15 Kids Cartoon Comics That Made Us Blush

While comics and cartoons aren't just viewed as something for the kids to enjoy anymore, there's no denying the fact that the majority of them are geared towards children and families. However, every once in a while, some more mature content manages to find its way in there.

It's not necessarily intentional, accidents do happen, and something that a cartoonist pictured in his mind might come out looking entirely different when it's being shown on a screen compared to what he intended it to be... but that's what happens when you look at cartoons through the dirty mind of adulthood.

Whether it was deliberate or by accident, here are 15 kids cartoon comics that made us blush. Now don't say we didn't warn you about the content here.

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15 There's Something Fishy Going On

via Dorkly

In this comic, when Prince Eric and Ariel meet up for the first time - we are assuming they met online, social media? They both seem disappointed in what they are presented with, Eric may have fibbed about his actual height and Ariel... well, she left out major details. Her bottom-half is that of a fish and that kinda puts the breaks on prospective adult fun times.

14 Old Enough To Vote

via Meme Tastic

In the Halloween episode of What's New, Scooby-Doo? we are introduced to Marcy. She has the hots for Fred and flirts with him on sight. When asked how old she's turning, Marcy says that it's her birthday, that she is eighteen, and that she's now able to legally... (noticeable pause while she glances at Fred suggestively)... vote.

13 Who’s Talking About Cars?

via Pinterest

In Batman Beyond, a cult-classic TV series, a young man tells his girlfriend “I’m sick of the mall. How ‘bout a ride?” His girlfriend fires back “You like that car more than me,” to which he retorts, “Who’s talking about cars?” Definitely not very kid-friendly, looking back now it's making us blush.

12 Bravo The Heartthrob

via Pinterest

Johnny Bravo is a kid's show, right? Kinda hard to ascertain especially when the show's main character is a shameless ladies man. Not that much of a big deal, however in the third pilot “Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women,” Johnny is tossed into a volcano as a “virgin sacrifice,” only to be spit back out. We sure blushed!

11 At The Speed Of Lightning

via Blaze Press

A man like the Flash has a bevy of beautiful women waiting to be his love interest...or so we imagine, however, Hawkgirl seems to think otherwise. In “Eclipse.” Flash is boasting to Hawkgirl that he is the "fastest man alive" and how he extinguished a fire with great speed. To which, she rudely responds “might explain why you can’t get a date.”

10 Super Love

via Comic Book and Beyond

Wonder Woman and The Man of Steel have fought villains side by side many times and it's no doubt they have a connection. The comic is an illustration of the aftermath of Superman and Wonder Woman's time together... the result? The reduction of Mount Everest to rubble! Thank goodness they are both fine, we were a tad worried.

9 Vroom Vroom

via Buzz Feed

Ahh, Harley! Clad in a low cut nightie and needing Joker's attention. She hops onto his desk on her hands and knees and says, "Aw, come on, puddin'. Don't you wanna rev up your Harley? Vroom vroom!" It's quite obvious Harley isn't referring to motorcycles- not when she's dressed like that.

8 Let’s Talk About Feet

via Joke Jive

When Kristoff discovers that Anna got engaged within a day of meeting Hans, he grills her about what she knows about her fiance and one of the questions asked is his foot size, to which she answers, "Foot size doesn't matter." Now this definitely flies over the heads of the young viewers— well, we certainly hope so— but it sure left us wide-eyed.

7 Bullock And His Small Subpoena

via Buzz Feed

In an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn is in her civilian clothes posing as a lawyer in an attempt to break Joker out of Arkham. Detective Harvey Bullock notices her and says, "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Harley Quinn is quick and smooth with her response of, "I think I served you a subpoena once... It was a really small subpoena." Ouch!

6 Horsing Around

via Twitter

File this one under weird, poor Supergirl secretly dates a horse without knowing his species. The mind-reading, immortal super-horse can turn into a human while a comet is in the same solar system as him but he is still a horse most of the time, which means his relationship with a very human Supergirl is kinda disturbing.

5 Bad To Worse

via Youtube

Adventure Time is no stranger to "adult humor." In the episode "Bad to Worse," Jake the Dog apologizes for biting his wife, Lady Rainicorn to which she responds, "I wanted you to bite me." The blushing Jake laughs nervously before uttering an "Oh." That Lady Rainicorn sure made us blush too.

4 Clueless Fred

via Youtube

Fred and Daphne are walking through a very large desert when he utters that the desert reminds him of a woman. Daphne asks him why that is so. Fred then replies, "It goes on and on and on." Yikes, nothing like a dry joke about women to make your girlfriend feel special, ey?

3 Dexter’s Assistant

via Watson

Remember the time Dexter fired Dee Dee because she was too much of a distraction? If you do, then you can also recall him hiring a replacement for Dee Dee right? We want to hire a pretend sister too sometimes, nothing strange there. Except Dexter asked Candi to dance for him to which she said it would be an extra 50 bucks. Not so sisterly, after all.

2 The Princess And The Tongue

via Pinterest

Tiana was the first black Princess as the lead in a Disney movie, which was an extremely great-inclusion for representation! The movie’s premise revolves around Tiana breaking the spell of a frog Prince and like all Disney fairytales, it's happily ever after. This comic, however, implies Tiana might have fallen in love with more than just the Prince's heart.

1 LeFou And Gaston In Love?

via Nupao-Deviant Art

When they remade the beloved Beauty and The Beast cartoon into a live-action movie we see that Gaston, the handsome brute, still has set his sights on an uninterested Belle. There is zero chemistry between them, anyone can see that. LeFou, on the other hand, is head over heels in love with Gaston. Their interactions are cringe-worthy at times.

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