Koala Sneaks Into Man’s Car To Beat The Heat With Some AC

Koala Sneaks Into Man’s Car To Beat The Heat With Some AC

A koala snuck into an Australian man’s car to cool off with some sweet air conditioning earlier this week.

Here we’re just getting into spring, but Down Under it’s the tail end of summer. It can get hot in Australia, and that means koalas are looking for any way they can beat the heat. Usually, that means grabbing a drink from a helpful human, but if a car door is open, they might sneak inside to take advantage of the modern comforts of air conditioning.

Case in point, Tim Whitrow posted several videos to his Facebook page on Monday showing what happened when he left his car door open just for a second while he checked on some fruit at the New Alluca Wine vineyard.

"Checking on fruit today in the New Alluca Wine vineyard I had left my door open for my dog to come in and out as she pleased with the A/C on," wrote Whitrow. Then he gained a stowaway: a koala had hopped onto the back seats.

"This is what happens when you leave your car doors open in a vineyard," Whitrow said in his video. "Koalas jump into your car and your dog is really curious."

Posted by Tim Whitrow on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Getting the little furball out of the car took some effort. Whitrow tried gently coaxing him with pats and scritches, but the koala wasn’t having any of it. Then he tried using water--something that other people have managed to lure koalas using--but to no avail.


That’s when the koala went into the front of Whitrow’s car and then up over the top of the dashboard wedged beneath the windshield. It was a tough time getting the koala to come out as its claws are surprisingly powerful and sharp. While Whitrow tried to drag him out, the koala’s claws dug into the dash and actually cut little holes in the plastic.

Alluca Wine Vineyards

Releasing hitch hiker "Caramello" the Koala to the Alluca wines vineyard scrub in Blewitt Springs McLaren Vale.

Posted by Tim Whitrow on Sunday, March 17, 2019

A koala’s grip is surprisingly powerful for such a sedate creature due to their normal behavior of living in trees. Climbing from branch to branch requires incredible grip, and dislodging a koala can prove to be a bit of a problem.

Eventually, the koala took the hint and ran off into the brush, but not before having torn up the inside of Whitrow’s vehicle.


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