10 Labor Day Hacks To Maximize Your Shopping Savings

With the start of the holidays just around the corner, people are looking to snag some awesome deals. Gone are the days of paying thousands of dollars for holiday items. Now, store retailers are making top-selling items more affordable for us regular folk. This Labor Day everyone will not only be gearing up their grills and barbies for the big day, but they can get the biggest savings of the year. Here are 10 Labor Day hacks that all shoppers need to take advantage of and fast!

10 Get The Most Out Of Holiday Travel Deals This Labor Day!

With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, people are searching the web for places to visit during this holiday season. We used to think purchasing vacation packages several months prior to the holidays offered the biggest savings, but not anymore. However, Labor Day is America’s best-kept secret when it comes to vacationing. The best time to book a vacation is during the first week in September, when people can save 50% on airfare, hotels, and vacation packages. Just look at that sunny beach and clear, blue waters. Who wouldn’t want to visit this travel spot on Christmas?

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9 Looking For A New Set Of Wheels This Holiday?

Just like store retailer’s, car dealerships are also in for a big blowout during the Labor Day weekend. The holiday is a big deal for car salesmen because it’s the time when cars from the new model year come out. Car buyer’s looking to purchase a new 2019 Volvo or Kia should expect these models to be on the front lot. Not only will car lots be showing off new vehicles, but also older models that come with big savings. This car dealership is getting the word out about their big sale.

8 Everyone Wants A Flat Screen Tv

Since we live in a digital age, everything revolves around the latest technology. Each year, tech companies come out with the newest and the greatest. Though these items cost as much as a house mortgage, we can’t help but want the next best thing. Since the first the flat screen tv came out, people have been obsessed with its sleek sophistication, surround sound systems, and high definition. No matter what, this shopper said he’s taking home a flat screen on Labor Day one way or another.

7 Going Back to School Never Felt So Good!

Just because kids head back to school in August, doesn’t mean they can’t still rock their first week of school. Stores offer great deals on school supplies for students. Walmart and Office Max especially sell glue sticks, pencils, and planners at great prices. Though what some of us don’t know is that the last week of August until Labor Day, shoppers can save up to 25% on school supplies during this time. This student is on the hunt for those Labor Day sales and we have a feeling she’ll get the deal of a lifetime.

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6 Stock Up On Food This Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day is the time for grilling and barbecue, but no holiday barbecue is perfect without the right foods. Right when shoppers come through the front door of this Target store, they’re immediately greeted by a table display of wine and great food. Every item is tagged with a sale price. Store retailers know what their shoppers are looking for this Labor Day weekend. It only makes sense that everything we need is right front and center.

5 Our Patio Game Is Strong This Labor Day!

What would Labor Day be without the grill sets and lawn mowers? That’s why store retailer’s make sure to sell as many items as the can from the end of August through September. Not only do people pull out the grills and their green thumbs during the holiday, they also take advantage of the reduced prices on outdoor furniture. From Labor Day and throughout September, people can purchase Patio Furniture for 20% to 60% off. Whoever bought this patio set not only has good taste, but they saved big.

4 Save Big On Home Appliances This Weekend!

Anyone in the market for a new washer and dryer set this holiday weekend? Rather than paying the regular price, people can save big time on appliances such as these during the Labor Day. Make sure to get to the stores before the big rush. Big ticket items like these tend to sell quickly. To make room for new models, stores will be selling appliances at 50% off. While Labor Day sells don’t compare to Black Friday, we can’t beat these deals.

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3 Summer Blowout!

With summer just about over, stores are rolling in winter gear and shipping out those old summer clothes. Shoppers can purchase t-shirts, sunglasses, and swimwear at reduced prices that can be anywhere from 50-75% off retail prices. This shopper obviously hacked the code on Labor Day savings and purchased a summer dress at a ridiculously reduced price. It’s always a good idea to stock up for summer next year. One can never have too many shorts and swimming suits.

2 Attention! Fall Fashion Is Now On Sale!

By the start of fall, summer clothes are reduced at ridiculous prices. A body suite that originally was priced at $30 can suddenly go for as little as $7. Little did we know that fall clothes can be just as affordable, if not better. Shoppers should wait until mid to late September, as stores begin shifting their focus from summer to fall. Sales start popping up everywhere. At the end of the month, sale prices can increase to 40% off fall items. This woman looks pretty in pink in her fall poncho.

1 Sports Gear With Rockin’ Prices!

Just like summer clothes, sports gear also goes on sale for little to less. For those of us who play golf, baseball, and like to go camping, now’s their chance to get the best Labor Day deals ever. Store retailers like Walmart, Gander Mountain, and Cabela’s offer the best sale prices. This sports store is certainly gearing up for the big Labor Day sellout.

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