Kidnapped Lawn Flamingo Is Safe At Home Now After Whirlwind Traveling

King 5 News of Seattle, Washington received a hot tip on a kidnapping case. Luckily, the victim had been returned unharmed... the victim being a plastic pink lawn flamingo. Not only was he unharmed, he had been given a name "Mingo" and was wearing a beaded necklace and a flamingo lanyard around his thin neck.

The strange travels of Mingo the lawn flamingo all began in Mountake Terrace, Washington. Sarah Kelsey, her boyfriend Tom Feldman, and her two children Corbin and Caslista, purchased two lawn flamingoes for their front lawn only to have one of the ornaments stolen. They chalked up their loss to bad luck. They put a makeshift fence around the surviving flamingo as a "cage" that was meant to be a joke not only for the family but for the flamingo thief as well. That in itself is a strange story, but this is just where things start to get interesting.


One day, the family went outside to find the cage empty and a note tacked to their front door. "Had to get out of this cage for a while on vacation," the note read. "Be back in a couple of weeks. Will send pictures." The note was signed "Love" and a handdrawn flamingo foot served as a signature.

"It's been a rollercoaster," Kelsey said of the ordeal. The family thought that the note was a prank and believed they would never see their remaining flamingo again. So they went out and purchased more flamingos, determined not to let their bad luck deter them from decorating their lawn as they wished.


But one day, the family woke up to find one extra flamingo in the cage wearing a souvenirs from his escapades and with his very own Facebook page to serve as proof positive that pink lawn flamingoes just want to have fun.

This lucky lawn ornament visited Bryce Canyon National Park, Sedona, Arizona, and of course, what flamingo's wild adventure would be complete without a stop to the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas?

Kelsey's young son Corbin is just happy that Mingo is back where he belongs, and the family is quite tickled with the photos of their plastic bird visiting places that they haven't even visited yet. As to who the flamingo's traveling companion was? "It's a mystery," Corbin told King 5 News.

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