10 Kitchen Hacks Any Home Cook Will Love

Perhaps you want to be the best home chef ever. Or maybe you want to one day become the next Gordon Ramsay. Or maybe you’ve never stepped foot into a kitchen but you want to learn how to make a nice meal for once. Whatever the case, and whatever your previous knowledge, when it comes to the kitchen, there’s always something new that you can learn. That’s why we created a list of some of the things that you perhaps didn’t know, but you’re definitely going to enjoy, no matter how skilled you are in the kitchen.

10 Reviving Stale Bread

Have any stale bread left over from yesterday? We have a great hack for you. It’s especially great if you’re feeling too lazy to go to the store and get some more bread, and yet you’re hungry. Take all the bread you have left over. Next, take a slightly moist, but not completely wet, paper towel and put it under the bread on the plate. Now stick all of that in the microwave and heat it for 15 seconds until it starts feeling soft.

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9 Frothing Milk

Here’s another hack that you can do with your microwave. This is especially great if you’re a coffee lover. You can make your very own coffee-shop-quality cup of latte while saving time and money. You can even use it with hot chocolate. All you have to do is pour some milk into a jar and close it. Then, shake up the jar a bit. Before you put it in the microwave, make sure you don’t forget to remove the lid. Microwave the milk on high, to warm, and then you’ve got yourself some frothed milk.

8 Best Way To Freeze Herbs

Is it the middle of the winter, but you want to put some fresh rosemary in your recipe? Well, this is a great solution for you. With this hack, you can have fresh herbs from any time of the year, all year round! Get some of the herbs you want to have and put them in an ice cube tray. Fill it up with olive oil, and put it in the freezer. Now, the next time you need an herb for your recipe, you can just thaw it and voila!

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7 Easy Omelets

Are you one of those people that has a panini maker that’s been gathering dust ever since you got it? Well, now, take it out and clean up all that dust, because we have a great kitchen hack for you! Apparently, it turns out that the panini maker can be used for more than just making some pressed sandwiches. Get the eggs out, and whatever else you want to add to the recipe, and start making some omelets. You can use the panini press as a ready to go pan. You can even personalize each recipe with different ingredients!

6 Are Your Eggs Fresh?

Do you know how old your eggs are? Well, would you like to know? There’s a very easy way you can test the eggs to see how fresh they are. All you have to do is fill up a bowl with some cold water, and then put the eggs that you’re testing into the bowl. Now here’s the way you can see: if they sink to the bottom and lie flat, then they are very fresh. If they sink, but they’re standing up, then they are fairly fresh. But if they’re floating in the middle or at the top, you should get yourself another carton.

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5 Slicing Homemade Pasta Dough

Instead of going out to buy a box of your favorite pasta, try to make it yourself the next time you want to eat some linguine. And you don’t have to worry about buying a pasta machine. All you have to do is take out your pizza cutter and cut out thin strips from your dough. That’s all! Now all you have to do is boil it, add your sauces and have a great meal!

4 Easy Kiwi Peeling

We’ve all seen how difficult it is to peel a kiwi, while still trying not to lose half of the fruit in the process. Well, if you love kiwis but hate peeling them, we have a great trick for you. All you need is a kiwi fruit, a knife, and a spoon. Then, you’ll need to slice both ends of the kiwi. Next, put the spoon you got in, right under the skin of the fruit, and gently ease it all around the perimeter of the kiwi. You’ll see the skin coming right off.

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3 Crushing Spices

This kitchen hack is for tastier spices. Ground spices give a great kick of flavor to any dish, but grinding them yourself can be a problem if you don’t have a spice grinder. Of course, you can just get some pre-ground spices from the store, but where’s the fun in that? To ground them yourself, just get the spices and use a meat tenderizing mallet to ground them. Put them in a plastic bag, put a towel on top of the bag, and whack away.

2 Crushing Garlic

Are you familiar with the crushing amount of time it takes to completely clean out your garlic press before you store it? Well, at this point, you can just put that press away, because we have a much easier way for you to crush your garlic. Just get yourself a chef’s knife and you’re good to go! You just need to align the blade of the knife sideways and put it over a clove of garlic. Then, use your other hand to apply some pressure to the knife and the garlic will be all crushed up.

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1 Easiest Cherry Tomato Slicing

Slicing cherry tomatoes in half is time-consuming. Especially if you’re in a rush and you really like fast recipes that take little time to prepare and cook. Instead of slicing your cherry tomatoes one by one, with this hack, you can do it all at once! All you’ll need is two plastic lids, all the cherry tomatoes your recipe requires and the knife you were planning to use. Put the cherry tomatoes between the lids, and then slice them horizontally. Now all your cherry tomatoes are perfectly sliced up!

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