A Last Ditch Effort For Immortality: 20 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes From "Inspiring" Graduates

As we arrive at that time of year where high school yearbooks are handed out to graduating students, or those moving up a grade, it only seems appropriate to delve into some fantastic yearbook quotes. Ones that may surprise us, may make us laugh, and may just inspire us in a way we never thought it would... Or... not...

A yearbook quote gives students an opportunity to sum up their experiences in one or two lines. While the cliche quotes usually coming from Shakespeare or Steve Jobs, some students choose to create something themselves. Often times, what they come up with are brutally stereotypical and kind of bad. Or, at least, the write things that just aren't worth being shared on a public forum. Let's face it, nobody cares who these kids wish to thank for helping them get through high school unless they're name dropping a celebrity or a highly addictive intravenous drug.

On the other hand, there are some fabulous exceptions to the rule. Some students come up with amazing quotes themselves or pick famous ones that are just so not appropriate. Those ones tend to be the absolute best since they stick it to "the man" in a kind of wonderful passive aggressive way. Above all, these quotes usually tell us a lot more about the individual than they probably intended.

Without further ado, here are 20 hilarious yearbook quotes from individuals who are sure to inspire us in some way or another.

20 The Woman Stealer

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There's always a guy in high school that makes everyone furious on a day-to-day level. And the main reason that this guy does this usually has to do with entitlement. If one doesn't think that entitlement is an issue when it comes to someone like Gregory Schwartz, I believe that they're sorely mistaken. Just look at his caption. He openly admits that he is the type who would take someone else's girl. To me, that means two things. Firstly, it means that he believes that he is entitled to (notice the word use) something that wasn't his. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are, he thinks he can take someone else's object.

Secondly, he clearly believes that women are objects. Something that he can take, as he would someone else's watch. Maybe I'm being hard on the dude, but I seriously think that he doesn't see women as capable of making their own decisions. But then again, if one is choosing to be with someone like this, they kind of deserve what will inevitably come to them. And that's him sneaking around with "someone else's" girl.

Nope, I don't think I'm being overly critical of him. It's a funny comment, for sure. But it's even more hilarious that he's probably completely serious. And by the way, we're laughing at Greg, not with him.

19 An Important Observation

Good point from Maxwell! Most potato chip bags, especially Lays, are mostly just air. So, really, we're just paying for air.

At least products like Pringles have more chips than they do air. Clearly, they care about their consumers more.

Okay, sure, I assume that there is some sort of reason why most potato bags contain as much, or more, the air in them than they do chips. It probably has to do with keeping them fresh and crisp. But no one can tell me that it has nothing to do with making more money... Most chip companies are owned by a multi-national which pretty much only care about profits. That's their job. But I, for instance, would be far more interested in paying more money for more chips without feeling like I'm being scammed.

Air shouldn't cost money. Nor should water for that matter. Not unless this water is extra special, like if it was from a glacier, sparkling, or contains some sort of extra flavor. If one is somewhere on the planet where one can drink safely from the tap, or have a filter for their tap water, I don't understand why people buy water bottles (in plastic or otherwise) unless they absolutely have to.

So, at the end of the day, I really appreciate Maxwell's hilarious and very astute observation. I think we can all learn something from it; economically, morally, ironically, and maybe even romantically...

18 Jumping On The Bandwagon

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You're a bandwagon jumper. I guarantee that even back in 2012, you couldn't adequately explain what the whole Kony issue was. You just heard some very rough details about it, saw that some people were passionate, and then literally claimed that you cared about the issues as well.

We both know that you couldn't care less.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking... "This guy doesn't even know me, so how is it that he's so confident in his observations?"... While that's a fair question, I'll simply say that anyone who uses that hashtag as part of their yearbook quote. People who actually cared would be out fighting for the cause and not be drawing attention to the fact that they are supposedly a supporter.

As for your admission that you, "cheated on all your exams," I have to admit that it's pretty hilarious. And it's a brilliant way to "stick it to the man" far after they can do anything about it. Though, realistically, this quote would have been submitted before you finished your final exams. This either means that the people in charge would have stopped you from peaking on other papers since they had the heads up. Or, it means that you actually didn't rip off your exams and instead just wanted to say that you did.

I have a feeling that it's the latter since you clearly are the type to try and gain attention... Hence your Kony hashtag.

Yours Truly,

Anyone With Half-A-Brain

17 Putting Life Into Perspective

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This is not only a very funny yearbook quote, but also an apt observation. Nowadays, it does seem like a high-school education means less and less. But that's also because a university education also means less and less. Things have to do with skill, availability, and who an employer chooses to employee... Whether it's a lack of minorities, or actively only choosing minorities for politically correct reasons. At any rate, formal education seems to be less and less a requirement.

Don't get me wrong, education is probably the most important thing out there, especially for up and coming countries where access to it is lacking to the highest degree. This is a focus of a lot of great charities like The Walking School Bus who aim to bring access to education to impoverished countries who need it most. But I also think that education can be achieved through other means, namely experience and time.

But when you think about graduating from high school, it does feel like it all comes down to a piece of paper and a weird-looking hat. What's funny is that it's literally just a piece of paper that can completely impact somebody's life. After all, a lot of people look down on people who don't, at least, graduate from high school. But at the end of the day, most of those people just have an extra piece of paper with a gold stamp on it. But I suppose it all has to do with the career choice and the experience of the individual. One size doesn't fit all.

16 The Cryptic Threat

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Because of Netflix, it seems like The Office has had this insane revival. In the old days, I only knew a handful of Office fans. And most of those fans were pretty fanatical about how much they loved The Office. The show was a total hit that lasted for quite a few seasons, so it couldn't ever be classified as a cult-hit. But the fans are cult-like.

Nowadays, everyone seems to be quoting the show. But that's because it's become one of the easiest things to binge on Netflix. It's not a controversial show in any respect and therefore attracts a variety of people.

I know people who have all the depth of an HB number-two pencil with a broken eraser that adore The Office and quote from it on a regular basis. I also know some people who are some of the brainiest around with tons of emotional depth that love it as well. It's truly flexible.

So, it's not uncommon to see someone reference the show in their yearbook quotes. But I will say that this is a very smart way to do so. The line that Michael Scott says about "burning this place down" is one that is used ALL OF THE TIME... But this girl found a way to quote it in a way that really sets her apart from the rest.

To be fair, I don't think the school administration would have let Amber use the quote directly as it could be seen as disrespectful to the institution and perhaps even dangerous. But it's all hilarious nonetheless.

15 Making Your Own Strengths

There's a very memorable line in the first season of Game of Thrones when a little person, Tyrion, addresses Jon Snow, a son supposedly born out of wedlock; or, at least, we all thought that was the case at that point in time.

He says, "Let me give you advice, b—d; never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." This is pretty insanely strong advice if you ask me. Something we should teach all of our children when they inevitably face the bullies in life. And let's face it, almost everyone has something in their personality or about their body that someone else will use against them. But if they wear that supposed flaw like a badge of honor, they will be less likely to be teased about it. Or, at the very least, will be able to emotionally overcome the criticisms.

There's no question, Jaime has particularly pronounced ears, to put it politely. But the fact that he so candidly makes fun of them is brilliant. And it's almost inevitable that those who don't know him (ie., all the parents flipping through their children's yearbooks) will make a comment about how big his ears are. But I think they'll grow a certain amount of empathy for him just because he was so damn honest about it.

14 Some Shallow Advice

There's a good reason why Karla may be the first person to quote Billie Eilish in a yearbook, and that's because her quote is utterly ridiculous. Admittedly, I have no clue who this Billie Eilish is. Supposedly she's some sort of singer with some sort of song, I dunno. Frankly, I couldn't care less. But I don't know if this quote is meant sarcastically. All I know is that there seem to be a lot of unbelievably shallow, nasty, and downright unintelligent phrases that young people are saying, quoting, using on t-shirts, and in hashtags that it's quite possible that this is meant in the same vein.

Another example of such a quote is, "You can't sit with us," which just promotes being a total brat.

I know I'm probably taking this too seriously, but can you honestly think of one person who uses that phrase that wouldn't actually enact it? I can't. All the people I know who use it are equally as shallow as the quote they so often hashtag. Another would be, "Bye, Felicia," but let's less mean and just plain annoying...

As for Karla's addition to the yearbook, well, the quote is hilarious if it's meant as a joke.  But if she actually believes it, I can almost guarantee her some sort of terrible heartbreak. Some gorgeous people use their looks to manipulate others in some pretty harsh ways. Not to mention, if attractiveness is what she values the most, she's bound to be with some pretty awful human beings...

13 21st Century Honesty

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Emily Elkins is one smart cookie. Not only is she being wonderfully self-deprecating in her yearbook quote, but she's also touching on an important subject matter; how we present ourselves online. It's seldom that someone is completely honest about their lives on social media. Even when we think they're being totally authentic about their ups and downs, it never even remotely captures their true essence. Yes, even the people who document all of their horrendously uncomfortable bowel movements are being completely authentic with us.

For the most part, we intentionally only show off our best selfies online. This is something that so many people forget, and developing a jealousy for people who seemingly "have it all." To be fair, it's pretty easy to feel jealous of someone photographing themselves sitting next to a picturesque pool surrounded by partially dressed hotties. But, what's really going on in the inside, or the outside for that matter, may not be nearly as good looking. Not to mention, it could all be totally staged and inauthentic.

Almost always people do appear cooler online than they do in real life, and that's something we should all keep in mind the next time we feel the green monster poking up when scrolling through our Instagram feed.

12 A Bit Of Brutal Honesty

Is this hilarious or remarkably sad? Well, the answer is more than likely that it's both at the same time. Comedy does come from tragedy. Pain always creates comedy; something that everyone should remember when they hear a joke they find offensive. It's usually coming from a place of immense truth and remarkable hurt. Therefore, I truly think we should be far less offended by comedy, and far more offended by actions and policies that actually enact qualities of jokes some people get all up in arms about.

Although, there's probably some sort of argument to be made around how people feel powerless to fight against real adversity, so they take it out on comedians who they can make go-away thanks to the overly scared media and fanbase.

That's such a shame because it doesn't actually deal with the problem. Comedians are on the front-lines addressing things in a way that make us think. We should be standing with them.

After all, this quote is probably offensive to someone. But what she's saying is also very true... at least in North America.  Having an awareness of this is the first step in trying to change it; a task, unfortunately, that's particularly difficult to get done. But at least there are people like Betshina trying to do so with a bit of comedy.

11 The Curse Of Common Names

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There's a wonderful little movie called Captain Fantastic, starring Viggo Mortensen from The Lord of the Rings. In the movie, all of Viggo's character's children have very unique names. Most of which are combinations of common names, but the act of squishing them together makes them sound incredibly uncommon. Examples being; "Bodevan," "Vespyr," "Nai," "Rellian," and "Zaja."

The idea behind it was that the character wanted his children to be as unique as possible. To be their own person and like no one else. Perhaps this ideology is a little extreme, but there's a beautiful message in there somewhere. But it's not just first names that can feel very repetitive, it's also last names. Some last names like "Smith" or "Chang" are insanely common.

These three Hubbards are clearly not related. They tell us that in a very creative and pretty funny way. But I'm sure they went through high school constantly telling people that they are not siblings, or cousins, or second cousins, or third cousins twice removed, or cousins through their dead dog's sister's brother's roommate with an iguana involved somehow... THEY. ARE. NOT. RELATED.

Telling people this can get awfully annoying, especially if you dislike the people you are being asked about. Now, there's no way to tell if any of these three people dislike any of the others, but it's far more fun to believe that they do.

10 A Disturbing Thought

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There's always someone in school that's going to pose the really uncomfortable question at very awkward times. While it's true that this personality trait is what makes them unique and, quite frankly, interesting, it can also be a little bit disturbing to others who can't wrap their brains around it all.

But I think that it's vital that these weirdos be exactly who they are at all times, especially when they are asked to immortalize themselves somehow in a school produced yearbook. Hey, if you're gonna do it, do it right!

I think many people who read this will be a little put-off by this hilarious caption because it'll make them think... What would it be like to wake up one day and find that you've become a chicken nugget? What a thought to have...

Honestly, half of North America eats so much chicken meat and deep fried crap that they might as well already be chicken nuggets. And not like really nice chicken nuggets from a fancy restaurant; I'm talking stinking, greasing, fast-food chicken nuggets that are probably made with some sort of brutal pink-slime like chemical that'll probably give everyone horrific diseases. (Yeah, I'm really optimistic, aren't I?)

P.S. I actually like chicken nuggets.

9 Eating Your Beauty

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I wonder if all the brutal good looking people out there would be beautiful on the inside too if they ate their makeup? Hmm... What an interesting thought. It's up there with, "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?". Well, young lady, you have certainly made us think... And thinking is really hard sometimes, so bravo.

Okay, sure, the chances of them being beautiful on the inside by eating makeup is probably slim to none. But on the plus side, they'd probably choke on the lipstick, or contract some terrible poisoning of some sorts. The stuff isn't meant to be eaten after all. Though I often see women with a ton of crimson lipstick unceremoniously stuck to their teeth, so it can't be too poisonous, can it? Maybe it's really toxic once it's digested. Whatever, it can't be good for anyone to actually consume heavy amounts of makeup or lipstick.

When it comes to amazing yearbook quotes, this one is really high up there. It's not only funny, but it makes an important statement about inner and outer beauty. And that's especially important coming from a girl who is pretty inarguably gorgeous...

8 Quoting Paris Hilton

Yeah, quote Paris Hilton in your yearbook, that's a really great start to the rest of your life. There's nothing like idolizing a complete imbecile who has had everything handed to her in life and seems less intelligent than cracked cement.

Okay, maybe I'm being pretty mean-spirited here, but I honestly think she wants people to dislike her. That's because it'll inevitably inspire people to come to her defense. After all, she is someone who still has a large following, even though she's been thrown out of the limelight by other reality stars like Kim Kardashian and her harem of sisters.

So, if you're someone who loves Paris Hilton. First of all, I'm sorry I said such nasty things about her but it's how I feel about her contributions to society. Secondly, I'm sorry that you like her! Only joking... Sort of... Kind of... You decide...

Anyway, not only is this girl quoting Paris Hilton, but she's not even using a decent quote of hers. I'm sure Paris has said one or two moving and intelligent things in her life... Okay, maybe one... But instead of finding that, she picks one that pretty much encapsulates why so many people love to dislike Paris; her laziness and entitlement. What a great message to be starting your adult life with. Hey, at least she got us to laugh; if not with her, then most definitely at her.

7 Upfront About His Feelings

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I'm actually kind of surprised that this quote made it into the yearbook. I congratulate Ethan's school for not being overly hawkish about how their school comes across on paper. That's pretty uncommon with schools nowadays which operate a lot like businesses, well, the private schools at least since they basically are a business.

Still, though, it's kind of a negative message to find in a yearbook. I, for one, love the brutal honesty that Ethan is sharing with us Internet-junkies. And he's doing so with a particularly funny quote. It strikes a great deal of imagery. And who can't relate to it? So many of us felt this way when going to high school. Whether you were popular or not, chances are, you found a lot of the people you were around to be complete morons.

As an aside, can we talk about the bowtie for a second? I know he's wearing a tuxedo, and bowties are the must when it comes to them, but it looks kind of silly on him, no?

I think bow-ties are something only certain people can pull off properly, even when wearing a tuxedo. Daniel Craig as James Bond is one of those guys who just looks awesome in a tux. He can really pull it off... But he's James Bond, after all.

Some people are just not meant for tuxes. Sorry, Ethan... At least you're funny!

6 Quoting The King

To be fair, there's absolutely no proof that Martin Luther King Jr. didn't say that. I'm sure the man tried tacos at some point in his life. And tacos are usually friggen amazing, so it's likely that he would have said, "Man, those were some good tacos." It's not completely unrealistic, right? Well, I suppose that tacos weren't as popular back in the 1950s and 1960s when Martin Luther King Jr. was most active as a Civil Rights Leader/activist, Baptist Preacher, and all around really cool dude. But I just have this feeling that he would have tried them at some point.

With all that protesting and speech writing that he did, he must have gotten a craving for some big, greasy tacos... I know I would.

Anyway, just look at the kid who quoted King so beautifully... Look at him... Look at that drop-dead hilarious half-grin he's giving the camera. How wonderfully snarky. He is meant for greatness. Most likely in some sort of writing or comedy role. I sense that this guy has a future ahead of him. I mean he has to, right? He quoted Martin Luther King Jr. in his yearbook quote! And he didn't pick any of the famous quotes of his. Nothing about Civil Rights or any of the important stuff that Martin Luther King Jr. fought for. He picked tacos... What's more awesome than that?

5 His Parents Despise Him

Carlos comes from a family of very lazy and uncreative people. Seriously, they couldn't think of a unique first name and felt that doubling up on their last name was appropriate for him? That's basically setting up your kid for a lifetime of bullying; or, at least, until he can legally change his name without his parents' permission. There are literally a million names for them to have picked from and they settled on the same name twice. Seriously, even if they called him "C" it would have been better.

"Carlos" isn't even that unique of a name. If you go to Latin America or Mexico, there are absolutely thousands of them. Calling someone "Carlos Carlos" is just making matters so much more complicated. Could you imagine the Three Stooges-esque level of confusion when someone asks where "Carlos is?"

"Which Carlos?"

"Carlos Carlos"

"But Which Carlos?"

"Carlos Carlos!"

Seriously, that shtick would go on and on and on.

I feel bad for poor Carlos Carlos. He had the cards stacked against him ever since he came out of the womb. But at least he has a hilarious sense of humor. In fact, I think this level of simplicity makes this one of the best yearbook entries on the list.

4 Fraudulent Beauty

I can imagine that Ashley McDermott is a divisive figure at her school. I bet some people really like her, and others dislike her, which is the definition of being divisive. For... um... those who don't know...

The reason I say this is because of how she chooses to present herself. And this quote doesn't really help her image, not unless she's joking that is. If she's joking then I think Ashley is completely hilarious and is making a very ironic statement that probably endears more than just a grumpy writer on TheThings to her.

But something tells me she's being somewhat serious here. After all, the image that she chooses to show the world does look, well, let's just be polite and say, "cosmetically enhanced." Sorry, but that's pretty indisputable if you ask me.

Although, she could very well not be like how she appears in this photo. She could have dressed up like this knowing what she'd write in the yearbook in order to make some sort of statement to girls about where true beauty comes from. But... I highly doubt it. We live in a world full of Kardashian fans who often change their image to appear like one of them.

3 Taking Everyone Down

Kevin here has done a great service to his school's yearbook. usually, these books are full of overly staged photographs, forced yearbook entries where people have to talk about all the good things they've experienced even if they primarily faced bad things. Nowadays, yearbooks have become a marketing tool for schools. It's all about keeping up a healthy image, even if they're putting a pink satin sheet over a corpse. But Kevin exposes the rotting beast beneath the surface and that's totally rad in my eyes. I can just imagine how much the administrators disliked his contribution and that makes me happy. Stick it to the man, Kevin!

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who wants others to lose, especially my peers.

It's definitely an insecurity and sounds completely bad, but at least some people can openly admit it. Especially those who have faced some sort of intense level of adversity at some point or another, angry and want others to flop; it's not enough for them to succeed on their own. Hopefully, people like me can grow out of that mindset since it's anything but healthy. But, none the less, it's honest, and I think we need a bit more honesty in this world, especially when it comes to understanding our true nature.

2 Twin Troubles

Being a twin must be hard. People struggle with individuality enough as it is. Add in someone who is born at roughly the exact same time and it makes things far worse. It's not just birthdays that twins will share forever, it's basically everything. A lot of the time, twins are treated as one person. Although they may share a lot of things in common, often times they are completely different. If the twin is identical... forget about it... That must be particularly challenging.

Kudos to these two hilarious young women for being creative with their yearbook quotes as well as for being upfront about the challenges of being a twin. I seriously hope that these two girls actually don't fight about who is prettier.

Oh God, I can imagine all of the potential animosity between the two of them throughout life; especially since they are both undeniably attractive. That means there will a certain amount of competition between them. And it's inevitable that they will be compared and contrasted by other family members and their peers. People do that all the time with siblings, but probably even more so with identical twins. Or, as I like to say, "identicals." Because that seems slight derogatory and life is more fun when one can be a little bit offensive... You get to see people's over-the-top reactions and that can be mighty entertaining.

1 Peaking In High School

Aarian completely nails it on the head with this amazing yearbook quote. The truth is, most of the popular kids in high school peak at that point and pretty much go nowhere in life. That may be a harsh observation, but I stand by it. Sure, some of the rich kids have a really strong security blanket around them when it comes to having some sort of financial wealth for the rest of their lives; but they don't really accomplish anything of note. There are always exceptions to the rule. Not all popular kids peak in high school, but I personally can't think of any who have actually achieved anything incredible value or who are contributing to the world. That's not to say that unpopular kids do accomplish things after high school. There's no one size fits all...

All I'm saying is that to peak in high school is a pretty sad thing to happen to someone.

Though it can be the most scaring and traumatic time in a lot of people's lives, as well as being a time where we experience most of our "firsts," no matter what they are, it's also not when most people have their best moments.

Popular kids treat high school as the be all end all, but most get a rude awakening when they go off to university or to the workforce and find out that all of the tactics they used to be popular in high school no longer work the same magic.

Aarian's quote may be less funny but it seems like the absolute best entry to end on due to its truth. Keep your head up, folks, if you haven't peaked yet... it may just come when you least expect it...

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