Kjell Bjorgen Will Debut First Comedy Album On February 22

Kjell Bjorgen, who has been performing stand-up for nearly 20 years, is debuting his first comedy album, Deliver Us From People, on February 22, via Blone Medicine. The 45-year-old comedian, known for interacting with his audience, brings his talent for mining golden moments between himself and the crowd to his first release. As for his name, the comedian explains that that’s what you get when your parents are named John and Jane.

Recorded at Sisyphus Brewing in Minneapolis, the album discusses the comedian's unique perspective from his experience waiting tables at The Mall of America and being an uncle to his twin brother’s son. There are also hilarious stories of crashing his own birth in which Bjorgen talks about being born after his twin brother. Apparently, his parents didn’t know there was another baby on the way.

“Sisyphus is smaller, and you really have to engage the audience,” Bjorgen said in a recent interview. “But when you do, it just sounds so much better and more personal. That’s what I wanted for my album.”

On Deliver Us From People, Bjorgen also discusses trying to find true love. As charming as ever, Bjorgen has fulfilled his fans wish of sharing his comic genius on record. Strangely enough, Bjorgen has also appeared in Night Creep, which has been described as “a classic of midnight movies and trash cinema.” Though the film was shot in 2002, it only recently had its world theatrical premiere at the 2017 edition of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival (PUFF). The comedian played Ray, a musician, who cheats on his girlfriend Cindy Cinnamon, an exotic dancer.

Bjorgen, who started his stand-up career in Los Angeles, California, was accepted into the Chicago Comedy Festival two years later. After paying his dues and developing a following, the comedian took his act on the road. After taking part in Lewis Black's Nothing's Sacred Tour, he has gone on to perform at The Aspen Comedy Festival and the Montreal Just For Laugh Festival, which has been a launching pad for numerous comedy stars, including Amy Schumer and Kevin Hart. He has also appeared on NBC's Late Friday and Comedy Central's Live at Gotham.

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Deliver Us From People can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $9.49 here.

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