KFC Ran Out Of Chicken In Britain: 15 Hilarious Twitter Reactions

Hundreds of KFC restaurants throughout Britain have been forced to close due to a shortage of chicken caused by ''operational issues.'' As a result, KFC fans are in a state of despair. In fact, some fans are so infuriated by the closure, they've even made some 999 calls to inform the police about it. To which, as readers will soon see in this article, the authorities responded with the perfect Twitter reply. This whole scenario even has a name: the KFC ''crisis.'' Some anguished as KFC lovers may be struggling to get over the temporary closure of their favourite fast food chain, but that hasn't stopped people from taking to Twitter to make a joke about the fiasco. Now, not only does the U.K. have to handle the wrath of Brexit, it also has to deal with the crippling ''KFC crisis.''

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15 Why did the chicken cross the road?

Via: Twitter.com

This whole thing started because KFC wanted to save money. Unfortunately, it didn't work in their favour and now they are the target of major Twitter mockery. They switched their delivery contract to DHL, expecting a more cut-rate service, but it didn't work out too well for them. Immediately after the switch, ''operational issues'' arose, leading to a chicken shortage that has forced more than half its 900 outlets to close around the U.K. But that number keeps on climbing. While some KFC stores are open in the country, they are only offering a limited menu and working with reduced hours. Consequently, Brits are enraged by the fiasco and the internet literally cannot handle the stark yet side-splitting situation. Tweets are pouring in by the millisecond.

14 This is not a police matter

Via: Twitter.com

What would you do if your favourite eatery isn't available or serving the food you want to eat? You may be angry, you may be upset, but we doubt very much that you'd dial 911. This isn't, after all, a police matter. This is a KFC matter and if you have a problem with their service, deal with them and not the police. If only KFC fans would do this. Instead, many people have actually called the police about the KFC crisis. For some reason, they think this is a police matter and that the police should be notified about the lack of chicken nuggets in Britain. Tower Hamlets MPS was even forced to tweet a warning message to callers, urging them not to call them over the ''crisis.''

13 There's only one other option: eBay

Via: Twitter.com

If you can't get your KFC from KFC itself, there's only one other choice and that's eBay. You can find pretty much anything on eBay—even KFC food. We're not sure if this person is kidding, but it really wouldn't surprise us if people were bidding on KFC bargain buckets on eBay. £159.00 just for a 10-piece bargain bucket? That doesn't sound like much of a bargain to us. Then again, desperate times call for desperate measures and if you need a KFC so bad, eBay is your only option. So what if you find yourself in a bidding war that's racking up in the hundreds by the minute? This is KFC we're talking about and people need their KFC. £159.00 is a small price to pay to feed their KFC addiction.

12 Could this be the real culprit?

Via: Twitter.com

Could Ronald McDonald really be responsible for closing down nearly all KFC stores in the UK? This tweeter thinks so. That is why they've tweeted a picture of two police officers arresting Ronald McDonald. And it's so hilarious! You know how all the fast food chain stores are in competition with each other? Well, maybe Ronald wanted to take down KFC and drive their traffic directly to McDonald's. They do offer a variety of chicken options, after all. So it's not like customers are restricted to a beef burger. They can have chicken if chicken is what they want. Maybe it was Ronald McDonald who stole the chicken or caused the ordering mix-up. Maybe, just maybe, Ronald McDonald is real and causing chaos throughout the UK.

11 Can anyone find chickens?

Via: Twitter.com

Following this scenario, we guess it was only expected that there'd be a reaction on social media. And we were right: Twitter is literally exploding with tweets. Some of them are more mockery-fueled while others are more anger-fueled. This tweet is obviously the former. ''Kan't Find Chickens'' is the new replacement for the chain's acronym. What used to be ''Kentucky Fried Chicken'' has now been changed to ''Kan't Find Chickens'' because, let's face it, they can't. KFC can't just buy regular chicken from a regular wholesaler. That would breach their contract. They have to order their chicken from their supplier otherwise it would not be KFC chicken. So while fans may jokingly be offering their chickens, in reality, this would never work and would not be allowed.

10 There've got to be some benefits

Via: Twitter.com

Less fried chicken, less obesity, right? That's what this Twitter user thinks and we love this tweet. As hilarious as this all is, it's also ridiculous that people cannot cope without KFC for even a couple of days. The fact that it's a police matter just goes to show how far this has gone. But to paraphrase this guy's tweet, life expectancy may go up if KFC chains in Britain remain closed. It's no secret that KFC is as far up in the fast food category as you can get. Then again, if there's no KFC around, people will turn their attention and their money to other fast food chains. It's not like KFC's the only one selling chicken in the country. There are plenty of other fast food restaurants from where you can buy your dose of chicken.

9 Petitioning MPs?

Via: Twitter.com

There's panic across the UK. So much panic that some people are even calling the closures of KFC ''apocalypse.'' Maybe that's going a little too far. You may hate us for saying this, but it is only fried chicken at the end of day. It's not like it's gold encrusted chicken or anything. Others have dubbed the situation ''the great KFC crisis of '18.'' Some fans have even contacted their MPs, petitioning for the re-opening of KFC. Neil Coyle, the local MP for London's Bermondsey electorate, said he has also been contacted over the lack of fried chicken in Britain, tweeting, ''I’ve been contacted by disappointed #KFC customers on Borough High Street.'' Now this is just taking obsession to a whole new level. What can your local MPs do about it...seriously?

8 It's possible

Via: Twitter.com

If you have ordered from a courier service before, you will know how it works and you will know that it is not uncommon for the company to leave your package with a neighbor. Yep, sometimes this actually happens. Could it be possible, like this tweeter suggests that DHL could have left the chicken with the neighbor? We're not sure what kind of neighbor would be willing to take in hundreds of chickens. The patient kind we suppose. Or maybe, like this person says, they threw it over the fence and KFC haven't noticed its arrival just yet. Obviously, this person is kidding. When these situations occur, you have to be sarcastic about them and you can expect to find thousands of sarcastic tweets regarding the KFC crisis.

7 The struggle is real

Via: Twitter.com

It just goes to show how loyal KFC fans are or if not loyal, maybe ''obsessed'' is a better word. For them to actually call the police and petition MPs about the KFC crisis is proof that people are obsessed with the fast food chain. If people are prepared to contact the police over the incident, we have no doubt that there will also be tears involved. Without a doubt, there have got to be people in the UK crying like a baby over their favorite fast food being taken away from them. This tweet (particularly the included image) accurately expresses the way many people across the UK are feeling right now. They go to their local KFC store hoping for their regular bucket of chicken and then they see a sign in the window announcing its temporary closure. They got home and, naturally, they sob in the shower.

6 Say what???

Via: Twitter.com

The KFC crisis was breaking news and we even think it has the potential to stop a football game...that's how bad things are for KFC fans. It isn't until something like this happens that you realize just how fondly people feel towards KFC, or, more specifically, the food they sell. You only have to watch the news or read the tweets to see that fans have it bad for KFC. Even a few days are too much without their regular dose of fried chicken. While this is clearly a meme, designed to humor people, it's not unrealistic to imagine a situation like this occurring in the middle of a football game. People have called the police over the KFC crisis. Anything can happen. We are prepared for everything.

5 Empty bucket

Via: Twitter.com

It's fine if the bucket is empty after you've downed 10 chicken pieces, but if it's empty before you take even a mouthful of fried chicken...well, that's not exactly good, is it? Nobody feels the strain more than this poor cat. He stuck his paw into a bucket of what he thought was chicken. It turned out, he was merely sticking his paw into an empty bucket. That is how the entire UK population is feeling right now over the chicken shortage. Who would think a deficiency in chicken could cause such a crisis? And it's not even like it's going to occur for weeks. KFC stores should be back in business within a few days. Surely people can cope without their fave fried chicken until then.

4 The mystique of chicken

Via: Twitter.com

It's as if people have no idea what to do with chicken. It's not like the UK itself has ran out of chicken. It's only KFC that isn't selling chicken products right now. But this tweet perfectly describes how people are acting over the crisis. It's as though they have no idea where to buy chicken from or how to cook it. If you are so obsessed with chicken, why don't you learn how to cook it yourself? It's not like it's hard. Plus, just think of all the money you will save. And, another bonus: you will be perfectly prepared the next time something like this happens. We're not saying it will, but at least you will know how to cope if KFC ever shuts down again.

3 Move over Brexit, there's a bigger crisis on the horizon

Via: Twitter.com

If you thought Brexit was most important issue in England right now, you were wrong. Maybe it was before. But now with the KFC crisis crippling the country's spirits, it seems more like this is the most pressing issue in the country right now. Move over Brexit, we've got a real crisis on our hands now. KFC has run out of chicken and people are going crazy. No doubt UK citizens are prepared for Theresa May's stepping down in a matter of hours or days. How on earth is she going to handle this crisis on her hands? It's only been going on for a couple of days and if KFC doesn't re-open its doors soon, we can only predict that things are going to get a lot worse in the country.

2 Protect Nando's

Via: Twitter.com

If you can't get your favorite order from KFC, the next best thing to do is head to McDonald's, Burger King or Nando's. Unless you only have a thing for KFC fried chicken, most people will be opting for other fast food choices instead. But like this guy says, protect Nando's at all costs. Can you imagine how awful it would be if Nando's closed down next? Or McDonald's? We have no idea how people are going to do it, but they really need to protect Nando's while it's still open and stocked full of ingredients. You can see how the temporary closing of KFC has affected people. They are going nuts without their supply of fried chicken. It's only going to get worse if another fast food chain vanishes.

1 Waiting for a miracle

Via: Twitter.com

The police already have enough to do and it's unacceptable that people are calling them for a matter as mundane as this. It's not like a shortage of chicken is life threatening or anything. We think people will be able to cope for the next couple of days or so. But clearly, they cannot. That is why people have been calling the police, somehow believing they are actually going to be able to do something about it. What, we do not know. Like this tweeter said, this crisis could reverse Brexit. Seriously, we haven't seen such an outrage like this in the UK since the news of Britain leaving the EU. Clearly, people have to start re-evaluating their priorities. Could fried chicken, particularly KFC's fried chicken, be the real elixir of life? *SMH*

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