This Kid's Reaction To Fumbling A Watermelon Is Hilarious

Kid Flees After Dropping Watermelon

This is quite possibly the video that will define 2018.

Can we be honest for a minute? Things have been rough this year. Seriously, 2018 has been pretty upsetting thus far. People all over the country seem to be at each other's throats for one reason or another. It could be an unfavorable outcome of a World Cup match or more drama surrounding good old LeBron. That’s enough to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

Worst of all, it doesn’t seem like anyone is stepping up to fix our problems. So we can all sympathize with Noah as he too drops the ball and walks away.

In a 4-second video posted to his mother’s Twitter account, little Noah has eyes bigger than his stomach. He tries to lift a watermelon that seems far too large for his tiny hands. Naturally, it slips from his grasp and falls to the floor where it cracks practically in half.

For about half a second Noah doesn’t seem to realize what’s happening. He still tilts his body forward, leaning over to try to lift the watermelon that was already heavy enough to have slipped from his fingers, once again. He simply goes through the motion--as if on autopilot--to fix the problem and pick up the watermelon.

Then he actually sees what has happened to the watermelon and realizes he’s made a terrible mistake. “Oh my god,” he utters swiftly, and then in one smooth motion walks away as if he never intended to pick up either half of the watermelon that is now oozing its insides all over the floor of the grocery store.


The video has been viewed 7.62 million times since it was posted to @MiaPulido04’s account a week ago. She captioned the video with what we’re all thinking: "me running away from all my problems".

And Noah was not happy after the terrible event, sitting quietly in the grocery cart and contemplating the actions that led to where he’d ended up.

We’re quite sure that we've all had a moment just like this. Thanks for being such a relatable icon Noah. We hope all of your wildest watermelon dreams come true. 

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