. No way.

Keanu is clearly the type who just wants to have a little fun and strap that Norway Spruce to the roof of his tiny expensive car and fly down the 405. That, ladies and gentleman, is simultaneously cool and incredibly dangerous. But hey, most cool things are.

The next time you're driving down the street and you see a tiny little car carrying a Christmas tree, you may want to look carefully because it could very well be Keanu.

10 Keanu Just Being A Meme

There's no question, there are a ton of Keanu Reeves memes out there. Most famously is the one of him looking particularly dumb from his movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. But beyond that, deep within the dark recesses of the Internet, there are just so many. And this is because there is hardly a facial expression that Keanu makes that isn't worthy of some sort of meme homage. And it's not just his brilliant understated expressions, but it's also the setting.

As you can see from this list, Keanu puts himself into some very wacky, downright odd, and yet unbelievably charming scenarios. But hey, that's because he's a fun person.

I wonder if he's at all aware of the fact he's doing something that's meme-worthy as he's doing it? Does he even know there are memes featuring him? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe he just doesn't care and wants to keep living adventurous life?

9 Keanu Spends Time With Fans

One of the things that most people say about Keanu Reeves is that he's supremely considerate to his fans. Even when his privacy and personal space is invaded by narcissistic people who believe it's his job to stop and take a selfie with them, he tends to stop without much grief.

By the looks of these photos, he even seems to become somewhat friendly with them. And not in some phony Hollywood way; he seems to be genuinely enjoying his opportunity to meet new people and engage with fans.

He just seems like a total mensch. And that's a hard thing to be when you have paparazzi breathing down your neck, and a bunch of nerdy Matrix fans who want him to answer their absurd theories about his character's death.

8 Keanu And His Coy Chums

Feeding coy fish may very well be the animal equivalent of stopping to smell the roses. It's such a simple way of taking a breath and enjoying the free things that life has to offer. Sure, if you feed the coy too much, not only do they get incredibly fat but you become the bag person at the park who talks to fish. But doing it once in a while is very sweet and probably good for the mind.

Just look how content Keanu seems in these photos. It's like he's just found five dollars on the street. His day is made. And it's all due to the pretty, dumb, fish swimming around in that pond.

Man, oh man, do I wish I could find enjoyment in something so simple. You know what? Keanu, you're my new spirit guide. Teach me your ways.

7 Keanu Exchanges Wisdom

There's something admirable about a person who can have an honest conversation with just about anyone regardless of ideology or social constructs.

If these photos are to be believed, it does seem like Keanu had more than a stop and chat with a complete stranger who just so happened to be homeless. This all-out heart-to-heart seems completely authentic to me. There's no Hollywood photo-opportunity BS here. It doesn't even seem like Keanu knew he was being watched. Maybe he has became friends with this person by passing him every day. Or maybe he's just decided to connect with him. Either way, I take it as a lesson to be a little kinder and a little more open to people. That, or I just like saying that and will continue being the selfish, nasty, piece of work that I am.

I dunno. Time will tell.

6 Keanu's Ridiculous Disguises

When you're in the public eye, it's very hard to go through life unnoticed. Sometimes that's precisely what actors, musicians, and other public figures want. After all, could you imagine doing your grocery shopping while being swarmed by people wanting a photo or to have a conversation with you? And that's almost every single time they go out. It can be torture for them.

Some of the people who come up to them aren't anywhere normal like you and me, either. Some of them are complete lunatics. So, in response these celebrities find decent disguises to be able to travel unnoticed.

This disguise, however, is not clever. In fact, it draws attention to poor Keanu. It's about as effective as the time Paris Hilton tried to hide in a cheetah-print hoodie. However, Keanu's outfit is 10 times more charming.

5 Keanu And A Slice Of Pie

There hasn't been a time in my life where I've gone for a late-night slice and haven't been contemplating life. I always think how I could be doing better things than going out drinking with the boys and ending up in a cheap pizza joint. I could be reading an insightful book. I could be creating something. I could be giving back to society. Heck, I could even be sleeping!

Whatever it is, late-night pizza has a way of bringing out one's most self-reflective thoughts.

In the brief moments between chewing and swallowing a slice of Hawaiian, we tend to question. And after we question a little bit, we answer. We make plans. Then, for a moment, we have goals. But soon, those go away and only return the next night once we've found ourselves in the exact same situation.

4 Keanu Takes A Selfie

Even Keanu looks stupid taking a selfie, but at least he makes it somewhat charming. I'm someone has taken a selfie or two but at a point, it's just ridiculous. The photos themselves are rarely good because front cameras are never as talented as back cameras and it's totally narcissistic. It's just another way to look at yourself. And that's fine and normal to an extent, but it can easily go out of whack.

Take my neighbor for instance. When she's about to go out for the night, she has no problem going on her balcony, for all of us to see, and taking selfies for upwards of an hour. I'm not kidding. No hyperbole here. She literally takes the same photo for that long.

We've marked her longest time at an hour and 12 minutes. Seriously, if she wasn't happy with the first 20, what makes her think the next 20,000 will be any better? At least Keanu seems like the type to take a one and done.

3 Keanu Breaks Conventions

Keanu breaking social conventions like sitting on a chair on top of a bed may seem totally in line with some of the themes in The Matrix Trilogy, but it's also just the most charmingly true thing ever. Whoever hasn't thought of doing something wacky like this is truly missing out on life. It may seem utterly stupid, but it's just silly, and harmless, and downright fun.

As kids, our parents would have scolded us for doing something like this, but now as adults, we can get away with it.

Doing odd things like this is really the only way of finding out what "odd" is. Looking at it is simply not enough. And being a little odd is so much better than being boring. At the very least, this a really good way to test your limits the next time you enjoy the green goddess.

2 Keanu Encouraging Healthy Eating

Even Keanu notices that the first world is suffering from unhealthy diets. But instead of standing by and being complacent with the masses, Keanu took the blue and decided to say something about it, even to random fans who request signed photos.

Unlike Michelle Obama when she took on her wonderful healthy eating initiative, Keanu is unlikely to receive any sort of stupid backlash. It's not because these negative people are afraid that Keanu will kick their butts, because Michelle could most definitely have done the same. It's not even because Keanu is a man and Michelle is a woman.

It's because even the stupidest people imaginable — those who get mad at people who encourage health and wellness, are actually so charmed by Keanu because... well... who isn't?

1 Keanu's Existential Crisis

Doesn't everyone have an existential crisis while drinking, especially with this particular brand? After all, there are so many better drinks out there that we know he could be drinking. Drinks with unique flavors. Drinks from all over the world. But we know that the drink pictured above just goes down so easily. They're so refreshing and unobtrusive.

Keanu knows this, too. But he also knows he could be doing so much more with his life...

There's Kronenbergs, Hoegardens, and a boatload of draft beverages he could be enjoying, but nope. His heart wants what it wants. But what if someone sees him? What if they find out he just wants simple and cheap as opposed to expensive and luxurious? What will they think? Likewise, what will he think of himself once they point this out? Whatever is he to do? My advice is to keep drinking what your heart desires. After a while, nothing but the next drink will matter.

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