Believe It Or Not, There Is One Last Blockbuster Video Still Open In The US

Only one Blockbuster location will remain after two locations in Alaska closed their doors this week.

The advent of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have drastically altered the way in which we watch movies and television shows. For movies, in particular, the process used to be: release the movie in cinemas, then release it DVD  (or VHS) a few months later. From there, we either bought a copy of the movie or rented it from a video rental store.

Blockbuster, which was considered the kingpin of video rental stores, was once a worldwide brand where most of us would go to rent our movies. As movie rentals became obsolete, with the introduction of online streaming services, the stores quickly shut down as business dwindled. Shockingly, not every Blockbuster closed and there are still a few open today. By a few, we literally mean three.

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Unfortunately, by the end of this week, only one store will be left standing. The two Blockbuster stores based in Alaska, one in Anchorage and the other in Fairbanks, closed their doors on Sunday. Both reopened on Tuesday for video liquidation sales, as reported by the New York Post. The last Blockbuster is located in Bend, Oregon.

The New York Post caught up with the last store's general manager, Sandi Harding. Fans of Blockbuster rejoiced as Harding stated that her store will not be following the rest of the company any time soon. "We have no plans on closing anytime soon," Harding told the NY Post, adding that she thinks it's "exciting" that her store is the last Blockbuster left.

Most of you reading this probably didn't realize that Blockbuster still existed. Despite HBO's John Oliver sending the Anchorage store movie props in an attempt to entice more people into the store, it is now closed, along with its fellow Alaskan Blockbuster. If you want to put your, presumably, dusty Blockbuster membership card to good use, you'll have to take a road trip to Oregon.

Honestly, we are thankful that Harding is adamant about keeping her doors open. We just might be making the drive to rent a flick for a good old-fashioned movie night.

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