20 Spoiled Kids Who Got Really Nice Cars From Their Rich Parents

Some kids have all the luck! There are so many kids getting spoiled by their parents that several reality TV shows have been created to feature this madness! While we may have different ideas of what qualifies as “spoiled”, I think we’d all agree that a 16-year old driving a supercar we can only dream of – well – that pretty much defines it! Some of these kids are rolling in cars that are worth more than the houses we live in!

The craziest part of all of this is the fact that they seem to not only enjoy it, but to expect it! These kids live a life that consists primarily of living off the wealth of their parents, and making constant demands for the “next big thing”. Everything is handed to them, and nothing is earned. When you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em….let’s take a look at 20 spoiled kids who got really nice cars from their parents…

20 Shaq Spares No Expense

Via UsaToday

Shaq’s son turned 16 and was gifted a Jeep…oh…and also a Lamborghini. We’re not sure why the Jeep was thrown in, but maybe that was their version of a loot bag! This kid’s party was insane, and the 2-car-gift-grab was wild! It must be nice to be the son of Shaquille O’Neal and live a luxurious life funded by a basketball career.

19 Just Another Lamborghini

Via EntertainmentTonight

Being Lil Wayne’s daughter is a wild ride, every single day. Reginae Carter didn’t seem to have a very shocked expression when her father gifted her a Ferrari for her 16th birthday. It just seemed as though she expected something this big. They don’t call them “spoiled rich kids” for nothing!

18 G-Wagon, On-Demand

Via Youtube

This young lady has a thing or two to learn about the real world. She made headlines when she took to social media to detail the car her parents “must buy her” for her 16th birthday. Of course, this is no ordinary car request. This little princess is demanding a Benz Wagon with an AMG package. Oh and of course – she has specific color requests, so pay attention, Dad!

17 Range Rover Gift

Via Bckonline

When Ludacris is your dad, and you want a Range Rover for your birthday, then your wish is his command. Luda bought this stunning Range Rover for his daughter’s 16th birthday. She seemed humble, and happy, and the pride on his face tells us this meant as much to him as it did to her.

16 The Range was In Range

Via Hannahogundaraenews

It’s not just dad’s that buy expensive gifts for their spoiled children, moms do it too! This little girl’s mama was so proud to present her with this generous gift on her 16th birthday. Imagine being taken to the dealership on the day of your 16th birthday, and driving away with your dream car. Some kids just get pizza parties …

15 Sia’s Audi-Gift

Via Maddiezigler

Sia may not be Maddie Ziegler’s real mom – her biological mother was on the show ‘Dance Moms’, but Sia definitely had a role in her development from a very young age. Maddie was considered to be “the chosen one”, and looked up to Sia in many ways. Of course, Sia spoiled her at every turn, as can be seen here with her brand new Audi. What a lucky girl!

14 Custom “Wrap”

Via Reddit

Some of us love wrapping gifts, others detest it, and would rather someone else did it for us. Hands down, this is the best wrap of any gift we’ve ever seen…a custom auto wrap! Somewhere out there, is a little girl that just turned 16 and is about to get this awesome custom-wrapped beauty, in her favorite color. We’re jealous. Just saying….

13 Rolling In The Rolls Royce

Via DBdayyoutub

When you live in India and your parents are wealthy, getting lavish gifts is just a normal, average experience. This incredibly lucky little 16 year old was just given a Rolls Royce for his 16th birthday. Yes, you read that very correctly –a Rolls Royce! Some of us wish we could just figure out how to get the decal off this car, let alone have it given to us.

12 Mayweather Madness

Via Youtube.

Floyd Mayweather may be pretty laid back about his personal affairs, but there is a lot of hype surrounding this amazing Mercedes that he bought for his son’s 16th birthday. Who needs a party after this? Nobody! Getting this as a gift is a huge blessing and we hope he appreciates his ! What a lucky kid – we hope he enjoys it!

11 Choices

Via Youtube

The kids of Dubai are next-level in their mentality, work ethic, etc. They also all have a fleet of supercars, so it must be really tough to stay grounded and humble. This lovely lady just turned 16 and– we can’t imagine anything half as amazing as this. These cupcakes are sure to add some sparkle to her already stunning party details. . Choosing one car shouldn’t be this time consuming though , maybe her dad will just buy her all three.

10 And Another One...

Via Youtube

It is devastating to watch this little rich kid brag about their fleet of cars….but we really don’t feel sorry for her anymore! This is a case of colour – selection …we hope! This young lady in the photo has been given me more cars than she can drive in a day, and has her generous pick up with the bag to prevent leaking.

9 Pretty Pink Benzie

Via Pinterest

What did you get when you turned 16? We bet it wasn’t a brand new Mercedes Benz, custom-wrapped in your favourite colour! This is a pretty sweet ride for someone who has barely figured out how to turn it on and signal their lane changes! We hope she enjoys and appreciates her new wheels!

8 Sleek Mercedes Moment

Via Pinterest

Our guess is she really does feel like a princess! Wow – a brand new Mercedes, a ribbon, and the car is wrapped in a birthday banner, depicting the girl’s true princess status, in the eyes of her parents. Look at all the other cars in the parking lot – how did she score the jackpot?

7 Lord Aleem

Via EveningStandard

This is the self-proclaimed “Lord Aleem”, who first gained notoriety as being a spoiled rich kid, then later got lots of attention after surviving a terrible car wreck. No matter the headline, or the occasion, this youngster enjoys the finest things life can offer. His fleet of 22 luxury sports cars tells us all we need to know about his lifestyle!

6 Chrome Car-Top Dancin’

Via Daily Mail

It must be really boring to be a spoiled rich kid! Having everything their little heart’s desire was clearly not enough for these teen siblings. They wanted to mix it up a bit by standing on top of one of their supercars. More of their cars were parked in the background, oh-so-discreetly…..you know, because they’re not into drama or attention-seeking opportunities….

5 All Hers

Via Kloojies

This girl was just surprised with this stunning supercar. This was a gift from her father that she won’t soon forget. We’d love to take this for the day. It’s hard to imagine that she gets to own this car at such a young age. This is just a guess, but it’s possible that she’s too young and inexperienced to drive this car properly. Way to go, Dad!

4 How Dare He? Dad Bought The Wrong Lamborghini

Via Carhoots.

Most of us could only ever dream of being gifted a Lamborghini! Apparently, this kid is fussier than most. Her father gave her this stunning car on her 18th birthday, and she made a huge stink about not liking it because she wanted a different model. Our guess is that she doesn’t understand the cost or value of anything.

3 Throw The Backpack Into Your Lambo, Kid….

Via DailyMotion

He woke up this morning and is now the proud, new owner of this stunning Lamborghini. Dad was as generous as can be with this wild purchase to honor his son's graduation! This cute kid is so much in awe of the car that he's still admiring it from the outside. Jump in buddy - it's yours now!

2 Pint-Sized Porsche

Via ParkPlaceDealerships

You may as well start young, and perfect the craft of being a spoiled little rich kid! This little cutie can be spotted driving around in his kid-sized Porsche, and we can all admit we want one too. Apparently spoiling can never start too soon – this kid can say “I was 3 when I owned my first Porsche.” These are some deep-seeded bragging rights!

1 Got It From Her Mama!

Via ThetGrio.jpg

The daughter of Kandi Burruss is bound to be spoiled. After all, when your mom is a singer, songwriter, actress and business mogul, life is a pretty easy ride. It’s no surprise that her 16th birthday was highlighted by the Porsche SUV that she had always wanted. Enjoy the ride, kiddo, it’s a great one!

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