What Kind Of Long-Term Boyfriend He’ll Be, Based On His Astro Sign

The stars can tell us a lot about ourselves. Our horoscopes can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses we share with other people who fall under our sign, and in doing so, can help us better understand ourselves.

But our sign can also be an excellent way to get to know the people in our lives. For instance, horoscopes can reveal how we’re likely to act in a relationship. True to their practical selves, Virgos are known to be reliable, level-headed partners. On the other hand, Scorpios bring passion to every aspect of their lives, including relationships.

Keep reading to see what a guy’s horoscope says about the type of long-term boyfriend he’ll be (and what anyone dating him should watch out for!).

16 Aries: The Eternal Optimist

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Anyone who falls under the Aries sign seems perpetually optimistic. An Aries man will always know the right words to say to lift your mood.

He’s courageous and an adventure-seeker, so he’ll always find a way to distract you from your problems. But remember, this can also make him impulsive and quick to anger. So be prepared to deal with his moodiness.

15 Leo: The Guy With The Best Humour

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One of the most attractive things in a man is a good sense of humour. Leos are known for their comedic relief. He’ll love making you smile and will go above and beyond to ensure you’re having a good time.

Aside from that, guys born under this sign are also generous and warm-hearted, meaning you’ll always feel cared for in the arms of a Leo.

14 Sagittarius: He’ll Promise Her The World

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Sagittarius men love to talk big. They’re also naturally generous and protective. He’ll promise to deliver the world to you on a silver platter - and rest assured he means it.

But even though his intentions may be genuine, that doesn’t mean he won’t have trouble delivering, as he will often promise more than he can give.

13 Fire Signs: He Makes It Known If He’s Upset

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There’s a reason why Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are considered Fire signs - it’s because they’re known for their fiery tempers. Any man who falls under these signs will be a passionate partner who’s unafraid to hide his true feelings, regardless of whether they’re good or bad.

He might be quick to anger, but he’ll also be quick to forgive since he knows he can be a bit brash at times.

12 Virgo: Inspires His GF To Be Her Best

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Virgo men and women are known for their impressive work ethic and practicality. If your man falls under this sign, chances are he’s a classic Type A personality.

His drive and ambitious goals will push you to be the best version of yourself - and he’ll be more than happy to help you organize your life. Just make sure your Virgo man isn’t too hard on himself.

11 Capricorn: Responsibility Is His Middle Name

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One of the most important qualities in a significant other is trustworthiness. Luckily, Capricorn men are known for being responsible. Moreover, they’re disciplined with a good sense of self-control.

He’ll rarely fall through on a promise and is slow to anger. However, once you break his trust, it’ll be all the harder to earn his forgiveness.

10 Taurus: The Patient Listener

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Taurus is known for patience and devotion. He’ll always be ready to lend you his ear whenever you need a vent session. He’s reliable, which means he’ll never miss your call (or at least will call you right back).

A Taurus man will get attached quickly, so don’t be afraid to tell him if you feel he’s getting too possessive or controlling.

9 Earth Signs: He’ll Keep Her Grounded

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The Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are extremely down-to-earth people, or grounded as one might say. They’re practical and sensible, which means their realism will brush off on you.

You never need to worry about your guy being flaky or unrealistic in his goals or expectations. Rather, you’ll appreciate what a breath of fresh air his honest perspective is.

8 Cancer: Loyal To His Core

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If you’re always worried your man might be stepping out on you, then find yourself a Cancer guy. Men who fall under this sign are more emotionally expressive than most. They're also highly intuitive and sympathetic, meaning they can pick up when something is wrong.

He’ll go out of his way to ensure you feel secure in the relationship. But on the flip side, Cancers tend to get suspicious themselves.

7 Scorpio: Always Has A Solution To Her Problems

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Perhaps one of the best qualities about Scorpio guys is their resourcefulness. They’re natural-born problem solvers, which means your guy will always have the perfect advice for your situation.

Likewise, Scorpios are passionate and driven, meaning no moment with them will ever be boring. Just watch out for their distrusting side, as they’re also known to be secretive and jealous.

6 Pisces: The Wise, Old Soul

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You’ll definitely feel as though you’ve found a kindred spirit if you wind up with a Pisces man. Men who fall under this sign are intuitive, compassionate, and gentle.

He’ll give the best advice and always be ready for heart-to-hearts. On the other hand, a Pisces’ emotional intelligence can also make him idealistic and prone to bouts of sadness.

5 Water Signs: He’ll Make Her Feel Secure

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Water signs, which include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, crave security and stability in all aspects of their lives. They need someone as reliable and available as them.

So, you can rest assured your man will go above and beyond to ensure your security in the relationship. He’ll be more intuitive and emotional than average, and you’ll appreciate how easy it’ll make communication.

4 Gemini: Never Short On Affection

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A Gemini man’s love language is definitely touch. He’s naturally affectionate and loving, but always gentle and easy-going. You’ll love how he showers you with both praise and kisses.

Remember, often a Gemini is over-giving when it comes to affection because he's insecure or nervous. So, make sure you’re reciprocating his affections. 

3 Aquarius: He Has A Humanitarian Heart

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One of the main things you’ll be attracted to in an Aquarius man is his huge heart. He’s open-minded, generous, and wants to see the best in people. It’s likely that he has a passion for volunteering and helping others.

But don’t assume this makes him warm and fuzzy. Aquarius men will run from emotional expression, so consider yourself warned.

2 Libra: Always Willing To Compromise

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The great thing about being with a Libra man is his willingness to compromise. Libras are naturally gracious and cooperative. They always look for the fair solution and aren’t afraid to play a diplomatic role.

However, this also means your man will avoid confrontation like the plague and may have a tendency to be indecisive.

1 Air Signs: He Can’t Stay In A Routine

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Just like the wind is constantly moving air, the Air signs have trouble staying in one place or routine for too long. A man who’s a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius will constantly be craving change.

Not necessarily in his relationship, but in the daily features of his life. It could be as small as hitting up a new coffee shop or as large as making a move to a new city.

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