Kind Humans Untangle Pigeon Trapped In Trash At The Beach

An animal-loving San Luis Obispo, California resident certainly fulfilled her good deed for the day last Friday when she rescued a wild pigeon who was tangled up in a long piece of string.

Melissa Höxter was enjoying a day at the beach watching her son learn to surf when she noticed a pigeon who appeared to be in distress. Fearing the bird had a broken wing or some other injury, she approached it only to find that the source of its visible discomfort was, in fact, a wiry piece of string that had become embedded in its toes.

Höxter, who has a deep love for animals and hates seeing them in pain caused by human carelessness, rushed in to help. After a wild pigeon chase that lasted 20 minutes, she managed to safely catch the bird and then began the long process of trying to free it from its snare.

San Luiso Bispo's Tribune was the first to report the heroic act after Höxter posted the ordeal to Facebook, along with a plea for irresponsible humans to clean up their trash. In her post, she writes, “Nothing upsets me more than seeing animals wrapped up in trash left behind by selfish humans.”

Posted by Melissa Höxter on Friday, August 17, 2018

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The post gives further details of the morning’s events and outlines how she, her boyfriend, and her son’s surf instructor all chipped in to help free the pigeon. Her boyfriend, Mark Moreno, then filmed the two women as they worked away at untangling and unraveling the tightly wound string.

The string had wrapped around the pigeon’s feet, causing not only pain for the bird but also a considerable amount of distress. Megan, a surf instructor who works for Van Curaza Surf School camp, carried a pair of nail clippers with her, which turned out to be a very useful tool in breaking the string.

A video included in the Facebook post highlights just how much pressure was on the pigeon’s foot, with one toe having turned purple from lack of circulation. Höxter believes that if the three of them had not stepped in, the pigeon’s chances of survival might have been slim to none.

Posted by Melissa Höxter on Friday, August 17, 2018

Eventually, the rescue team was able to completely remove the trash from the pigeon, who reportedly stayed very calm throughout the process. Höxter said it was as if the bird realized they were trying to help and therefore didn’t resist.

Melissa’s takeaway message from this success story? Clean up the trash. She encourages everyone in her Facebook post to take action and do their part. “Even if it's not your mess clean it up if you walk by it! Especially on the beach, our planet deserves better than this people.”

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