Twitter Wants This Girl To Break Up With Her Boyfriend Because Of A KitKat

Would someone please give this girl a break? Poor Haley. All she wanted to do was give the Twitterverse a laugh and possibly lighten up someone's day by sharing a funny moment that she experienced with her boyfriend. What did she get in return? A downpour of comments from strangers, companies, and even well-known personalities demanding that she break up with her boyfriend!

According to KansasCity.com, it all began when Twitter user, Haley Byrd, gave her boyfriend a chocolate treat that he had never seen before. We're not sure how exactly that's possible since the treat she gave him was a KitKat bar and KitKats have been around for what feels like forever but hey, it takes all kinds.

Although, there is something else that has been around practically forever and that is the KitKat slogan and theme song. You know the one. "Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that KitKat bar."


Even if someone has never tasted a KitKat bar for themselves, surely they've heard the song which pretty much also serves as instructions on how to eat the chocolate wafer candy bar.


But apparently Haley Byrd's boyfriend had not, because she posted a photo to Twitter of her boyfriend holding out an intact KitKat bar (meaning that none of the wafers had been broken apart) but it did have one big chomp mark on the top.

“'I don’t think I’ve ever had a Kit Kat before,' my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS," Byrd captioned the photo on the Twitter. "He had no idea why I laughed so hard. oh sweet summer child."

While this image is definitely cringe-worthy and might be considered a slap in the face to the inventor of the KitKat, it's no reason to throw away an otherwise good relationship, right?


Wrong! According to the majority of comments on Twitter, Byrd should run for the hills.

As one Twitter user put it, "He's a monster."

Even Dictionary.com got in on the messy chocolate drama!

"Break off," the site tweeted. "What one does to a @KITKAT. Also break off: What one might do in a relationship with someone who does this."

CNN journalist Jake Tapper gave his take on the situation and insisted that Byrd "break up with him at once."

One Twitter user suggested that KitKat supply Byrd's boyfriend with an instruction manual.

After all of the jokes were made and the crumbs dusted off, Byrd gave her final word on the matter.

"Internet — I appreciate your feedback," Byrd wrote. "But Kit Kat crime aside, @EvanWilt is a keeper."

Hopefully, now that he has been made aware (all too painfully) of the proper way to eat a KitKat, these two lovebirds can continue their happy relationship - with the blessing of the Twitterverse.


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