This Kid Finally Realized His Classmate Is Really Thoughtful

They say that not all lessons are learned in the classroom, but one college student and Twitter user named Thomas McFall learned one of life's most important lessons about humanity in the classroom though it was not part of the curriculum.

McFall shared his story by posting, "Hey guys, I know I usually just post *expletive* jokes on my Twitter but bear with me because I wanted to share something. So in one of my Management classes I sit in the same seat in the front every day. Every single day I sit there. Now, I also sit next to some foreign guy that barely speaks English."

McFall goes on to share that "the most advanced thing in English" that he has heard his classmate say is, "Wow, my muffin is really good."


Through reading the posts, we learn that the heart of the story is that McFall's classmate had started a daily habit of stacking "every item he owns" in the desk that McFall had decided to claim as his in the classroom. The classmate would put his food, drinks, phone, books, and everything else on McFall's desk.

McFall posted, "Now every single time I walk into class this guy says, "Ah, Tom. You here. Okay." And starts frantically clearing my desk of his belongings. He then makes a habit to say, "Ready for class, yeah?" And gives me a high five. Every day this guy gives me a high five."

After going through this daily routine day after day, McFall admitted that he was starting to get annoyed. He just wanted to come to class with a clean desk waiting for him, but every day his classmate would have the desk cluttered with items. It not only irritated him but confused him because he didn't think it made sense for the classmate to use McFall's desk for personal storage space if McFall consistently showed up every day.


The mystery was solved one day when McFall showed up to class late and saw that another guy tried to sit at "his" desk.

McFall's classmate turned to the man and said, "I'm sorry. My good friend, Thomas sits here."

That's when all the puzzle pieces fell into place and McFall realized that the whole time, his seat had been faithfully saved for him every day. McFall was touched by this and took the thoughtful classmate out to eat after class. He discovered that he had moved to America from the Middle East to get a college education. With a wife and two children back home, he plans to get a good job to support his family once he moves back. He is also working a full time job and sends all leftover money, after covering his basic living expenses, back home to his wife.

McFall posted, "I bought lunch, of course. Dude deserves it. He gave me a high five for buying lunch. Gotta keep up the tradition."

And with that final heartwarming sentence, the internet collectively cried. Personally, we're saving our tears for the TV movie based on this Twitter story to come out.

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