10 Kitchen Tools (and Appliances) You Need For Great Healthy Cooking

When you want to eat healthy, the thought of organizing and prepping can seem daunting. Things don't have to be tricky, with the number of handy appliances and tools waiting to give you a helping hand.

There are too many helpful kitchen tools and cooking gadgets available not to take advantage of them. Whether you're looking to keep your veggies fresh for longer, eat less refined sugar, or stop dropping cash on deep-fried food that makes your stomach scream, every effort counts towards taking better care of yourself. These products will be the best assistants you've ever had for lunching, brunching and snacking.

10 Handheld Spiralizer


Crunchy, noodley and packed with nutrients, spiralized vegetables are delicious and an amazing replacement for pasta, making your spaghettis and soups healthier, without sacrificing on taste.

This handheld spiralizer is a simple tool that can be tucked away in a drawer, great for small spaces where a large, clunky spiralizer just won't fit. Zucchinis, sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and more can be spiralized, then pan-fried, boiled, served fresh or tossed into a salad. This is one of the easiest ways to add some fresh veggies to your daily menu, making sure you get your vitamins and minerals with no fuss - just wash the veggie, put it through the spiralizer and serve however your mood sees fit.

9 Collapsible Vegetable Steamer


Steamed veggies are delicious and can be cooked to perfection to maintain a bit of crunch. They also retain their nutritional value more than boiled veg. Stainless steel and safe for use without worry about fumes from plastic parts, this steamer is collapsible.

It's easy to store, has a handy "S" hook for lowering and raising and foldable legs. The legs raise the steamer basket so that you can fill a pot with water beneath it, placing the steamer in the pot. Proteins can also be steamed in the basket, such as meat, fish or other seafood. This is an easy and affordable way to keep your meals interesting and as good for you as possible.

8 Herb Stripper


Fresh herbs add a world of taste to healthy meals, without adding junk like processed seasoning, chemicals and copious amounts of salt into the mix. Getting the good stuff off of the woody branches can be annoying and discourage you from using them to your advantage.

This little herb stripper is easy to use, pulling the branches of your herbs through it to strip off the flavorful leaves. There are 8 different sizes of holes, to fit herbs like rosemary, parsley and oregano, or to use with larger leafy greens, like swiss chard and kale, for delicious chips and salads packed with nutrients.

7 Blueapple


This is a little invention with a big impact. Sometimes, buying fresh produce and stocking your fridge with bright, happy plants can be stressful, because you have to eat them all before they go bad. The Bluapple fits into your produce drawer, absorbing ethylene gas to slow the process of ripening.

It also calms odors that may emit from your fridge, with activated carbon. Stick one of these in with your lettuce, apples and other good foods and keep them fresh for longer, so you have time to incorporate them into your meals. The containers are refillable with activated packets and each packet lasts about 3 months, so this is as economical as it is smart.

6 Egg Peeler


Eggs are major nutrition bombs, stuffed with vitamin D, B12, iron, vitamin A, zinc and more. Getting healthy proteins into your diet can be made easier with hard boiled eggs, but the act of peeling can be more trouble than it's worth.

Tough-to-peel eggs end up stripped of their whites, leaving you with a ragged memory of an egg. This peeler takes away the heartache by loosening the peel for you. Pop your cooked egg inside, add water and shake gently. The peel then can be slid right off the egg, leaving you with a perfect source of vitamins, minerals, fat and protein to add to your meal.

5 Salad Cutter Bowl


Salads are great, but sometimes they're not the first choice when you're thinking about convenience. To take away the stress and time of chopping vegetables for a salad, this bowl allows you to throw all of your toppings and leaves into the container, then slice through the slits to chop it up.

Your ingredients can also be rinsed inside of the container, as the water drains out through the slits. The base is structured to catch any spills that may occur during the chopping process, cutting down on clean-up time so you can get to your tasty plant creation faster.

4 Salad Dressing Shaker


Buying salad dressings at the store is easy, but it's not necessarily the healthiest option - they can be packed with sugar and added chemicals. It's better to control your own ratios for taste too, customizing your dressing to you as an individual so that you want to eat more salads.

This shaker makes it easy to measure and mix ingredients for your favorite healthy dressing and has an airtight seal, to keep it fresh in the fridge. When you're ready for dinner, it doubles as a serving bottle with a one-handed lever that lets all the goodness pour out, closing back to re-seal the bottle when you're done. This takes all the thinking out of prepping a dressing, as it shakes, stores and serves for you.

3 Air Fryer


It's fair to say that although you may be very motivated to chow down on fresh fruits, veggies and nutritious proteins most of the time, sometimes your cravings get the better of you. If french fries, potato chips and other fried foods are the broken record playing on repeat in your mind, you may have to give in.

An air fryer allows you to do that, right at home, with a lower health cost to you. The little appliance works as a tiny convection oven, cooking and crisping your food quickly and giving you the fried food taste without the high amount of oil and carcinogens harming your body.

2 Yogurt Maker


The benefits of making your own yogurt at home are twofold: you can reduce the amount of sugar and unwanted ingredients in comparison to store-bought, plus you can customize the taste to your particular palate.

Up to 7 flavors can be made at once in this unit, in the 6-ounce glass jars that are included with the appliance. Yogurt is done in 6-10 hours, depending on how thick you like it. Being able to control your type of dairy, fat content, sugar levels and most importantly flavors makes a world of difference. You'll be digging into more calcium in no time with this kitchen helper.

1 Olive Oil Sprayer


Olive oil is incredibly nutritious, with great inflammation-fighting powers - it's also delicious. The only catch is that it should be enjoyed in moderation. This mister allows you to fill it up with your favorite oil, then spray small amounts onto pans before cooking or baking, or directly onto your food without accidentally getting the portions out of control. It's an environmentally friendly container, non-aerosol and reusable.

You'll save cash with this sprayer and be able to easily incorporate some Mediterranean goodness into your diet, without overdoing it. This can be used with other oils as well, from peanut to sesame to sunflower and avocado.

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