Kylie Jenner: 15 Facts Besides Her Pregnancy You Should Know

Kylie Jenner is definitely one of the most famous young women in media today. Ever since her family started making the infamous and beloved reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie has been a household name along with her sisters and mom. She's known for her awesome fashion sense, her cosmetics, and her spin-off show, Life of Kylie. She's also known for posting tons of beautiful selfies on her Instagram account and for being a regular on Snapchat. Her fans love being able to check in with the star on a daily basis, and it seems like she really enjoys that relationship, too.

These days, Kylie's being talked about a lot, and it's all because of her hush-hush pregnancy. People are wondering where she's been, since it seems she's gone into hiding. It's all super mysterious and dramatic.

We might think that we know all there is to know about Kylie and her family, since she's a reality television staple and posts on her social media channels on a regular basis, but there are some things we don't know about her all that well. Read on to find out 15 things we never knew about Kylie Jenner.

15 She Thinks That She's Weird


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You might not think that Kylie Jenner would ever call herself "weird," but she did. After all, she's super famous, wealthy, beautiful, and has access to the best clothes money can buy. She seems to live a completely fabulous lifestyle (and it's probably one that you've been a bit jealous of sometimes, right?!). If she thinks she's weird, then that's just super confusing because, some of us are even weirder. So what does that make us!

Well, according to an interview Kylie did that was posted on YouTube, she would describe herself that way for sure. As she said, "I'm not really myself on social media. I'm weird." Whether she's herself or not, she posts some really pretty photos, and you definitely love checking out her feeds on a regular basis.

14 She Sometimes Gets Rid Of Instagram Photos

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It's common knowledge that Kylie Jenner is super into posting selfies on Instagram. It's something that she does on a regular basis. And like her sister Kim Kardashian, she always slays in her social media pictures. Even if you're not into selfies, you would probably admit that you could learn some great tips from Kylie. She for sure seems to know what she's doing.

Well, according to Kylie, she wants to make sure that her photos on Instagram look as good as possible. And that means that sometimes, she actually gets rid of her Instagram photos. Yup. She'll post something, get rid of it, and post something else. Why? She doesn't want people to post comments, bullying her. So those are the pictures that she focuses on.

As an outsider, I can totally see where she's coming from.

13 She Doesn't Enjoy Wearing Makeup

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Wait, what?! The girl who started lip kits and who wears a ton of makeup all the time actually doesn't want to wear it?

Yes, this is true. In 2015, she told The New York Times that she "hated" wearing makeup and said, "If I’m going to see people, I won’t wear heavy makeup. It’s not attractive on me."

Of course makeup is a super personal decision and if someone doesn't want to wear any beauty products, they definitely don't have to, but... you'd probably think that Kylie looks amazing with makeup, right? It's kind of impossible not to feel that way since she looks so good all the time. But it's cool. If she doesn't love makeup, then, of course, that's her prerogative and she can do whatever she wants.

12 She Has A Permanent Scar

Just because someone has a scar doesn't make them any less beautiful. Of course not, and anyone who believes that is pretty harsh. Scars can happen to anyone, and sometimes, they don't fade.

It turns out that Kylie's got a huge scar on her leg. When she was a kid, she got hurt by a pole hanging from a fence. What was she doing when she got injured like this? She was playing hide and seek with her sister. You know, like any regular child does (minus the whole injury thing). That's probably not what happened to you when you were a child playing hide and seek, of course, and now you're probably pretty relieved that you didn't sustain such a horrible injury. She still has the scar today, and it seems like it serves as a reminder of that childhood game.

11 She's Not That Into TV


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You would think that one of the most famous stars on reality television would watch a ton of television herself... but Kylie's not big on the small screen.

As Glamour UK reported, Kylie didn't even watch The People v. OJ Simpson, aka the show that her family was featured in thanks to Robert Kardashian's connection. Well, she watched some of it, but she didn't watch the entire thing. She told the magazine that she doesn't watch any whole seasons of TV shows. It just doesn't sound like something that interests her. That's definitely super surprising to hear from someone who's literally on TV and who loves social media so much. I wonder if she even watched her own reality show last summer. I would so hope or else that wouldn't look too good.

10 She Has Acting Ambitions

Did you know that Kylie wants to get into the acting business? It's not something that she's discussed very much, but it's definitely out there. 

Let's face it, it would be pretty awesome to see Kylie in a movie or to see her star on a television show. It's clear that the camera loves her, since she's been a great part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians for so long. And the same can be said for her photographs. It makes sense that she would have some acting ambitions, especially since she's been living in the spotlight since she was just a kid. It would probably be stranger if she didn't want to venture into acting, right?

So, Kylie fans, keep those fingers crossed that something happens for her soon because it's always nice to see someone following their dreams, whether they're famous or not.

9 She's A Runner


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What exercise does Kylie love? No, it's not a super fancy and sophisticated workout class like spinning or barre or a combo of yoga and Pilates and whatever else the most famous people of the moment are obsessed with. But that's for sure what you would expect her to be into since, of course, that's the fad these days.

However, you'd be surprised to know that Kylie loves to run around the Hollywood hills. It seems weird to us non-famous folk, to imagine Miss Kylie Jenner casually running outside, but it is Hollywood after all. And since all of her sisters are super into working out as well, they definitely help her with a training program that works for her. I bet sister Khloe is all about those partner workouts!

8 She Planned To Get Pregnant Before 30

It's a big secretive rumor that Kylie is pregnant right now. I mean, she's never confirmed it, but there seems to be a heck load of evidence confirming it. Including some pictures. And though she's just 20 years old, she once said she wanted to be preggers before the age of 30.

Considering how well supported Kylie is both relationship wise and financially, I have no doubt this baby will be in good hands. And just because she said she wanted to have a family young, doesn't mean that always comes true. But it appears it has.

She once said during an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, "I feel like 30 is too late [to have kids]." She went on saying "I don’t want to start [having] a baby when I’m 30! I don’t believe in after 30 – I don’t know,

7 She Made $100,000 From Nail Polish

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A few years ago, OPI named nail polish after Kendall and Kylie. It was called Nicole by OPI "KardashianKolor" and the copy said "Sparkle with Kendall & Kylie!" Kylie was given $100,000 just for that.

Sure, you totally get that stars make tons of money all the time and sometimes this kind of thing happens, but $100,000 for nail polish?! Plus, all they had to do to get that paycheck was "attend a one-day photo shoot and a one-day media tour, as well as tweet and blog about the polishes on their own time.” That's a pretty good payday if you ask me — even if Kylie is used to getting paid big bucks. She's a star, so if you want to showcase a star, you gotta pay the star.

You go girl!

6 She's The Opposite Of A Neat Freak

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Who's the person in the Kardashian/Jenner clan that is super messy and definitely the opposite of a neat freak? That would be Kylie Jenner. Yup, neat freaks should totally look away because Kylie's apparently a very messy person.

This is something that you would never know as an outside. It's not like you can tell from looking at someone whether they're naturally sloppy when it comes to putting away clothes or tidying up or if they honestly live and breathe to clean. Actually, you would probably think that Kylie's very neat based on how good she looks all the time and how well put together she is. But nope. She's messy. If you're someone who just can't clean up your bedroom no matter what, then she's totally your best friend.

5 She Talks To Khloe The Most

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Kylie has shared in various interviews that she not only adores Khloe but sends her the most text messages out of anyone in the family. And what do they text about? Like most people, cooking and food!

It's pretty adorable to think about Kylie texting Khloe and asking her questions about food and how to make something. It just goes to show that Kylie really is just a regular girl (okay, okay, just a regular girl besides all the money and opportunities that she has, but still...) and that she doesn't know everything just because she's been on a reality show since the age of nine. She still needs some help in the kitchen, and you can probably relate to that since who doesn't need some pointers and advice every once in a while? Cooking is a lot harder than it looks.

4 She Modelled For Sears

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Back in the day, aka when Kylie was a kid, she modeled for Sears, which was one of the first jobs that she had. This isn't super publicized, especially since now Kylie Jenner's a household name, so no one really talks about the time before everyone knew who she was. But now that she's so well known, it's a fun fact for sure.

It's super interesting to see where someone has come from and how they got to the place that they are today. That's true if someone is famous, like Kylie, and if someone's just a regular person (you know, like me). Even though Kylie's definitely from a very famous family and was put on television at such a young age, she's done a lot on her own, like modeling and, of course, her multi-million dollar makeup line.

3 She Loves Nicole Richie

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Talk about random, but Kylie has said that she's a massive fan of Nicole Richie. Of course, when you think about it, this makes a ton of sense since Kylie's big into fashion and is besties with Nicole's half-sister, Sofia.

Nicole Richie is one of the most stylish stars out there. She was a judge on the short-lived reality show Fashion Star, which only lasted two seasons, and of course she's got her own fashion and jewelry lines. It's always really fun to see which stars are fans of each other. I'd be pretty convinced that Nicole's a big fan of Kylie, too, since honestly, what's not to love? She's so stylish and since she's talked often about not loving being famous, she somehow manages to be somewhat down to earth, despite her family's background.

2 She Spends Two Hours Doing Her Makeup

Okay, so Kylie has said that she "hates" wearing makeup and that when she's just hanging out and chilling, she's not going to cake the stuff on... but she still spends two hours doing her makeup on a regular basis.

This seems like a really long time to do makeup, doesn't it?! Even if you take into account all of the different products that you can wear; from concealer to foundation to lipstick to lip liner to blush to eyeliner to eyeshadow. Phew, that was a lot. It's definitely tough being a woman sometimes. Even if you never guessed that Kylie's makeup takes that long, at least it makes sense, because her makeup does always look totally amazing. Her lipstick alone always looks completely on point.

1 She's Named After Kris (Her Middle Name, That Is)


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Do you know Kylie Jenner's middle name? Probably not since celebrities' middle names aren't something that are discussed very often, if at all, and that makes tons of sense. It's not like it comes up when they're being interviewed for publications. If it was, it would be kind of a random question. Although, of course, you would hang on every word anyway since you're such a big fan of Kylie. Sometimes the most seemingly random facts about stars are the most interesting and the most entertaining.

So it's no wonder that you might not know that Kylie's middle name is Kristen and that she was actually named after her mom, Kris. Pretty cool, right? That's definitely a really gorgeous name. Kylie Kristen Jenner: it's got a really nice ring to it.

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