Kim Possible: 25 Hidden Details About Shego Only Drakken Would Know

Drakken once told Shego that as long as she lives with him, there should be no secrets between them. Kim may know how to fight and evade Shego, but no one knows what Shego's like in her personal time. Given all of the adventures and development the two have gone through, it's safe to say that no one knows Shego like Drakken does.

Besides a few other villains, Shego doesn't seem to have too many friends within the four seasons that the series ran for. In all honesty, she doesn't even really have a family, considering she ditched them for the villain life. In reality, Drakken is basically her family. He's even once stated that she's part of his "evil family", whatever that's supposed to mean.

Kim Possible was one of Disney's most successful shows, and managed to get nominated for multiple Emmy Awards. Even though the show was supposed to end after three seasons, the fans campaigned for a fourth and actually got what they wanted. Kim Possible is supposed to be the star of the show, but there's no doubt that the series wouldn't be the same without Shego. Out of all of Kim's villains, she's fought Shego the most. People on the internet love Shego, and she's easily one of the best and most iconic animated villains on television.

Considering there's going to be a live-action revival of Kim Possible on Disney Channel, now is the perfect time to catch up on some of her history and learn about the shows biggest villains. There couldn't be a more perfect time to learn about Shego, so what are you waiting for? Keep reading!

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25 She’s A Master Of Disguise

Despite her obvious pale-green skin, Shego somehow manages to pull off some great disguises on the show. One of her best pulled off disguises was under the orders of Drakken. In fact, he even provided the wig for her. Shego's impressive disguise was necessary in order to distract Martin Smarty, the owner of Smarty Mart (who she has previously abducted before), while Drakken attempted to take over his company.

Personally, I think it's pretty surprising how Martin couldn't recognize Shego simply because of a blonde wig and a dress, but hey, a different hair color is a better disguise than just a pair of glasses.

24 He's Not As Evil As Her

While at an exhibit for evil inventions, Shego and Drakken stumbled upon an evil meter, which is a device of which you pull the lever and it shows you how cruel you truly are. When Drakken pulled the lever, it barely went up past the first bar. On the other hand, when Shego pulled it, it went up all the way.

This is certainly something Drakken wouldn't want anyone to find out about, considering she's supposed to be his evil sidekick and all. But is anyone actually surprised by this? Shego's obviously way more intimidating than her boss.

23 She’s Multi-Talented

In an episode in which we learn about Shego's origins (which I'll get back to later), she also shows off her ability to fly a plane. If truth be told, flying a plane isn't her only special ability. While Drakken simply just invents things, Shego on the other hand can scuba dive, fight, and she has superpowers.

Surely only Drakken would know what ALL of her hidden talents are, considering they live together. Based off what we see in the show, her skill-set seems like it could be endless.

22 He’s One Person She Actually Cares About

Despite her many snarky comments and attitude when around Drakken, over the course of the series it becomes clear that she really does care about him. She's saved his life multiple times in the series, most notably in the final episode, in which they finally embrace each other.

Even though the pair constantly argue and have even gone separate ways a few times, they always find their way back to each other. It's too bad we never find out if they ever finally became a couple in the end.

21 How Did She Become Evil?

Turns out Shego hasn't always been an evil woman. In an episode that's purely about her past, it's revealed that she was actually a hero once. Her whole family was once hit by a rainbow comet that changed the color of their skin and granted all of them abilities. Together, they fought crime and were called Team Go.

Shego eventually found more interest in villains and abandoned her family for a life on the wild side. Although, some fans believe that she really turned evil due to the attitudinator, which was a device once used on Ron and made him evil for an episode.

20 She’s A Lot Like Kim

Kim Possible is Shego's number one nemesis, but could the real reason she hates her so much is because she's a lot like her? Let's face the facts: both of them have twin brothers, they're strong women who won't take no for an answer and can kick any mans butt. They're also both incredibly smart women with annoyingly goofy partners.

There was even an episode in which Shego turned good and Kim ended up being her best friend. They got along so well, Kim even forgot that she was actually her enemy. Maybe the real reason Shego hates Kim so much is because she sees her past self in her.

19 Her Sign Is Gemini

Shego's birthday and age is something that's never discussed in the show, though many fans claim that the creators of the show confirmed her birthday is on June 14th, which would make her a Gemini.

Through endless searches on the internet, it's now impossible to find any hard evidence of this, but I'll take the fans' word for it. But if there's anyone who knows the truth, it's definitely Drakken.

18 The Spa Is Her Second Home

In almost every other episode, Shego's seen sunbathing at spa resorts. Although these trips seem personal, and most of them are probably paid for by herself, Drakken is definitely aware of it. He even supports it; in one episode Shego was ready to make a payment at a resort and Drakken surprised her by already paying for her vacation.

Considering everything she does for him, he should be paying for all of her vacations. What I'd really like to know is, why is she always sunbathing? Can green people get a tan? Will she become a darker shade of green?

17 She Knows How To Make Him Cry

One things villains don't do is cry, especially not in front of the heroes. But what about in front of their side-kicks?

Shego is one side-kick that knows how to make her boss cry. When Shego gets a little too real with Drakken by telling him that he doesn't ever come up with good enough evil plans, she makes him break down in tears. The reality is, only your true friends would tell you the harsh truth.

16 Señor Senior, Junior Is Her Second Best Ally

When Shego was hired by Señor Senior, Senior to teach his son how to be a real villain, she ended up finding him to be an unexpected friend. Although his laziness got on her nerves at first, she soon discovered that he's a quick learner and a respectable person.

She even willingly helped him commit a crime for his fathers birthday. Considering it's unlikely that Shego ever does anything for free, she must actually really like him.

15 Patience? She’s Never Heard Of It

When Shego wants something, she doesn't want to wait. Drakkon's experienced her impatience firsthand. He's gotten on her bad side enough times to know this. The girl has got a serious temper issue, no tolerance, and zero patience.

She's also commented plenty of times on how much she loves to interrupt Drakkon when he's speaking. Let's also not forget her famous comment about how every time he stops to tell Kim his evil plan, she wins. It was about time someone mentioned that.

14 She’s Crazy When In Love

When Shego was under the influence of a Moodulator (a device that affects your mood), she was temporarily in love with Dr. Drakken. In this episode, Shego showed more positive emotions than she did in the entire span of the series - and it drove Drakken crazy.

He really wasn't feeling all of that attention and really wanted the old Shego back. Even though she was incredibly loving (and sometimes intensely mad), all of her emotions were actually quite intense. It seems like Drakken prefers Shego the way she truly is... which is emotionless.

13 Animals Are Her Soft Spot

Did I say Shego's emotionless? Well, she is when it comes to humans. Animals, on the other hand, that's a whole different story. A few times on the show, she's showed that she actually does care for some living creatures. When Drakken suggested how great it would be to drain the Great Lakes, Shego mentioned how it actually wouldn't be good for the fish.

She's also complained to Drakken about the lack of care he provides for his dog. According to Shego, you shouldn't have a pet if you're not willing to provide for it. When attacked by animals in the show, Shego has never used her powers against them. Even though she could surely do damage, instead, she expressed fear.

12 She’s Secretly In Charge

Even though it appears like Drakken's the one giving her orders, he always obeys her commands simply out of fear. In multiple different episodes, Shego is constantly calling out Drakken on his immature behavior, nonsense ideas, and the fact that he messes up a lot.

Drakken may be the boss, but the truth is, whatever Shego says goes. All I know is, I sure hope I can have that much power over my future employer.

11 Men With Money Are The Only Men She Cares About

She initially dated Martin Smarty under-cover as a distraction, but Shego couldn't let go of that lavish life. Martin Smarty happens to be one of the richest men in the Kim Possible universe, which is the main reason you'd see Shego with him in a few episodes. Even though she clearly doesn't like the man, she sure is attracted to the money. Aren't we all?

Shego has also made comments on how rich Dr. Drakken is a few times, which must be the main reason she initially stuck around him. Even though we all know he eventually grows on her.

10 He Needs Her More Than She Needs Him

Drakken's great at inventing things, but that's all he can do. He lacks the brains, skills, and fighting techniques to be a supervillain all by himself. Honestly, if Shego weren't by his side, I highly doubt anyone would take him seriously.

Even in the Kim Possible movie A Sitch in Time, Kim and Ron visit a dystopian future in which Shego is considered the "Supreme One" who rules the world. Out of all of Kim's menacing villains, Shego's the one who ended up succeeding. Clearly, she's way more capable than Drakken.

9 Cloning Is A Major No-No

Shego usually goes along with Drakken's ridiculous plans, no matter what they are. Despite her numerous complaints and orders, she's still a very obedient side-kick. But the one time Drakken suggested that he should clone her, she became unusually upset about the suggestion.

Later in the series, when she met her future self in A Sitch in Time, she brought up the topic once more. Shego assumed Drakken had cloned her behind her back and showed annoyance about how he disobeyed her.

8 Her Favorite Hobby: Reading

If Shego's not seen at a spa resort, then she most likely has a book in her hands. Shego's always reading something new, whether it be books about villainy, or an unnamed novel. Someone's gotta read up on how to be a proper villain, since Drakken clearly isn't.

Shego may not know to create an evil device, but she's still the brains between her and Drakken. There's no doubt Drakken's aware of that, which is most likely why he keeps her around.

7 She Loves To Hate Kim

Shego despises Kim so much, that sometimes it's kinda weird. Shego doesn't want anyone else to hurt Kim, because according to her, that's her job. She doesn't like Kim so much to the point that she's possessive of her.

Shego would never turn down an opportunity to fight Kim. But strangely enough, when times got too tough, Shego actually helped Kim fight other villains on a few occasions. They even once had a short but casual conversation about the lack of parking spaces available.

6 Calling Her Names Will Get You Hurt

This is one other thing that Drakken would know more than anyone. Shego can put up with a lot, but no one can insult her and get away with it.

In the episode Cap'n Drakken, when Drakken was acting as a pirate on a ship, he mistakenly called her "wench" - by the way she reacted, I'm surprised he survived until the end of the episode. Don't even get me started on when the villain Motor Ed called her "shotgun babe" in another episode and then proceeded to say that women are supposed to stay quiet.. she truly almost ended the guy, but luckily for him, she got distracted by the lipstick on her teeth.

5 Her Nails Are Very Important To Her

Shego is ALWAYS filing her nails, even while she has her gloves on. Actually, she's only seen filing her nails while her gloves are still on. Seriously, what's that about? Maybe she just wants to make sure her nails are still sharp enough with her gloves. Either way, her nails just so happen to be one of her favorite weapons.

Dr. Drakken knows how much she loves her nails, especially because he accidentally broke one of them once... and let me tell you, she was not happy about it.

4 Cakes Are So Not Her Thing

Shego definitely has a secret history with cakes and even though we don't know the whole story, we know she seriously doesn't like cakes.

When Señor Senior, Junior asked Shego to help commit a crime for his dads birthday, she agreed under one condition - No cakes. Shego told him that she wants nothing to do with cakes, she doesn't want to bake them or come out of them. Which makes me believe she had a past career that involved her coming out of a cake.

3 She Secretly Has A Sensitive Side

Even though Shego is an evil villain, she does have her own standards of where she draws the line. For example, when Drakken considered stealing an older woman's wheelchair, she condemned him for it and compared it to stealing candy from a baby (which Drakkon claims he's done before). When she was influenced by the moodulator, she even cried. Although, she wasn't being herself at the time.

Shego has also shown signs that she's getting tired of being a villain as the show goes on, and she's even considered a hero along with Drakken towards the end of the final episode. Even though she doesn't usually show emotions, she seemed happy being seen as a hero for once.

2 She Can Get Super Jealous

Shego and Drakken have had plenty of fall-outs, but the one time that Drakken hired Warmonger (a robotic woman) to assist him as a replacement, Shego showed a side of her we've never seen before: Jealousy. Shego became especially angry when Drakkon told her that Warmonger is a better side-kick than her.

Her jealousy became so serious, that she even teamed up with Kim Possible to fight her. In addition to that, she insulted Warmonger for the majority of the episode. Even super-villains have a jealous side.

1 Shego Once Preferred Ron

While Ron was under the influence of the attitudinator, he became ridiculously evil.. so evil, that Shego thought he was more menacing than Drakkon. She immediately abandoned Drakkon in order to work for Ron instead.

While Drakkon's just able to come with evil ideas, Ron was actually willing to do evil things. Evil Ron was so intimidating, even Shego was scared of him.. and she's rarely scared of anything. This secret is probably equally embarrassing for Shego, Kim, and Drakkon. Hopefully, evil Ron doesn't make a comeback in the Kim Possible revival.

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