10 Must-Have Kitchen Items For Messy Cooks

You can spend an entire fortune setting up a new kitchen, or renovating an old one, to make it look like the kitchen from your dreams. You can make it as complex or as simple as you want, as long as you actually spend time in it cooking. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a talented cook without putting a lot of time and effort into their craft. For some beginners, the start is a lot messier. But there’s no need to worry that you’re going to ruin your beautiful pastel-themed kitchen. If you’re tired of cleaning up after yourself because your cooking skills still need work and you keep making a mess, we’re here to help you out!

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10 Cutting Board With A Tray

If cleaning up the scraps after you’re done chopping is something akin a nightmare for you, then look no further. This cutting board is something you should definitely get for your kitchen. This cutting board is made out of materials that are not going to ruin your knives, which is always great. The board also has a tray underneath that you can slide out to catch either whatever you’re chopping or all the scraps of food. This will help shorten your clean up time and will save you a ton of space during the process!

9 Cutting Board Extension

If you want something that’s even more versatile to add to your cutting board than our previous suggestion, then take a look at this board extension. These containers come in a set. One of them actually has a colander bottom, so you can easily rinse out whatever it is that you’re cutting up. All of them even have measure marks on the side, so you can use them to measure things out as well! These things are going to make cleaning up much easier when you’re done, and also save up space while cooking!

8 Silicone Funnel Set

Every kitchen owner should have a set of funnels because they make it easier to transfer liquids from one container to another. The reason why you should get a set is so that you have different sizes at your disposal so you don’t accidentally tip over the funnel when you overfill it. You should also look for a set that’s able to endure any high heats, in case you want to save some leftover soup or other hot liquid in a bottle, so you have more for the rest of the week.

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7 Flexible Measuring Cups

If you’re really into baking, but you keep making a mess when you’re pouring out the batter, then these measuring cups are the way to go! You can pour in whatever ingredient you need while also measuring it. You can easily grip it while pouring it out into whatever container you’re using for the oven. As a plus, you can easily just throw them in the dishwasher when you’re done, or you can stick them in the microwave if you need to heat something up.

6 Elevated Spoon

If you’re tired of accidentally messing up your counter, or having to take out another plate when you’re putting jam on your sandwich, you really need to get this elevated spoon. There’s no need to put anything underneath it because of the way it’s designed. The end you’re using is always going to be standing up in the air because the other end weighs more than the spoon part. It has a small notch that’s going to keep it propped up whenever you’re using it.

5 Non-Stick Oven Liner

This is another addition to the bakers’ kitchen (or if you really like roasting any food) that’s going to keep your oven nice and clean. We all know the trouble of accidentally overflowing the container of whatever it is you’re baking and having the mixture spill to the bottom of the oven. We also know how terrible it is having to clean batter that’s stuck and burned to the bottom of the oven. By having an oven liner, like this one, you can completely avoid that problem.

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4 Flexible Cutting Boards

This is a set of cutting boards that are made of silicone and have loops at the side. When you’re done chopping, you can just scoop up the entire board and pour out the products you were cutting up. There’s no need for any other containers for you to transfer all the produce in, and they are all color-coded so that you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination. You can even use the loops to hang them up inside your cabinets and save some space!

3 Kitchen Rack Organizer

You can put a kitchen rack organizer like this one up on your fridge because it adheres using magnets so that you can keep all of your cleaning products within reachable distance. There’s a hand roller that can be adjusted according to different sizes, so you can store paper towels, aluminum foil or even plastic wrap on it. And on the shelf, there’s plenty of room for any kitchen accessories, cleaning products or even sauces. It’s also really sturdy and it saves up on plenty of space.

2 Flexible Pot Clip

This type of flexible pot clip sticks to the side of your pots or pans, and it’s the perfect place to rest your utensils while you’re cooking. You can finally stop cleaning up after yourself after you leave the spoon on the countertop after stirring the sauce. You can just put it up over the sauce, right on the pot, thanks to this great invention! If you mess up the clip itself, just stick it in the dishwasher with the rest of your utensils and it’ll be cleaned in no time!

1 Spill Stopper

It’s happened to the best of us. One minute you’re sitting in the living room, watching some TV, and the next, you’re hearing the hot water hitting the stove and you're running back into the kitchen. Sure, the saying goes “a watched pot never boils,” but if this keeps happening, you need to stop and get this thing. All you need to do is cover your pot and set the timer. Then, you can go about your usual business while avoiding looking at the pot, as this works as a lid and as a splatter guard.

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