KFC's New Clothing Line Will Have You Looking "Finger-Lickin'" Good

KFC's New Clothing Line Will Have You Looking "Finger-Lickin'" Good

In a true sign of the end-times, Kentucky Fried Chicken is coming out with their own clothing line.

There are a lot of companies out there that can get away with a clothing line, including fast food companies. McDonald’s can do it since they have a cast of adorable cartoon characters that have managed to find their way into the cultural zeitgeist. So too can Burger King and Taco Bell.

But KFC is a little strange. First of all, their mascot is a depiction of a Southern Plantation owner, which comes with a whole lot of historical baggage that nobody would want to deal with (well, usually). Second of all, it’s all just fried chicken.

Sure, KFC has other menu items, but do any of us really remember what they are?

Well, it seems that KFC has thrown caution to the wind and decided to release their own clothing line anyways.

To be fair to KFC, the clothing line isn’t entirely about profit. The new line is only available in Australia, and all proceeds go to helping the KFC Youth Foundations, an Australian non-profit that helps disenfranchised youth achieve the skills they need to make it on their own.


Apparently, KFC is really popular in Australia because we can think of literally nowhere else in the world where this sort of clothing line can succeed.

Why? Mostly because it’s ridiculous. They’re selling patterned sweatpants covered in fried chicken, french fries, and little Colonel bow ties on them. There are white tees with the words “100% original recipe” emblazoned across the front in red, and a set of red and white swimming trunks with the Colonel’s bow tie subbing in for the drawstring.

via KFC

It gets worse. There are also a set of limited edition crochets that you can buy. They are all hand-stitched (or should we say crocheted) and are so over the top that we can’t imagine anyone buying them.

There’s a crochet bucket of KFC hat, a crochet oversized bow tie, and a giant crochet fried chicken that you wear around your head. Prices for the crocheted items range between $211 and $811 Aussie bucks.

And just because it’s Australia, there’s also a surfboard with the Colonel’s logo on it. Those are all sold out though. Like we said, Australia is crazy for KFC.

In other KFC news, Jason Alexander plays the Colonel in KFC’s new ad campaign. The world has truly gone mad.


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