Kroger Donates A Closed Store To A Local Competitor To Prevent Food Desert

Store closures can be devastating. But when it's a grocery store closing, it may have you nervous if it's the closest or cheapest option for your family. No one should have to go hungry because they don't have a great option for grocery shopping.

Enter Kroger- an American grocery store giant that decided to help a much smaller grocer out. Kroger has donated a building that used to hold one of their stores to Superlo Foods- a local grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee. With that Superlo Foods will be able to open back up, hopefully by Sunday, December 1st, 2019.

Superlo is an employee- and family-owned company that owns half a dozen locations across Memphis. However, there are none located in either Orange Mound or South Memphis. With one coming soon in this area, it's going to fill a need for those who live there.

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Kroger has never gone so far as to donate a building to another company before. But they decided to put any and all competition aside in order to keep a promise to the Memphis community. That promise was to have a full-service grocery store return to the Orange Mound area of Memphis. The building itself is estimated to be worth about $500 000 USD.

"Since becoming the president of Kroger Delta in February, it has been a priority for us to keep our promise to the City of Memphis and the Orange Mound community," Victor Smith, President of Kroger Delta Division said.

Back in February of 2018, Kroger shut down their Lamar Avenue location without disclosing why. This led to a lot of complaints coming from the community, with the Rev. Jesse Jackson threatened to boycott all Kroger grocery stores. That's why this announcement- with included the presence of city officials such as Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and District 4 City Council representative Jamita Swearengen at Kroger's Delta Division headquarters- is such a big deal.

This is clearly fantastic news for this specific area of Memphis, as they certainly need a new grocery store for those who live there. It's great that Kroger was willing to help and make this happen. A little generousity really does go a long way!

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