Watch This Korean Chef Run A Six-Seat Omakase Solo

Sangha Park is a master sushi chef who runs a six-seat omakase completely on his own. Not only is he the sole chef, but he also does all the jobs himself: serving, running the shop, and buying all the ingredients. On top of that, he’s a man with a heart of gold and a strong stomach for alcohol.

The Eater did a 17-minute video on the remarkable man to show his life, his work, and his passions. The documentary-like coverage of Park’s life included aesthetic shots of him preparing sushi and other food he serves to his customers, so I wouldn’t recommend watching it on an empty stomach. Although, the video will make your heart full, as you get to see how passionate and wholesome the sushi chef is.

Every morning at 4:00 a.m., Park goes to the Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul to buy his seafood for the day. He pays close attention to the quality of the fish he chooses, and at the end of his shopping, he enjoys the auction from the balcony above where it happens. By 5:30 a.m., he’s back at his little shop preparing all the ingredients for the service later. While he’s cooking for you, Park is also willing to down some shots with you, so you truly feel welcome in his restaurant.

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Just some of the dishes he serves are blood clam sushi, oysters with tosajure sauce, red sea beam tataki, and abalone. His skills and choice of high-quality ingredients makes the meal seem expensive, but because he’s the only staff, it’s not out of someone’s budget to eat good sushi. Park is aware of this, and it was intentional: “there are a lot of people who like sushi but can’t afford it, but I believe they havethe right to eat sushi too.”

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In the future, Park hopes to bring his family of loyal customers to a hotel he runs, where he can serve them good food and let them have a place to enjoy. With such passion, skill, and determination, Park will surely achieve his goals in life. We’ll all be waiting in anticipation for what he does next.

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